10 Ways Canada Will Change If Jagmeet Singh Becomes Prime Minister

Move over Justin Trudeau, there's another politician stealing the hearts and minds of Canadians: Jagmeet Singh

The face of a new kind of political leader in Canada, Singh is the newly-elected leader of the NDP party, meaning he'll square off with Trudeau in the 2019 federal election. 

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Singh has already made some comments on his platform, saying that he'll tackle climate change, inequality, reconciliation, and others, but what's really in store for Canada if Singh is elected?

Compiling platform-promises already made by Singh, along with some healthy speculation, here's a rundown of ways Canada will change if Jagmeet Singh is elected Prime Minster. 

He Will Transform Canadian Politics For The Better

If elected, Singh will become the first non-white federal leader in Canadian history. Think about that for a second. Since Canada had a Prime Minister, it’s always been a white dude at the national helm. Singh would change that, making for a momentous moment in Canadian history that will have an incredibly positive impact on our national culture. One in five Canadian’s are of a visible minority, and seeing a non-white Prime Minister will allow so many Canadians to truly connect to the world of politics.

He May Actually Screw Up At First

Let’s put it out there: Singh has zero experience in federal politics. Yes, he is currently an MPP and the youngest NDP leader ever, but the provincial game is far different from the federal. When keeping this in mind, it’s not out of the realm of reason that Singh doesn’t have the background to enter the federal ring. Still, this could be a boon for Singh, as he will offer a fresh perspective in Ottawa, if elected.

He’ll Bring More Young People Into Politics

Everyone credits Justin with galvanizing a generation of youth to enter the political sphere. Singh will likely do the same, and plans to. Seven years younger than Trudeau, Singh (38) is already popular among younger Canadians and his charisma and youth-focus will probably get more of us young folk into politics.

He’ll Try To Lower Tuition Fees

Another early promise from Singh’s platform is a fight against rising tuition fees. Better access to education is important as fees continue to rise, but again, we’ll see how Singh plans to ensure students aren’t throwing themselves into lifelong debt.

He’ll Fight Against Poverty In Canada

While Singh’s electoral platform is still in its beginning stages, the would-be Prime Minister did say he will work towards fighting against poverty. How, exactly, remains to be seen. Income inequality, housing affordability, and pay equity are areas already addressed by Singh.

He’ll Actually Enact Electoral Reform

One of the biggest gaffs from the Trudeau government was their promise to enact electoral reform, then go completely against that promise and dropped the initiative. Singh has promised, if elected, he’ll push for electoral reform.

He’ll Make Life Better For Immigrants

A first-generation Canadian himself, Singh understands the plight of immigrants into Canada. Having had to deal with racial prejudices and the at-times unfair economic climate for immigrants, Singh is already making this group a priority in his still-fluid platform. Refugees are also of import to Singh.

He’ll Work Towards Assuring Equality

Singh used to be a criminal defence lawyer in the GTA, often offering free legal advice to individuals in need. This background brought him into politics, as Singh often fought for the upholding of basic rights outlined in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Singh’s politics are informed by these experiences, and if elected, he will likely to ensure everyone is on an equal playing field in Canada.

He’s Going To End Racial Injustices Like Carding

In Toronto, the police have this habit of “carding” people of colour, where they basically accost a person for no reason other than the colour of their skin. Visible minorities have dealt with this for years and it’s still an ongoing issue. Singh has been carded himself and understands the inherent injustice of being targeted because of the colour of your skin. With Singh in charge, you can expect greater to pressure to end such practices.

He’ll Beat Justin Trudeau In A Fight …If It Comes To That

There’s a very slim chance the upcoming federal election will be decided in a ring, but if it happens, Singh will probably take down Trudeau. While Justin may know how to box, Singh knows Brazilian jiu-jitsu, giving Singh the edge in an MMA-style fight. Or any fight outside of a boxing match, really. Plus, Singh is just more physically imposing.

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