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10 Ways The STM Bus & Metro Will Be Way Better By 2025

Less wait-times are always a good thing.
10 Ways The STM Bus & Metro Will Be Way Better By 2025

Yesterday, Montreal’s public transport company, the STM, released their Plan stratégique organisationnel 2025, outlining major public transport goals for the years to come.

Improving the rider experience is one of the core principles guiding the 2025 plan, and the STM hopes to achieve this by adding quite a few new features to the existing public transit network.

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8$ billion dollars from the Quebec government, and $20 billion from the federal government, are going to help realize the STM’s many initiatives. 

You can check out a summarized rundown of the major aspects of the 2025-plan below.

AZUR, everywhere

38 metro trains currently in service will be replaced by the new AZUR trains, particularly on the Green Line.

A New Metro Garage

By 2021, the STM will build a new underground metro garage at Côte-Vertu station, which will have a direct impact on quality of service for riders

Faster Commutes On The Metro

More AZURs on the tracks (which can hold more passengers than the older metro trains) along with a new service garage will help increase the rate of service on the metro. The STM promises a 27% increase in service and that riders will only have to wait two minutes for a train, at least during rush hour times.

A Blue Line Extension

No specifics were given, but the STM did say it will be extending the Blue Line. Montreal's Mayor Denis Coderre promised an update quite soon. As of now, the extension is expected to go to Anjou.

More Elevators In The Metro

The existing amount of elevators inside of metro stations is pretty abysmal, so it's good to know the STM is committing to making public transport more accessible to riders with limited mobility. 21 elevators are going to be added by 2022. Another 20 will be added by 2025.

1000+ Air Conditioned Hybrid Buses

To make Montreal's bus network a bit more green, the STM is planning on buying a total of 1,230 hybrid buses. Better yet, they're going to be air conditioned.

100% Electric Buses

And if hybrid vehicles don't get your motor revving, then the STM has an even greener bus-plan in the works: purchasing of 100% electric buses by 2025.

Faster Bus Rides, Too

By putting more buses on the streets, the STM aims to increase the rate of bus-service by 12%.

Easier Switches From Bike to Bus to Metro

One of the core principles guiding the STM's 2025 plan is the public desire for "easy transfers between modes" so riders can go from a bike or bus to a metro (and back) far easier. Specific ways this will be improved weren't really outlined, but at least we know it's a priority.

More Trips Than Ever Before

Overall, the STM plans to accommodate a total of 440 million bus/metro trips by 2025. To put things in perspective, the STM experienced 413.3 million trips in 2015, so the increase really isn't that stark.


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