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10 Ways You Can Save Your Money And Still Have Fun In Montreal This Summer

To spend or not to spend? That is the question.
10 Ways You Can Save Your Money And Still Have Fun In Montreal This Summer

It's easy to waste money when you're not thinking about it. Montreal is an especially dangerous place to live if you're prone to frivolous spending. Before you know it, your money is gone and you can't even remember where you spent it. Since some of us here at MTLBlog have been in a similar position at one point or another. We have decided to let you in on some tips and tricks on how to save your money.

1. Take The Cheapest Means Of Transportation

If gas is eating up way too much of your pay check, take the metro. If the metro prices don't jive with you, take a BIXI. If you can't spring to pay the $2 rental fee, walk. Do whatever you can to take the cheapest means of transportation. You can save a lot of money when you give up comfort for practicality.

2. Make Use Of Your Student Discount

Student discounts are clutch. Having a student ID is basically an automatic 10% off anything you purchase. Make sure to check out and see if the stores and restaurants you frequent have a student discount policy. I know for a fact that Provigo has one. Cheap groceries? Yes please.

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3. Make Your Coffee At Home

We know that Montreal has great places to go get a nice steaming cup of joe, but after a while, paying for it can really eat up your cash. A reusable mug and a french press are key when you're trying to cut down on your spending.

4. Party On Weeknights

I mean, if your job permits it of course. Bars generally have amazing specials on weeknights as a means to draw people in. But if you decide to get you and a crew out on Tuesday instead of a Friday, you'll be shocked at how much cash you can save.

5. Budget

I've found that the method pictured above is really useful. It's nice to actually have the tangible money rather than a debit card. It gives you more of an idea of what you're actually spending.

6. Sell Stuff You Don't Need

We all have clothes in our closet that we don't wear. And a shoddy coffee table collecting dust in our storage units. Instead of letting them cramp the little space that you have, go to a consignment shop and trade your goods for cold hard cash. Eva B's is my go to place when I want to sell my clothes.

7. Take Advantage Of Free Stuff

Luckily we have a whole list of free things that you can do every month. Check it out!

Photo cred - domesticatedmomma

8. Use Points Reward Systems

You may feel like a middle aged woman when you do this, but using points reward systems really do work. The two I save the most money off of, are Provigo's and Pharmaprix's. You gotta do what you gotta do when you're broke.

9. Work Out At Home

Paying for a gym membership is just another means to lose your money. While gyms in Montreal aren't overly expensive, working out at home is totally free. There are a bunch of awesome fitness instructors on YouTube that will help you work up a sweat, while leaving your wallet untouched

10. Put Extra Cash Away For A Rainy Day

I know how hard it can be to save when you're a true blue spender. But, I do it anyways because I know Montreal has so many great events that I just can't pass up. You have to make the decision between and impulsive shopping spree or Osheaga. It's your call.

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