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10 Well Paying Jobs For English People You Can Get Hired For In Montreal Immediately

Not even one French required.

When we started doing these Job posts we didn’t know if they would be helpful or not.

But after posting several of them, we started getting feedback from you guys letting us know that you were actually getting hired because of us.

As far as we’re concerned, if we can help just once Montrealer find a decent job, then we’ve done out part.

And the best part is, none of these jobs require you to speak French.

So what are you waiting for? Start your job hunt today!

Project Coordinator

Salary: $55,000 a year

If you don't take orders very well, consider giving them instead. Here you'll manage a variety of different projects, coordinate the scheduling of meetings and measure performances.

Click here to apply now!

Application Developer Paid Internship

Salary: $18 an hour

We normally don't post internships, but this is paid so it's perfect for anyone who wants to create an app but aren't sure how that works. Here you'll actually be getting paid to learn.

Click here to apply now!


Salary: $800 a week

Sure it's just a fancy word for maid, but at least you'll barely have to talk to anyone. This is great for those who just wanna make their money and GTFO.

Click here to apply now!

Quality Control

Salary: $40,000 a year

This apparel company needs to to ensure they products meet their quality standards, that's where you come in.

Click here to apply now!

Sales Representative

Salary: $17.50 an hour

Learn everything about the real estate market while getting paid to do so. It's a win-win!

Click here to apply now!

Packing & Labeling

Salary: $12 an hour

Not looking for a stressful job? This is the kind of repetitive job where you can just turn your brain off and wait for the hours to pass.

Click here to apply now!

Customer Service

Salary: Based on experience

If you don't mind working on the phone then this is perfect for you. Plus once you learn this jobs it's scary how many other phone jobs you become qualified for.

Click here to apply now!

Senior Executive Assistant

Salary: $12.25 an hour

Anything that has "senior" in the title is a good job. Don't look at me, I didn't invent the rule.

Click here to apply now!

E-Commerce Specialist

Salary: $70,000 a year

Anyone can be a salesman, but e-commerce is a whole other animal and let's face it, you'd be perfect for this.

Click here to apply now!

Customer Service / Clerk 

Salary: $15 an hour

Prepare bills, check for accuracy and inconsistencies and deal with clients. Seems simple enough.

Click here to apply now!

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