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10 Ways For Canadians To Boycott Donald Trump

The pressure is working!
10 Ways For Canadians To Boycott Donald Trump

Much has changed since we first published a list of companies and products for anti-Trump Canadians to boycott.

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That article helped spark a nationwide movement that has had considerable effect. Many of the Canadian companies on that list, including the Hudson Bay Company, have since dropped Trump products following massive outrage.

Ivanka Trump has also since dropped her line of clothes and accessories citing poor sales.

Unfortunately, these companies operating in Canada continue to support or benefit from Donald Trump:


The beloved online retailer continues to sell Trump brand apparel. If you needed more of a reason to boycott Amazon, the company also provides the U.S. border patrol an invasive facial recognition technology.


The extremely popular New England clothing and outdoor gear retailer is increasingly extending its reach into Canada. Canadians can even order from its online store. Unfortunately, board member and descendant of L.L.Bean founder Linda Bean is a vocal supporter of Trump. Send a message to the company to remove her by boycotting its products.


The American subsidiary of Molson Coors Brewing Company is MillerCoors, whose board members support Trump.

New Balance

The trendy sneaker brand also has ties to Trump through the CEO of its American operations, who supports and raises money for the president. The Canadian wing of New Balance, with locations in major cities across the country, maintains close ties with and benefits from its American mother company. It's best to boycott it.

Trump Hotels

Trump has one remaining hotel location in Canada. The Trump International Hotel and Tower Vancouver is the last standing after the Toronto tower rebranded. But the Vancouver location is already in hot water. The Canadian Revenue Agency is investigating it for tax fraud.

While the tower is distinct from the Trump Organization it still benefits from the Trump brand. A boycott of the tower could force it to finally sever ties and send a message to Trump to never give his name to a Canadian venture ever again.


The Ultimate Fighting Championship operates, broadcasts, and sells merchandise in Canada. However, its senior executives endorsed and vocally support Trump.


World Wrestling Entertainment, the sometimes laughably melodramatic spectacle of staged brawls, also operates in Canada. It should be no surprise that its CEO supports Trump. The president famously appeared years ago in a wrestling match.

Papa John's

It's not so surprising that the CEO of Papa John's pizza is a vocal supporter of Trump given his racist language caught on tape last month. Papa John's continues to operate locations in Ontario.


The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing has offices in Canada. It also hosts car races across the country. The company typically associated with the conservative American South has an executive board full of Trump supporters.


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