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10 Very Classy Montreal Restaurants You Can Take The Love Of Your Life

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10 Very Classy Montreal Restaurants You Can Take The Love Of Your Life

I know what you might be thinking: if the person I'm with is really the love of my life, they won't need to be continually impressed with a classy restaurant. And yes, you're right - you shouldn't have to bend over backwards to woo your soulmate.

But even if true love should feel low maintenance, that doesn't mean your boo doesn't deserve to be wowed once in a while. There are tons of ways to show you care, and taking the time to plan and reserve a special evening for you and your lover is always a gesture that they will appreciate.

So, take the time to investigate the perfect cuisine and ambiance that your love will enjoy, and make it a date. No matter how long you've been together, the love of your life always deserves to be honoured and appreciated, or at the very least, wined and dined properly.

If they love sushi: Saint Sushi Bar

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424 Avenue Duluth E

Honestly, Saint Sushi Bar should win an award solely for the amount of joy they've provided all the sushi lovers of Montreal. It's an awesome place for a date not only for the great food, but the classy ambiance that still manages to stay fun and unpretentious.


If they love seafood: Ferreira

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1446 Rue Peel

Taking you boo for seafood is the best way to ensure the evening will be classy. Although the price tag tends to be a little heftier when it comes to seafood, Ferriera will prove to you just how worth it those extra dollars are.


If they love Italian food: Impasto

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48 Rue Dante

No cuisine exudes love and romance more than Italian food, making it a staple choice for a classy date night. Indulge with your lover at this rustic yet chic spot, and enjoy the way they carefully craft each dish with passion and precision.


If they love wine: Bocata

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310 Rue Saint Paul O

If you want to please your wine-loving partner with some amazing food to pair their glass of vino with, Bocata is the perfect spot. It's located in the Old Port, which is the best place for a classy date, bar none. Enjoy the fun, fresh atmosphere and dedicated service at Bocata.


If they love Greek food: Ikanos

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112 Rue McGill

Ikanos is kind of a jack of all trades when it comes to food; they fit into the category of a Greek restaurant, but they also make some incredible seafood, and offer modern Mediterranean dishes that are truly taking it to the next level. So, if your soulmate is a die-hard Greek food fan, surprise them with the new and fresh twists at Ikanos.


If they love steak: Moishes

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3961 St Laurent Blvd

By now, everyone knows that Moishes is the premier choice when it comes to a good steak in Montreal. With the legacy, quality of service, and fancy (but not overdone) ambiance, you really can't go wrong with Moishes. Pro tip: if you don't want to completely blow your budget, they have a special after-9pm menu, which includes some top dishes at a cheaper price.


If they love Indian food: Le Taj

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2077 Rue Stanley

With the abundant, casual style of Indian cuisine, it can be hard to find an Indian restaurant that coincides with a romantic date vibe. But not to worry, Indian food lovers, Le Taj has you covered. With truly delicious traditional dishes, and a classy ambiance, you won't be disappointed. If you are in the mood for an all-you-can-eat buffet, Le Taj offers one at lunch at a set price.


If they love Mexican: Escondite

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1206 Avenue Union

If you and your lover are looking to cozy up in a dimly lit corner on your date night, Escondite is the place to do it. Serving Mexican fare with modern, inventive twists, this spot is a really fun experience overall. The artily lit ambiance makes for the perfect intimate night out.


If they love Portuguese food: Douro

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6518 Boul St-Laurent

One of the best things about the Montreal food scene is the abundance of delicious, authentic Portuguese cuisine. Seriously, I've never been to a city that loves Portuguese chicken as much as Montreal does. While it's easy to grab some chicken and fries at any laid-back Portuguese eatery, Douro is there for you when you want a more upscale dining experience.


If they love terrasses: Maison Boulud

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1228 Rue Sherbrooke O

While there are tons of incredible terrasses throughout Montreal to take a date, none of them quite encompass everything needed for a classy date like Maison Boulud. Located inside the Ritz-Carleton, this terrasse is just a beautiful sight; trickling streams, ponds, and tons of gorgeous flowers surrounding you while you eat is guaranteed to create the ambiance you're looking for.


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