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10 Ways To Celebrate Montreal's International Blueberry Pie Day

My oh my, April 28th is the day for all to eat blueberry pie.
10 Ways To Celebrate Montreal's International Blueberry Pie Day

April 28th is the national ode to the mighty blueberry pie, the most delicious baked good containing the nation's most widely produced berry. No hyperbole here, because we all know how friggen delicious blueberry pie is, so it's time to show your appreciation in today's celebration.

Quebec is a major producer of wild blueberries in Canada, and every Montrealer should adore the province's prominent berry in pie-form.

Here are some delicious variations on the blueberry pie to feast your eyes on, and hopefully your taste-buds too.

The Classic Lattice

  • Nothing beats the original (although the flowing entries come close) and there's just something about a lattice-top that makes the whole pie seem more country-style, and thus more delicious. Let out the lattice yourself with this recipe.

Blueberry Pie Donuts

  • Maybe the only way to improve upon blueberry pie is to put into pie form, which can be said about pretty much anything. Chewy, gooey, and deep fried, make your own with this recipe.

Lemon-Blueberry Pie Tartlets

  • Miniaturize it with some lemon curd and you got a whole new citrus-y spin on the blueberry pie. Sweet and tart at the same time, get snacking with this recipe.

Blueberry Cookie Dough Tarts

  • Screw lemon curd, throw in cookie dough instead. Two desserts are better than one, so take your blueberry pie to the next level with this recipe.

Blueberry S'more Cookie Cups

  • So if two desserts combined are better than the original, that would make three desserts fused together far superior to two, right? Who cares, because blueberry pie + s'mores + cookies is a culinary equation that simply makes sense. Check it here.

Blueperry Pie Panini

  • If you ever need a reason to eat dessert for lunch (you shouldn't ever need a reason) then here's a switch-up on the Italian panini, just with your favourite pie inside instead of some bullshit cold cuts or pesto. Have a sweeter lunch with this how-to.

Blueberry Hand Pies

  • Whoa, we got a little crazy there, let's take it back to blueberry pie-basics with a simple (but portable!) version of the berry-licious pie. Do it yourself with this recipe.

Blueberry Cobbler

  • Make your life way easier by doing a simplified pie: the blueberry cobbler. No crust, just blueberry pie filling with a crispy top, so pretty much all the flavour with a one-quarter of the work. Save a lot of time with this recipe.

Chocolate Blueberry Pie

  • One way to make anything better (and I do mean anything ) is to just add chocolate. Blueberries and chocolate aren't the most classic of pairings, but they sure as hell do work. Just look at how awesome that pie looks. Make your own with this guide.

Blueberry Pancakes

  • Not exactly a pie, but you can guilt-free get away with eating this blueberry-pie inspired pancakes for breakfast. Make more amazing by adding lemon and ricotta cheese with this recipe.

How will you be celebrating National Blueberry Pie Day

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