10 Ways To Make Your Mondays In Montreal Suck Less

Monday is the new funday.
10 Ways To Make Your Mondays In Montreal Suck Less

Mondays obviously suck. It's the beginning of the week, you're hungover or tired from the weekend... You just started getting used to chill weekend life and, all of a sudden, it's Monday again and you have to go to work/school and be responsible again. Like, WTF! Help! I'll help you, have no fear. There are a bunch of things you could do to make your Mondays suck less. You can actually turn Monday from your least favorite day of the week to an OK day of the week. Here's what you could do.

1. Eat breakfast

Seriously. Don't ever skip breakfast. It's what's going to help you conquer the world and be on top of your game all day. Don't be that person who doesn't eat breakfast. Here's a sick breakfast idea that will make you smile on the inside - bacon and eggs waffle breakfast sandwich! Or if you have time to actually sit down and eat in the morning, here's a list of cool spots you should totally check out especially if you're a little hungover from the weekend.

2. Do something nice

Do something nice for someone! It will make you feel awesome. Buy breakfast for a homeless guy... or treat your whole office to Tim Horton's timbits. There is nothing in the world that can make you feel more accomplished than making other people smile and appreciate your existence.

3. COFFEE!!!

Coffee is your best friend on Mondays. Don't feel bad - bathe in caffeine, take caffeine showers because everyone is about that life today. Here's a list of great coffee shops you could pass by if you work or study Downtown.

4. Listen to music

Make a playlist of songs that would normally get you pumped... Gangsta rap does it for me. Maybe you're more into classic music? Cool, listen to that on your way to work. In other words, listen to whatever makes you feel badass and ready to take your week by the horns. Music has very therapeutic qualities, it can cure your soul.

5. Put together a sick outfit

Go all out on Mondays! Wear something that makes you feel confident and sexy. You have a lucky pair of underwear? Go for it. A good outfit can change your attitude. If you have nothing to wear, here's a list of clothing stores you could visit to upgrade your wardrobe.

6. Chocolate!

My mom always tells me that chocolate is food for the brain. Turns out it's actually true. Science says that chocolate makes you smarter! How dope! Treat yourself to some chocolate on Monday and outperform everyone at work.

7. Look forward to something

Having something to look forward to is crucial to life's happiness. Looking forward to the weekend is great, but we need something sooner than that. For example, you can look forward to watching your favorite TV show in the evening or something. I'm definitely looking forward to "Netflix and chill" alone in my bed tonight.

8. Exercise

When you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins. When this happens, you feel less anxious and more awesome! There are so many Montreal gyms you can choose from to stay in shape and be happy. If you're not into gyms, you can go for a walk on your lunch hour as an alternative. You can also get down and dirty with your significant other, that's always a good idea. *giggity giggity*

9. Happy hour?!

You don't have to wait for the weekend to get a little tipsy. Happy hour on a Monday? I don't see why not.

10. Read MTLblog posts

If you're feeling a bit down, MTLblog posts are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Like this post, for example, where I tell you about the struggles of dating a Russian girl. You should definitely date a Russian girl, by the way. It will definitely make your Mondays better.

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