A List Of 100 Songs Named Montreal

The ultimate playlist.
A List Of 100 Songs Named Montreal

This morning I had an idea. The plan was to find some songs called Montreal and make cute little list. There's a million songs called "New-York" and another million called "California", so why not Montreal?

I figured there had to be like 10 or 11 of them at most, but I was wrong. Very ... very ... wrong.

There are about 100 songs that are either named "Montreal" or that have "Montreal" in the title.

And since I'm such a nice guy, I did my best to track down as many as I could for you to enjoy:

"Montreal" by Andrei Krylov

"Montreal" by David Binney

"Montreal" by Karin Ström

"Montréal" by Zeromancer

"Montreal" by Nine Mile

"Montréal" by Sultans of String

"Montreal" by Rufus Wainwright

"Montreal" by Saint Jude's Infirmary

"Montréal" by Zao

"Montreal Express" by Dick Curless

"Montréal est une femme" by Jean-Pierre Ferland

"Montreal Girl" by Duane Eddy

"Montreal Jazz Fest" by Ripcordz

"Montreal Makes Me Sad Again" by Of Montreal

"Streets of Montreal" by Bodh'aktan

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