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10 Ways Montreal Will Benefit From Philippe Couillard As Premiere Of Quebec

The liberal leader's great plans for improving the city.
10 Ways Montreal Will Benefit From Philippe Couillard As Premiere Of Quebec

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All y'all are already well aware that the Liberal Party of Quebec won a majority government last night, with Philippe Couillard taking over as premier of Quebec. Bye Pauline, we'll miss you.

Hips and hoorays have  been heard around the city for Quebec's new leading political party, which is all well and good, but what will change in Montreal?

Going back to CBC's Q&A with Couillard, and the PLQ's 5-point plan for Montreal, we've compiled all the major promises the Liberal leader has made to improve the city.

These declarations aren't set in stone, and may never come to pass, but at least now you can call Couillard out if he never lives up to his words. Hopefully Coderre will stay on top of things for us.

To get you in the loop, here are Liberal leader and premiere of Quebec Philippe Couillard's plans for Montreal:

1. A law to fully recognize Montreal as an international metropolis, giving the city more self governing powers (similar to Toronto)

2. Financial levers to improve and diversify Montreal's economy

3. Aid in solving the public transit problems of Montreal, in collaboration with the CMM

4.Redefining the role of the AMT

5.Focus on the Train de L'Ouest for West Island commuters

6. Opposing the federal government's plan to place tolls on the Champlain Bridge

7. Finish the route between Montreal's port and Highway 25 to increase port activities/trade (as part of the Maritime strategy)

8. The Ville-Marie Expressway will be covered to allow the speedier construction of the Quartier de la Santé project

9. Preservation of Montreal's head offices, resistance to bids wanting to purchase these buildings.

10. Active promotion and preservation of the French language (with no specifics given...)

Now we play the waiting game Montreal.

What do you think of Couillard's plans for Montreal?

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