10 Ways You Should Not Hit On A Montreal Girl

There is awkward and then there is this.
10 Ways You Should Not Hit On A Montreal Girl

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It's undeniable, Montreal girls are gorgeous. Montrealers know it and people around the world, too. That's why our girls are always the life of the parties. Where there are Montreal girls, there are also tons of guys. Some get lucky, and some guys are just too... lame.

Don't feel discouraged! We know talking to girls can be very defying. Specially to such beauties. They are irresistible and sometimes, scary. That's why we keep thinking about something to say and usually choose the approach poorly. You think you're the only one? No, you're not.

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The "Where did you get your tattoos?"

You're at Le Saint-Sulpice having a decent conversation with you friend when suddenly a guy is standing right beside you. At first you don't know exactly what to say and then he asks, "Where did you get your tattoos?" You give the information and that's pretty much it. The following conversation will probably be meaningless. (That's if there is any following conversation.)

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The dancing freak

Friday nights are intense. Usually we girls like to go dancing and have some fun. How scary is it when we're dancing and a guy starts dancing with us? Crowded places like the nightclub L'Abreuvoir is the perfect place to meet with an intruder dancer. Sometimes we like them, most times we don't.

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The out-comer

“Do you know where’s the best place to go?” We would be rich girls if we got a dollar every time we get that question. Hanging out anywhere on Sainte-Catherine street on a Saturday night is almost like working as a tourist guide. Specially Downtown. No one seems to be from Montreal during the weekends, it's impressive. Mr. Smarty pants knows we will probably say where we are going and follow. There's no future in doing this.

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The weird flirty smile from afar

Smiling never hurt anyone before. But being weird about it is never a good approach. Specially in a place like L'Appartement, for example. Some guys have the tendency to smile a very weird flirty smile to catch the girl's attention. The only reaction to that is maybe awkwardly smiling back and turning the face to the opposite direction.

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The straightforward "You're beautiful"

How many times are you walking with your friends on Crescent street, trying to find a good bar to go have some drinks, when a guy comes in your direction and says, "You're beautiful."? Of course it's nice to hear that, but the situation is always awkward. Either if the guy is interesting or not. Sometimes we're even interested, but there's no way to continue the "conversation".

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The old-school "Can I buy you a drink?"

This is probably the oldest approach there is. Try to go to a place like Baldwin Barmacie, for example, and see what happens. There's always a guy offering to buy some drinks. It's not a bad thing when we're interested but when we're not, it's just too embarrassing.

The insecure Situation

We know girls like to go to the washroom together. Some guys prefer to approach girls together. Picture this scenario in your head, girl. How many times were you sitting with your friends at Buonanotte and a group of guys came to talk to you? It's as flattering as it's uncomfortable. Maybe you like him, but most of the times your friends don't like his friends. And we all know it's not going to happen.

The annoying drunk trying to sound cool

High five if you're the drunk's target! We all have suffered with this, many times. Club Soda, loud music and (a lot of) drinks. Guys get drunk and super confident, right? And you're there, magically in front of him. The imperfect combination for you. Perfect for him. The thing about drunk people is that it's hard to make them understand you're not interested. The more you say no, the more they will try to sound cool.

The language barrier

It's hard enough to like someone. It's even harder when you cannot understand a word they're saying. Imagine Café Campus, full of students from all around the world. Now try to imagine how hard it is to understand different languages and accents mixed with the loud music? It's almost impossible. It's a no, for sure.

The inquiry master

How annoying is it when we don't know a guy and he starts asking questions like crazy? I don't mean having a normal conversation, I mean really just asking questions. Some guys do that and it's freaking annoying. Specially when you're trying to have some fun with your friends in a place like Pub St-Paul. Maybe everything would have worked out well if it wasn't for the inquiry.

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