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10 Ways You Can Make Montreal A Better City In February 2015

Partying is actually on the list. Go figure.
10 Ways You Can Make Montreal A Better City In February 2015

Photo cred - Maksim123

We're here people, the final stretch of winter that also happens to be the coldest part, otherwise known as February. During these trying times of intense cold it can be hard to love Montreal, but keep in mind that not everyone in the city has work, friends, and (maybe most importantly) space heaters to get to the end of February, though you can help them get there.

Volunteering in February will not only be a great way to help out the most needy in the city, it will give you a great reason to actually do something positive with the end of winter, instead of just saying "is it warm yet?" Much more interesting volunteer opportunities are available in Montreal other than just donating clothes or handing out hot meals. Find out what they are and read on.

10 Ways To Give Back To Your Community In February 2015 >

Join A Team To End Women's Cancers

If you have a woman in your life, whether she be your mother, sister, wife, or daughter, the 2015 PharmaprixMD Weekend to End Women’s Cancers™ benefiting the Segal Cancer Centre at the Jewish General Hospital will be an event you can't ignore. For two-days and 60+kms, your participation will ensure Montreal's Segal Cancer Centre at the Jewish General Hospital can aid women in need. Get ahead of your fundraising by starting a team ahead. Start your training early and be prepared for the 60+ kms. Support a good cause and get some exercise. A win-win!

Here's a basic breakdown of the event:

  • An event dedicated to raising awareness and funding research towards all forms of women's cancer.
  • All funds raised will support the Jewish General Hospital at the Segal Cancer Centre.
  • Made for groups, you don't need to join in the event alone
  • Option of 1 day 32km or 2 day 60km walk.
  • No matter which you choose, you'll be burning calories while fighting cancer.
  • Registering now will help you keep your philanthropic and fitness goals, so get on it.

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Photo cred - cercledelareve

Party For The Montreal Children's Hospital At Dolce

Helping out the city doesn't need to painstaking work, sometimes it can be as easy as having a drink (or three) and a late-night dance. What sounds too good to be true is reality at Dolce, the annual dance-party-fundraiser for the Montreal Children's Hospital Foundation. Held at the Loft Hotel on February 21st, the evening will include a DJ, open bar, gifts, and much more to keep you going 'til the early morning. Tickets are a bit pricey, but just in keep in mind it's all for a good cause.

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Brighten The Lives Of Montrealers At The Sun Youth Organization

Montreal's Sun Youth Organization has been striving to make Montreal a better place to live for every demographic for over 50 years and you can be part of that legacy in many different ways. Sun Youth organizes a city-wide food basket distribution service that always needs help, provides coaches and training staff for local sports teams, and a lot more. No doubt you'll find a role that will fit your interests.

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Work At A Restaurant, No Really

99.9% of all restaurants are all about making profit, save Montreal's Robin des Bois on St. Laurent street. A non-profit restaurant whose back and front of house are all volunteers, Robin des Bois will give you the experience of working in a real restaurant while also giving back to the community, with all funds given back to local charities. Those who love cooking and eating will want to head here.

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Make The Montreal Roller Derby Happen

Ever seen the Ellen Page movie "Whip It"? Yes? No? Who cares, because either way, you can live the magic of making an all-women roller derby league happen by volunteering your much-needed time. Managed entirely by its members and volunteers, the Montreal Roller Derby league only uses the money raised by its matches to fund future events and cover costs. Truly more fun than you know, helping out at a match will truly be a cultural experience.

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Ensure Everyone Has Enough To Eat At NDG Food Depot

Feeding the hungry is an admirable, and much needed, municipal service, but the NDG Food Depot does so much more, and you can help them. Created in 1986, the NDG Food Depot doesn't just want to put a band-aid on the issue of food security simply by handing out free meals, the organization takes on the underlying problem's that create a lack of food by offering programs that are designed to facilitate self-reliance. Many different volunteer positions are available (food delivery, kitchen work, emergency food) all of which aid the NDG Food Depot in it's goals.

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Provide Montreal Youth A Safe Space For Anything They Need With Head & Hands

You've no doubt heard of Head & Hands before, as since 1970, the organization has been aiding the youth of Montreal in so many different ways. From health services to legal aid to academic tutoring to hosting parties, Head & Hands does it all, and they need your help to get it all done. With the various services Head & Hands organizes, many volunteers with varying skill sets are needed, meaning your abilities will surely be needed somewhere within the organization.

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Dumpster Dive & Feed The Hungry Coop sur Généreux

A strange yet effective method of giving food to the needy, Coop sur Généreux regularly goes out into the city and "dumpster dives" to find food thrown out by bakeries and grocery stores. Don't be grossed out, most of this food is barely even considerable as garbage, as most food vendors simply throw out food to meet certain regulations, even though the "waste" is perfectly fine to eat. Pigeon-holing Coop sur Généreux into a single feature wouldn't be fair to the organization, however, as the Plateau-based organization is always helping out the local community in many different ways.

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Help Out The Homeless At Accueil Bonneau

Aiming to help the homeless in more areas than simply providing food or shelter, Accueil Bonneau understands the complexity at the heart of homelessness and needs your help. Health, clothing, lodging, nourishment, and mental health are all associated issues inherent in homelessness that Accueil Bonneau strives to solve, and a vast array of volunteer placements are accordingly available.

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Teach A Language At La Maison de l'Amitié

As we all know, there are many languages spoken in Montreal, and newcomers and long-time residents alike need help in learning a new tongue. La Maison de l'Amitié is a school that provides French, English, and Spanish second languages classes, all taught by volunteers. If teaching is your passion or you have a talented command of any of the mentioned languages, this could be the volunteer position for you.

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How do you plan on giving back in 2015?