10 Ways Montreal Will Change If Tyler Lemco Becomes Mayor

The hero our city needs!
10 Ways Montreal Will Change If Tyler Lemco Becomes Mayor

Montreal's elections are only a few weeks away and campaign season has been kicked into high gear. 

Of Course Denis Coderre and Valerie Plante have already made a bunch of promises they probably won't keep, but what about the other candidates? 

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Tyler Lemco is also running to be the mayor of Montreal, and he has some pretty cool ideas about how the city should be run. The more you read, the more you realize this is the man for the job!

And did we mention he's the only candidate who actually encourages people to vandalize his campaign posters? 

Here are 10 ways Montreal will change if Tyler Lemco is elected Mayor:

1. An open dialogue between people and government

Enough being told what’s what by the people “in power”. Time for the people to have a say in what goes on, and a streamlined system for voicing their opinions.

2. More fun

Montreal is such a cool place that people from all over flock to for fun. Rather than fight that reputation, I say let’s own it. Parties, nightlife, arts, festivals, shows, etc… let’s make Montreal the most happening place on earth!

3. Less corruption

I don’t have any affiliations or any hands in my pockets, and I’m as honest and transparent as they come, so even if I was being shady, I couldn’t hide it very well.

4. Better public transportation

Growing up as a West Islander, it’s almost as if you’re stranded out there, disconnected from the rest of the city. I’d make sure the metro reaches the West and other distant regions of the city.

5. Better education

Everyone will be smarter. That’s because I’ll focus on education, both for children and adults, and making sure schools are provided the proper materials to educate.

6. Smarter spending

Your money will be spent wisely. No more million-dollar granite stumps or Christmas lights on a bridge. Tax dollars will go to more important things, like infrastructure and education.

7. Open water swimming

You’ll be able to swim in the canal. Right now, the Lachine canal is disgusting. I live right near it, so I know first-hand that it can’t even be classified as water. It’s gross. I want to clean up that thing and stop dumping sewage in there, making it a viable body of water for fun and activities.

8. Marijuana policies

Go ahead and blaze up. Look, weed is just a plant. It’s not as scary as once believed, and come July, it’s about to be legalized country-wide. Let’s regulate it and make sure it’s being distributed safely and securely, and profit from it along the way rather than let illegal enterprises profit.

9. Dogs / Pit bull ban

Dogs, everywhere! The ban on Pit Bulls and other related dog breeds is absurd and cruel. Dogs are a gift from above and should be cherished. I’ll make sure it’s illegal to be mean to our four-legged friends.

10. Hockey

A Stanley Cup celebration!!! I’ll bring a Stanley Cup to the city of Montreal, whether it’s won by the Canadiens or I have to personally go steal it from whoever wins.

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