10 Self-Made Millionaires From Montreal

Money is the anthem, of success.
10 Self-Made Millionaires From Montreal

Our very own Forbes list. Surprisingly enough, Montreal is filled with young entrepreneurs who have made it in their respective fields, even some that have reached the 7 digit markup.

Even if Quebec gets hit with the highest tax bracket for the rich, (above 53%), these guys still manage to come out with cash- lots of cold, hard cash... and they're just getting started.

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1. Jonathan Duhamel

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Jonathan is worth over $30 million. He's the first Canadian to have ever won the World Series of Poker. Okay fine, he's actually from Boucherville, Quebec but technically that's a 10 minute drive from Montreal and we are allowed to praise our neighbours too.


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2. Eliane Gamache Latourelle

Pharmacist who turned pills into liquid- cash that is.Owner of multiple Familiprix's and author of best seller "La jeune millionaire".

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3. Mathieu Lamontagne

ACN Canada. Mathieu is a top producer, along with Mathieu Ambroise and Simon Aboud at ACN Canada. Home-based business provides an opportunity to earn income on the services people are already using every day.


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4. Founders of AskMen

A Montreal City Guide. Founded by Ricardo Poupada, Christopher Bellerose Rovny and Luís Rodrigues.


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5. Founders of Busbud

"Your worldwide bus travel companion". Founded by Frédéric Thouin, LP Maurice and Mike Gradek.

By connecting travelers to bus operators, Busbud makes it a breeze to search, compare, and book city-to-city bus tickets, all around the world. They even have a free mobile app! Check it out.


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6. Emmanuelle Chriqui

Does Entourage ring a bell? She's been acting in the show for over 7 years. She's got a chunky net worth at just over $9 million. Born and raised in Montreal, in the suburb of Cote St Luc. Go Chriqui, go!

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7. Ben Mulroney

You've seen him on Etalk Daily. Ben Mulroney is a Television host born in Montreal, Quebec with a net worth of over $10 million. Pretty impressive, Ben.


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8. Alexandre Taillefer

The next Kevin O'leary. Managing Partner of XPND Capital, private equity firm that invests in fast-growing companies.


9. Founders of Breather

AirBnB a la Montréalaise. Created by founders Caterina Rizzi and Julien Smith. In just over a year, company funds went from $6 to $20 million. They're growing by the minute.

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10. Martin Drolet

The head behind Manulift. A company that specializes in telehandler.