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$100 Fine For Puking In A Montreal Taxi Is A Good & Bad Idea

Photo cred - Brian Aerica

There is no moment of social shame that brings you lower into the darkest depths of un-classiness as puking in a cab. Not only do you look like the definition of a hot mess, all your friends are inherently embarassed as balls, and the cab driver is justifiably super-pissed.

But it happens, right? No biggie, you'll just tip the driver pretty well and everything will be fine...except you also have to fork out an extra $100 for expelling your stomach acid all over a taxi's back seat.

Such is the reality in Calgary, as city council has just approved a $100 fine on any and all individuals who vomit in a cab. The c-note is meant to help out drivers with the cost for cleanup, and if its a chunky spill, the detailing price could be well into the hundreds.

Would Montreal benefit from imposing a similar fine on citizens riding in cabs? Probably not, because lets be honest, when you're at the point of puking, your level of conscious thought probably doesn't extend all the way to potential fines. If you're that wasted, you'll be spewing out the contents of your stomach anywhere, whether it be in a cab or on the side of the road.

On the other hand, it may make people think twice about tossing their way too drunk friend in a cab to take them home, which is good news for unsuspcting cab drivers and the overly drunk person who has no clue what's going on.

Do you think a puking fee is a good idea?

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