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10 Words That Describe Montreal

Words that encapsulate the city.
10 Words That Describe Montreal

Photo cred - Susan Moss for Montreal Buzz

You could write books and essays on Montreal (as people have) but, as you know, we like to keep things short and sweet.

To encapsulate the many energies of the city, we've chosen 10 words which embody a particular essence of Montreal.

We're not being reductive here, we just think a single word can carry more meaning than a bunch of sentences. Our chosen ten may grind your gears, so feel free to add in your submissions to the comments below.

Here we go:


  • Just try and shit on the city, or one any of Montreal's aspects, and you'll be met with a very proud response as to why you're wrong and Montreal is great. This may be accompanied by a punch/slap to the face.


  • This applies to the people and the weather. Mother Nature likes to vent all her emotional frustrations on Montreal, and citizens can be equally jovial and rowdy.


  • If there's one thing that unites all Montrealers, regardless of differences in language, religion, or origins, it's the shared love for Montreal.


  • Even if you weren't born or raised in Montreal, you can still call it home. Many immigrants, travelers, and students, consider the city their home (or home away from home) and the mosaic of Montrealers living in the city adds to the homey/welcoming element.


  • All of Montreal's art installations, architecture, and graffiti make the city so vibrant and beautiful, even in the dead of winter. Unlike other cities, Montreal is a sight to see in any season.


  • Montrealers aren't afraid to voice their opinions, especially when the issue is close to their hearts (Habs, tuitions). Unlike the rest of Canada, who are oddly complacent, the spirited attitude towards politics (and partying) of Montrealers is one of the city's best features.


  • Made up of many different parts, Montreal is a stunning mosaic of varying elements. Just look at the subtle differences between boroughs. Not simply a mish-mash of cultures and ideas, Montreal is a hub of multiculturalism and expression.


  • Let's be real, Montreal is a little seedy, and it's far from a bad thing. We all enjoy getting a little gritty once in a while, and there's no shortage of deviance in Montreal. Besides, breaking the rules is just more fun.


  • Combo words count, and don't think the prefix is a slam against Montreal. The city can be contradictory at times, even on any given Friday night, where you start the night off all classy-like with wine and drinks at a trendy bar, then end it all stumbling home from St. Laurent only to puke in an alley. We've all been there and its awesome.


  • Sorry, if theres another thing that unites all Montrealers, it's our shared love of poutine. Poutine simply can't be beat.

What would you include?

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