10 Ways To Not Slip And Kill Yourself In Montreal Today

It's slippery out there today!
10 Ways To Not Slip And Kill Yourself In Montreal Today

Winter walking ain't easy, especially when its that awful combination of slightly wet but still hella icy. Take a step out of your door, all ready to brave the winter winds, and then take a huge tumble onto cement because the street is ungodly slippery.

You fall down, get all wet, shed a small tear, and look like a fool in front of everyone, even though no ones probably watching. Still, slipping on ice can be a traumatic experience, so don't let it happen to you. Take some of our suggestions on how a Quebecer can survive any winter slipper situation and stay on your feet today, and everyday.

Walk Like A Penguin

Look to mother nature's ice walkers and get your happy feet marching like a penguin, because these little critters got a legit system to keep you upright on the ice. Makes sense, since penguins pretty much walk on ice all day everyday. The trick lies in shifting your center-of-gravity over your forward facing foot rather than sharing evenly between both feet.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled

Being entirely aware of your surroundings is crucial when walking around in winter, and even moreso when it's slippery as hell outside. Not only do you have to keep your gaze fixed to the floor so you miss all those deadly ice pathes, but you also need to stay aware of everyone else walking around, sliding this way and that in your way. You can't keep one eye glued the floor and the other to the ground, so go for wuick glances in either direction, and always mind your peripheries.

Know Your Snow

Not all snow and ice is created equally slippery. You have the regular white and powdery stuff, which offers a nice layer of traction, your crumbly ice-slush, which can be broken up to give some crunchy texture to the ground, and then your straight up black ice that will quickly send your flipping over onto your ass. Know what kind of snow you're stepping into, as some will give your a sure-footed step, and others will send you tumbling to your doom.

Slow and Steady Wins The Race

Speed is not your friend when you're walking around in an urban-icy deathtrap like today. Your normal walking pace is much too quick and haphazard for today's tundra-like conditions, so don't be fooled into thinking you can walk like a normal human being. Accept the fact your probably going to have to speed it down to grandma like speeds in order to keep upright on your feet. This is not a race people, no one wins when someone falls down on their ass on the ice.

Wear Some Proper Shoes

If you think wearing a pair of flats, heels or anything but an extreme grip sole is going to get you to work this morning, think again. Since the side walks have yet to be properly salted yet, be sure to sport a heavy duty boot that's going to grasp onto that ice without an end.

Carry A Walking Stick

Some might mistake you for Moses, but most will consider you wise. If you don't have a walking stick, use an umbrella. It's pointy end will poke holes right into the ice, marking its place on the side walk so that you go forth. Using a walking stick will also enable you to transfer your weight onto it, so that you can stay clear of falling right on your face.

Pair Up

If you've got a friend or a neighbor that's heading in the same direction as you, grab their hand. A walking buddy will most probably save you from tumbling down the road. And if you do fall, at least you'll be able to drag your partner right down with you, now that makes two of you! Even if don't have a partner that will walk you to work, don't be so hesitant to pick up a stranger that's heading in the same direction as you, your morning travel might be more interesting than you've expected.

Get In A Car

On days like these, when walking anywhere is like taking a highway to hell, getting into a four wheeler might save you from a lot of danger. Cars have winter tires, you don't. If you don't have a car, think about taking a taxi. These drivers are trained to take on these sort of roads. So get in a car, sit back, relax and get to your destination safely.

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Stay Home

If all of the previous options don't satisfy your trip this morning, grab a blanket, a cup of tea and just stay in bed. Staying at home will rid you of all your fears when it comes to the likely chance that you'll end up sliding to work, instead of walking. Sit in front of your window and watch as people struggle their way up the side walk and you've got a live comedy show at your service!

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