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10 Ways How To Make Sure Your NYE Does Not Suck

Helpful hints to avoid the over-hype that is NYE.
10 Ways How To Make Sure Your NYE Does Not Suck

Everyone has an incredible expectation for New Year's Eve. Not only is it supposed to be the final epic jam of the year, NYE is also held as the night to set the tone for the rest of the year. All in all, there's so much energy surrounding NYE that most people's plans just don't live up to the hype. You're not going to go on a crazy limo ride hopping parties, you're not going to find your one true love to kiss at midnight, and you're definitely not gonna be popping champagne on a yacht like they do on TV. Well, maybe you will, if you're super baller like that, but the rest of us have to in the real world where things aren't quite so glamourous. If you've ever had a horrible NYE, or you feel me on the over-hypeness of the night, or you're just stressed you won't have an amazing night, here are a few things to keep in mind to ensure your NYE doesn't suck.

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Avoid "All You Can" Anything

Open bar may seem like a good, nay, great idea, but trust, it's just a clever ruse to get you to pay an insane ticket price. Anywhere promising all you can drink will automatically be super-crowded to the point it'll take you a solid half hour just to get a drink and you'll be wishing you just went to a regular bar. Not only will the bar be crowded, the entire venue will probably be swarmed to the point of claustrophobia. Save money and stress and choose your venue wisely, if you choose to go out at all. House parties at a friends place are a much safer bet.

Choose Your Drank Wisely

Champagne is the go-to beverage for NYE, but it's not like you can get drunk off of the stuff. Any NYE requires a good amount of alcohol, and it can be hard to find the perfect drink to get to the golden ratio of drunk, energetic, and able to last all night long. Remember to pace yourself, maybe even move from softer stuff (beer and wine) onto harder liquor later in the night. Another pro tip: champagne is marked up really high on NYE, because the SAQ knows people are gonna buy it. For a similar effect, buy sparkling wine or add liquor to sparkling cider if you wanna get even more frugal. All that liquor talk being said, make sure you...

Get To The SAQ Early

Nothing showcases Montreal's city-wide drinking problem like the lineups pouring out of SAQs on NYE. Don't think the SAQ is incapable of running out of stuff, 'cuz if you wait to late you may find your drink of choice has already been cleaned right off the shelves. Nothing says prepared like a bottle of vodka already in your freezer, so get out to the SAQ hours or days early to make sure you get your hooch of choice.

Don't Stress About Nabbing A Kissing Partner

Yet another major point of worry for many on NYE is who they are going to kiss. Movies like to make it look like everyone suddenly becomes a major player on NYE and getting your mack on is as easy as pie. Not untrue, since people are extra wasted, but you still shouldn't get your hopes too high. When the clock strikes twelve, don't be all sad by your lonely set of lips. Tons of peeps are right there with you. In fact, you probably have more than a couple friends who are probably in the same sitch. NYE kisses don't need to mean anything, so pucker up with a pal if need be.

Dress Nicely, Not Like A Diva

Getting dolled up on NYE is part of the fun of the night, it's one of the only holidays schmucks like us actually have an excuse to don dress pants or glimmering jewelry. You can go to far though. Some people take it to the next level and wear ridiculously expensive clothes, just for the hell of it. I'm all for being outlandish, but NYE is a night of debauchery, not a fancy soiree, so you should dress appropriately. Contact with voms, spilled drinks, and god only knows what other stains are par for the course on NYE, and you would never want to get a $300 dress ruined because your friend can't hold their liquor. Dress well, but comfortably and in something you wouldn't terribly mind getting a lil' dirty in.

Have An Escape Route

Sometimes, no matter what you do or how much you planned ahead, your NYE plans just plain suck. Maybe the bar was a flop, the club only had fuglies in it, or no one showed up to the house party. Whatever the reason, you may find yourself in a boring/shitty/oh-my-god-I-gotta-get-outta-here situations, and as such, you should always have a backup plan. Given the amount of shit happening on NYE, it isn't too hard to find another party to hit up, just maybe have a friend on the inside to tell you if its worth going or not. NYE can start out sour, but its up to you to make sure it ends up much sweeter.

Something Is Better Than Nothing

Okay, so maybe your backup plan (and your backup backup plan) didn't pan out, and you're stuck at some boring venue where a lot isn't going on. Yeah, it may not be everything you'd hoped for, but lets put it into perspective: you're with your friends, you look super hot, you're more than a little drunk, and its NYE! Make the most out of a bad situation and just go with the flow, even if that means just ripping on all the other weirdos in club with your friends. Don't be afraid about being mean, they're probably doing the same to you. And even if you reach this point, just remember...

Don't Be Afraid To Call It A Night

Not all NYEs need to end at 5am in someone else's bed. Sometimes, if the night just didn't go your way at all, it could just be a sign that you should just head home. As long you gave it your all and tried to have a good time, there's no shame in just heading home at a semi-reasonable hour. Hell, you have an entire year to have more crazy nights, and if anything, starting low gives you so much more room to grow in sloppiness as the year progresses.

Never Get Your Hopes Up

I've already pointed out how all the hype surrounding NYE basically pumps up the night to be the best party ever, an expectation which sets you up for disaster. No matter what you're doing on NYE, the actual night itself probably won't live up to the fantasy you've concocted in your brain. Having delusions of NYE grandeur will pretty much just make you a sourpuss all night, as you slowly realize the night isn't going to go as you planned. The solution? Have absolutely no expectations. If anything, plan for a shitty night. That way, even if things don't go your way, or you get too drunk, or the bar/club event sucks, you've already mentally prepared and won't be a teary bitch about it.

With all the being said, just make sure to have a good time, be safe, and ring in the new year with folks you care about. Even if those people are named Jack Daniels and Wallaroo.

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