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10 Ways To Make Your Montreal Significant Other Smile In The Morning

The best ways to start your days with your bae.
10 Ways To Make Your Montreal Significant Other Smile In The Morning

Photo cred - @liripi

You don't need to smother your other half with expensive gifts, just being thoughtful and taking action is more than enough.

Listen, we know nothing is ever good in the morning. On occasion we wake feeling like P. Diddy (hmm...weekends), but usually we wake in dismay, ignoring everyone until we get our cup of coffee, and even then, we're still grim folks.

Now, whether you're a morning person or that typical oger on moody Mondays, you should definitely commit to making your boo smile everyday. If you love that person, you should jump at every opportunity to inspire a smile.

After all, each morning you get to wake up next to a person that accepts you for who you are & that's something to be appreciated.

Here are some romantic morning gestures that will make your significant other feel cherished and help you both feel deeply connected throughout the day.

1. Waking Up To "Our" Song

  • Before bed, download the song that defines you as a couple.
  • Set it as your alarm ringtone without them knowing.
  • If you don't have a song, choose something sweet/corny like "Angel" by Shaggy or "Can't Help Falling in Love" by Elvis.
  • What you hear when you wake up sets the tone for the rest of the day, a day wherein you'll both be smiling & humming the song thinking about each other.
  • Click here for Montreal made songs to make out to.

2. Coffee, Tea or Me

  • You should give your boo the option of which morning energizer they'd prefer, caffeine, tea or the one-on-one morning revitalizing solution.
  • If there's no time, swing by Thé Kioque and try their lavender lattes or Café St. Henri where they only use sustainably harvested, organic, single-origin coffee beans, which the owner roasts himself several times a week in the back of the coffee shop.
  • FRESH.

3. DIY Soap

  • Evening before, hit up Coop Coco & Calendula.
  • They offer all an amateur soap maker could want including special scrubs to shampoos.
  • Dans le matin, surprise your monkey with a DIY soap activity & then a shower.
  • Forget about Dove/Old Spice, leave smelling great every morning using a soap you both made together.

4. Juices & Smoothies

  • For you health focused couples, greet the morning with Liquid Nutrition.
  • Start both your days with a rejuvenating Banana Chocolate Whey Protein smoothie (almond milk based).
  • They offer fresh juices and multiple supplement protein shakes.
  • You'll both be good to go and glad you did.

5. Flowers for Her

  • However, with a little thought and preparation this average gift can be the highlight of your girl’s week.
  • A bouquet on a random Wednesday morning is often much better than a bouquet on her birthday.
  • Don't leave your home, have flowers delivered early morning by Venus Plants and Flowers.
  • Glorify the bed/bedroom with rose pedals or keep it simple with a bouquet.

6. Fresh Fairmount Bagels

  • Open 24 hours!
  • Cash Only, $1.00 each Fairmount bagel
  • 5 star bagels
  • Surprise your honey with warm cream cheesed bagels fresh from the oven.
  • Fill up on light fluffy crispy Montreal style bagels for breaky.

7. Pack a Lunch

  • Go to Triple Crown Dinette (Little Italy) & place a take-out order
  • Put it in the fridge
  • The following morning before your boo leaves for work, present him/her with an already prepared lunch (a fantastic, mouth-watering full course lunch that your cooking skills couldn't live up to..)
  • Choose some of his/her fav foods, Mac n' Cheese, Andouille sausage rolls, Smoked Monk Fish, Crispy Chicken, Ravioli, and for dessert, deep-fried apple "pie"rogis, w/ vanilla creme fraiche.
  • Talk about thoughtful.

8. Cupcakes

  • D Liche Cupcakes - Best Cupcakes in Montreal (most decadent & delicious)
  • Grab a dozen and get a cupcake arrangement done, they're just as beautiful as a bouquet of flowers
  • Experience 10 minutes of pure bliss together while indulging in your sweet tooth.
  • Try their peanut butter& chocolate chip cupcake.
  • Cronuts - Croissant/donuts

9. Name a Star

  • Get a star named after your bae (yes, you can do that)
  • Copyright "A Walk to Remember"
  • Contact the Canadian International Star Registry and have a star put in their name.
  • It's a bit costly but it truly original, it also comes with a certificate and sky chart (shows the constellation where the star is located and the exact location of the star circled in red)
  • When they awake show them the certificate that will be delivered & remind them that he/she is the star that illuminates your world.

10. Sponsor a Farm Animal

  • If the naming a star is too out of this world for you & buying a pet is too much (unless it's a hamster or a fish) maybe consider sponsoring a farm animal together.
  • Farm Sanctuary’s Adopt a Farm Animal Program are in need of loving “parents” to sponsor their monthly feed, shelter, and veterinary care costs.
  • You will receive an adoption certificate with a color photograph of your adopted friend, and other benefits depending on your animal. Private tours to visit sponsored animals can be scheduled during visitor season and otherwise as staffing permits.

If all else fails write a corky original poem (get your Dr. Seuss skills on).

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