10 Ways To "Spoil" A Montrealer This Christmas

Christmas draws near.
10 Ways To "Spoil" A Montrealer This Christmas

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The holidays are pretty much here, which means you need to start thinking about what you're going to get all of your loved ones in Montreal. While everyone in the city is unique, with their own personal tastes, there are certain gifts ideas that will please every type of Montrealer. Beyond that, these gift will even make them feel incredibly spoiled, and truly happy to have you as a loved one.

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Discover “Spoil” And Give The Perfect Gift

Straight from the Montreal tech scene is the perfect solution to the holiday shopping maddness: Spoil, a gift service that makes you a veritable Santa, just without any of the late-night chimney climbing.

Spoil works for you, finding the ideal gift for your loved and delivers it right to their door. Present-packages can be ordered based on a tailored message you can attach to the gift (Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday, etc.), your particular person’s interest (geek-gear, classy looks, artsy apparel, etc.) and from there, expert gift curators will then assemble the perfect present. The whole process takes less than a minute and you’re sure to get your loved one a gift that will truly make them feel spoiled.

Spoil ships exclusive products from top brands like David’s Tea, Kate Spade, Essie, Frank & Oak and many more local names, ensuring your gift is is the perfect present. Spoil your Montrealer by heading to the official website here.

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Get A La Banquise Gift Card

Even more of a sure-fire spoil than anything Habs related is getting a Montrealer poutine from the one and only La Banquise for Christmas. Actually getting a poutine isn't the best idea (the gravy will seep through the gift wrap) so do the next best thing and get your loved on a La Banquise gift certificate, which can be purchased at the resto, with a $10 or $15 value. Grab a few and everyone on your gift list will be more than pleased.

Habs Tickets & Gear

Fact: every Montrealer is a Habs fan. Fact: a Montrealer will love you unconditionally if you get them tickets to a game. Combine these two cold-hard truths and spoil your loved one with tickets to a Montreal Canadiens game at the Bell Centre.

Tickets may be pricey (and hard to come by) so an alternative would be a personalized Habs jersey, which may even be better since it'll last longer and shows you put in some extra effort to make the jersey unique.

Serve A Montreal Breakfast In Bed

Nothing beats waking up to a fresh Montreal bagel and a silky smooth cafe au lait, especially when its in the comfort of your bed. Make this dream a reality for your loved on by heading to the Mile End and grabbing a hot dozen of just-outta-the-oven bagels (St. Viateur or Fairmount, whatever you prefer) along with some coffee from one of Montreal's most famous cafes, Café Olimpico. Best done a bit before Xmas (to make sure everything is open) or pull the classic move of making a personalized gift card with "good for one breakfast in bed" written on it.

Buy An Igloofest Pass

For the Montrealer who loves to party, and doesn't mind the cold, an Igloofest pass is the perfect present. Four weekends of electronic music in the glory of winter with tons of party-goers in the Old Port is an amazing gift even if your loved on isn't big on the party scene. Early bird pricing will save you $30, so order one while they last, which you can do here.

Plan Out A Night In Old Montreal

When it comes to winter/Christmas-y magic, Old Montreal has it all. Cobblestone streets and nigh-ancient architecture will set the mood, a dinner at one of the many amazing eateries in the area will ensure a memorable eating experience, and a horse and carriage ride will be the perfectly romantic end to the evening. If only because they know how pricey things are in the district, and Montrealer will feel spoiled after a night out in Old Montreal.

Take A Craft Beer Tour Of Montreal

More than a few microbreweries are housed in Montreal, and if your Montrealer likes a good beer (most do) than they'll feel incredibly spoiled when you take them on a craft beer tour of the city. Benelux, Dieu du Ciel, Brutopia, Les Soeurs Grises, Le Cheval Blanc, and HELM are but a few spots to take them to and share a pint, just make sure you don't take too many stops, lest you both have a wicked hangover the next day, which wouldn't be the best way to remember your Xmas gift.

Bring Them Skating

All around the city are many outdoor skating rinks which make for a perfect winter date location and Christmas gift idea. Many are free, including the Olympic Stadium's new refrigerated skating rink, meaning you won't even need to spend that much moolah. Be sure to bring along a thermos filled with hot chocolate (or go buy one from a premiere Montreal choclatier) and you'll be sure to inspire that special "I'm so spoiled" feeling in any Montreal.

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Set Up A Day At The Spa

Everyone likes to be pampered, and you can rest assured that if you pay for a day at the spa for your Montrealer, they will surely feel spoiled. Montreal has more than a few options when it comes to spas (check out our Best Montreal Spa list for ideas) and best of all, you can partake in the gift too, because no one likes to be pampered all by their lonesome.

Get Them Out Of Winter

This is a Christmas trump card for any Montrealer. If you have the resources, a trip away from Montreal's harsh winter and into a sunny locale where one can wear shorts and tan will instantly win any of the city's residents over. Sure, Montrealers may pretend to not mind the winter, but when it comes down to it, everyone of us in the city would instantly take the opportunity to vacay away from the season's cold.