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10 Websites That Will Save A Student's Life

The best the interwebs have to offer students, academics and everyone else.
10 Websites That Will Save A Student's Life

Everyone knows what a huge resource the internet is to students, and society at large, but its hard to filter through all the brony fanfics and porn to find the useful sites. As always, MTL Blog has your back, and has chosen some of the best websites to help a student in need, and anyone for that matter. Filled with useful information regarding academics, memory, and life in general, these web sites will save a student's life.

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Hate not knowing enough French in Montreal? Want to pass your Italian exam with flying colours? Then DuoLingo is for you. Basically a free version of Rosetta Stone, DuoLingo is a site and app that will help you to learn Spanish, English, German, French, Portuguese and Italian in no time at all.

MIT Opencourseware

Everyone isn't smart enough to go to school at MIT, and now we don't have to be thanks to MIT Opencourseware. Offering free access to MIT courses and lectures on a huge number of toppics, MIT Opencourseware is an awesome resource to compliment your own degree or just learn about things you wouldn't elsewhere.


Have a burning question you need answered and Yahoo Answers just can't be relied on? Look to Quora, your new resource for academic answers, all provided by experts in the field. You can even join in on the discussion and answer questions yourself, to be reviewed by others in your area of expertise.


Reading quickly is a valuable asset among students, and Spreeder will help take your reading speed to the next level. Spreeder focuses on teaching you to read without an 'inner voice' which tends to slow people down. Plus its totally free.

Geography IQ

Need to know the stats on literally any nation in the world? Well then Geography IQ is your go-to resource. Perfect for geography, econ, and commerce majors, Geography IQ features a handy world map that gives you detailed statistics of any country.


Flashcards are an invaluable learning aid for students, and Anki is a site dedicated to making the best flashcards all online. A lot more green than the paper alternative, Anki also lets you embed videos and images along with text for even more flashcard resources. Memorization just became a lot easier.


Many of you probably know about CliffNotes, or have at least heard of the site, and if you haven't, meet your new best friend. Essential to Arts students, CliffNotes summarizes a wide range of texts (Shakespeare to modern), has tons of writing tips, and even has some math tutorials. Never read a book again!


Screw googling a word +define to get an adequate definition. Where other online dictionaries fail, OneLook succeeds. With a large breadth of words and phrases, OneLook will provide the correct meaning to even the most infrequently used word, phrase, or pattern. Special tools like 'Reverse Dictionary' are available too.

The World Factbook

Get all the resources of the CIA at your fingertips with The World Factbook. Offering info on nearly everywhere in the world, and all free to the public, the CIA's World Factbook 'provides information on the history, people, government, economy, geography, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues for 267 world entities.' Enjoy and feel like a spy at the same time.

And there you have it, 10 sites to save a student's life. Did we miss any crucial online resources? Have a site you always use in a pinch? Let us know in the comments below.

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