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10 Well Paying English Jobs You Can Get Hired For In Montreal

For any struggling Anglophone.
10 Well Paying English Jobs You Can Get Hired For In Montreal

Montreal may be full of amazing opportunities, arts, and great nightlife... but if you're like me and have little french under your belt, then finding a good job can be a little tough. 

What even defines a "good job?" For a Montreal-based Anglophone, I think it would be something that pays well (or at least decently) and/or will keep you satisfied without wanting to pull your hair out or call in sick every other day.

Finding these gigs can be extremely tough, and unless you're hunting for internship hours (unpaid) or have a connection somewhere through networking, it's even harder. 

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Today, I've done a bit of leg-work for you and poked around on Indeed and Kijiji to see what type of English-speaking work options are currently available for you. 

Here are 10 English jobs hiring in Montreal, right now:

1. MindGeek 

MindGeek offices are in Montreal, and they tend to have numerous positions available all of the time... some of which require French, but most that only consider the second language (including German and Spanish) as an "asset" and not a requirement. 

They have 3 positions I stumbled upon for English speakers, and if you're cool working around the Adult Entertainment world, this might be the gig for you!

Customer Service Rep.

Inside Sales Rep. 

Script Writer.

2. Administrative Assistant, People & Talent

Here's one that is definitely in demand. Montreal's tech industries are booming! Naturally, more help and assistance for VP's and the whole staff, in general, is a must-have. 

This company is offering up a brand-new workspace, great benefits and a chance to be a part of a fast-growing company. 

Find more details here.

3. Rental Agent, Cruise Canada Inc. 

Starting salary of $13/hour - but with sales commissions. This job is a contract position as a rental agent for RV's this summer season. 

Find more details here.

4. Order Picker, Fashion Warehouse

Listed as a privately held fashion company in Montreal, this job will have you working in a factory warehouse picking orders for online fulfillment. French and English is preferred, but not at all required. Definitely worth a shot for the Anglophones! 

Find more details here.

5. Freelance Content Writer

This is a good gig for anyone who desires a flexible work schedule and likes to work on their computers. Freelancing can be tough, but it is often worth it - especially so as we approach summer where you would like to make your own hours. 

Many companies hire content writers, and they are most often written in English. 

Valnet, Inc. is currently looking to fill positions writing about anything from news to comic books, to parenting or even celebrity gossip. 

Check out all their available positions here.

6. Restaurants - Line Cook, Dishwasher, etc. 

This is a good one for those who may need free days, or evenings - depending on the kitchen you end up in. Dishwashers are the unsung heroes of the Montreal restaurant industry. The work is fast-paced, a little tedious - but they always tend to pay well. 

Here are all the available Line Cook, Prep and/or Dishwasher positions.

7. In-Bound Call Center Agent

Call Center jobs are very standard for an English-only speaker in Montreal. They're not always the best jobs out there, but they pay decently (for the most part) and offer a wide variety of shift hours, as well as benefits if you last long enough. 

I purposely avoided cold-calling positions, because that suck and nobody should ever do them. Rest assured there are plenty of inbound call center jobs. Here is a couple. 

CSR Teleperformance

CSR Chipotle Mexican Grill

Monify Media Call Center Agent

8. Travel Consultant, Momentium Travel Group

Travel Consultant positions are also everywhere, and often you will be dealing with customers outside of Quebec or even Canada. So, naturally, French isn't always required. This one I am sharing is to manage quality assurance after customer service agents deal with customer issues. 

Find more details here.

9. Barista

Okay, here me out on this one. Baristas are often looked down upon, or at least working at certain coffee shops might be. While this is not an English-only position, it is a fact that places like Starbucks will hire people with little to no French-speaking ability. 

This one is worth a shot for those of you who want to learn French. In this environment, you will learn the basics and fundamentals of applicable French to the job - which is a good start! I'm talking numbers, minor conversational French and terms applied to products or services. 

Here is a (massive) list of all Starbucks job openings, I limited the search to the Island of Montreal, only. 

10. SPCA Public Awareness

You likely see these folks all over the streets of Montreal. This job is for the animal lovers, advocates - or those who just love to spend time outside and/or talking with people. 

The job pays very well, between $20-$27/hour, in fact.

Find more details here. 

BONUS - Work for a Montreal Festival!

Though these are just temporary, these jobs are always the coolest to me! Montreal's festival season has hit, and with it comes a demand for employees to help them go off without a hitch!

Just For Laughs Festival is currently seeking Ticket Coordinators, French is preferred but not "required."

Fantasia Film Festival is currently seeking a Public Relations Paid Intern. Their description notes that strong English is a must, and other languages are considered an asset. 

There ya go! It may not be all the work of your dreams, but this is a go-to starting point for any Anglophone living in Montreal who needs work and income ASAP. 

Furthermore, you should check out our listing for Summer Jobs from last week,as there are some cool seasonal positions that don't (technically) require French. 

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