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100 Things I Want To Do In Montreal Before I Die

A city full of adventures, wonder, and memories to make.
100 Things I Want To Do In Montreal Before I Die

Guys, there is literally so much to do in Montreal. It's actually to the point where I've lived in this city my whole life - 25 years - and there's still a ton of things I want/need to do.

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And I'm sure some of you feel the same way. There are legit so many things to do in the city that I feel like you could live here your entire life, and still have so many other things to do. And in case you were curious as to what exactly I've got left to do, well friends, I've got your back.

1. Paint a mural on the side of a building in downtown Montreal. Literally anything, as long as I leave my mark.

2. Watch the summer fireworks in the Old Port from a boat, preferably docked at Montreal's Port d'Escale Marina.

3. Catch a Habs game live at the Bell Centre, except from a lodge.

4. Hike to the top of Mount Royal and then actually find the cross. Then take tons of pictures of it.

5. Kayak through Montreal's Lachine Rapids. (Yes, seriously).

6. Attend a tam-tam session on Sundays at Mount-Royal.

7. Climb to the very top of the "Milk Bottle" water tower, and enjoy the scenic view of the city.

8. Take a cute selfie in front of the LOVE sign at Montreal's LHotel with the love of my life (AKA myself, TBH).

9. Check out literally all the free museums in Montreal in one day (AKA, free museum day).

10. Make the best of an icy winter and go ice skating literally through a street.

11. Ride the entire metro system in a day, without getting off at an actual stop, just because.

12. Actually get to check out what's going on inside of the "Farine Five Roses" building, in-person live.

13. Tour all the best Montreal fromageries and buy out all the locally produced brie I can possibly afford.

14. Eat a bagel from St-Viateur and Fairmount back to back, and make a decision once and for all as to which one I love the best.

15. Actually attend the Villa Paradizo free EDM festival that takes over Montreal every year.

16. Go to the Olympic Stadium and actually get to the top of the tower to check out the beautiful view of the city.

17. Test out all the rooftop terrasses in the Old Port (and allll the sangria) in one magical evening.

18. Learn to skate, and then go skating at the Old Port skating rink.

19. Find all of the En Masse Project murals in the city, and take hundreds of pictures. Literally.

20. Rent an apartment in Montreal's Mile End. (And probably live there forever, TBH).

21. Drive a Car2Go, except use it to get all the way up Mount-Royal.

22. Go on an afternoon "smoked meat tour" of the city, and nosh on the best smoked meat the city has to offer. (Then go for a jog, probably).

23. Go to every single concert at the Bell Centre for a whole year... even the shows I don't really like.

24. Participate in a Dragon Boat race on the Lachine Canal.

25. Actually go for a little dip in the fountain at Parc LaFontaine. (I've seen people do it!)

26. Check out (and probably eat at) the Auberge Saint-Gabriel, AKA the oldest restaurant in the whole city.

27. Grab a summer beer at Jardins Gamelin, Montreal's outdoor "beer garden".

28. Locate and swing on Montreal's outdoor musical swings.

29. Take an AMT train out to the West Island and back, for no other purpose than to say I've taken an AMT train once in my life.

30. Actually check out The Sun sculpture at Montreal's Museum Of Fine Arts live, in person.

31. Check out Montreal's Nuite Blanche, except actually pull an all-nighter and party the whole night away.

32. Get my tan on at the Clock Tower Beach.

33. Check out Bota Bota for the relaxing spa vibes, but also to take a selfie in front of the fountain.

34. Watch a film at Cinema Du Parc.

35. Experience the Virtual Reality Garden at the Phi Centre.

36. Get myself to a McGill or Concordia frat party.

37. Rent a BIXI, and bike from Downtown Montreal to Griffintown.

38. Eat at an all-you-can-eat Portuguese chicken place at least once a week forever. (Or until I get sick of it).

39. Jog through Parc LaFontaine, except on a super icy winter day.

40. Bike across the Jacques-Cartier bridge (after conquering my fear of bridges and bikes).

41. Sneak up to this heated rooftop pool in the wintertime, and go for a freezing cold yet totally satisfying dip.

43. Shred a picture of my ex and get myself some sweet free chicken wings.

44. Check out the Marche Jean-Talon during the fall and buy about 20 mini pumpkins, just because.

45. Shop at Ogilvy. (Instead of just browsing).

46. Conquer my (weird) fear of waterparks and check out this glorious indoor aquatic complex, set to open up in the city ASAP.

47. End up on a new AZUR Metro train, which I have yet to do.

48. Organize my own city-wide food festival. Bask in the glory... and the food.

49. Go grocery shopping at one of Montreal's first zero-waste grocery stores.

50. Actually see the city from the summit at Montreal's Place Ville Marie.

51. Taste French Toast for the first time in my life at any one of these awesome Montreal restaurants.

52. Literally just explore the metro tunnels, if I can ever do it in a safe and legal way.

53. Eat a Sausage McMuffin at 3:00 AM. Just because.

54. Check out Montreal's chocolate festival, and watch all my cacao dreams come true.

55. Admire the view of the Old Port from the very top of Montreal's Clock Tower.

56. Solidify my love for whoever I end up with by writing our initials on a lock and snapping it into place on Montreal's love lock fence in Parc Lafontaine.

57. Befriend one of the ferocious squirrels dwelling at the outdoor Vanier College campus.

58. Sit in the Mordecai Richler Gazebo and see what all the hype is about. Read one of his books, because it'll feel right.

59. Check out a Shakespeare In The Park showing during the summer.

60. Spot a celebrity live, chilling in Montreal, and pretend to act cool but really post about 5 Facebook status updates, 7 Tweets, and 3 Instagram stories about it.

61. Eat the lobster spaghetti at Joe Beef.

62. Drink literally all the shots (and a pool full of beer!) at Montreal's La P’tite Grenouille.

63. Steal a light bulb from the Christmas tree at Place Ville-Marie.

64. Spend the whole day at Tommy Cafe, just to say I did it.

65. Eat a C'Wow chocolate bomb dessert at C'ChoColate.

66. Try the matzo ball soup from Snowdon Deli.

67. And some challah bread from Hof Kelsten.

68. Wear heels in the cobblestone streets of Old Montreal. (And then regret it instantly, probably.)

69. Attend Montreal's Fetish Festival live, just to see if I'm kind of into it.

70. Drink a beer while chilling at the Terrasse St-Ambrois in St-Henri.

71. Participate in the Tour De L'Ile bicycle tournament.

72. Check out the Olympic Stadium during the winter, for their winter food truck festival.

73. And then during the summer, for their First Fridays food truck festivals.

74. Revisit the Pointe-A-Calliere Museum as an adult, and bask in the fascinating historical vibes of the city.

75. Hunt down the most beautiful "cherry blossoms" in Montreal during the springtime, and take tons and tons of photos.

76. Get into yoga again, but this time by doing it zero-gravity style.

77. Become an expert at local Quebec wines by taking a class... but really, just use it as an excuse to buy more wine than I already do.

78. Actually participate in a 420 celebration on Mount-Royal. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

79. Attend a free, live jazz music concert at Upstairs Jazz Club.

80. Spend an entire day at the Botanical Gardens, and enjoy a glorious picnic under the beautiful foliage.

81. Go for a super peaceful, super serene midnight hike up Mont-Royal.

82. Merge my only passion in life (wine) with a healthy activity, and check out a wine yoga class.

83. Go topless on Mont Royal for the Montreal's topless day. (#Yolo).

84. Climb up the brand new rock wall in the Old Port.

85. Check out a vintage shop in the Plateau, and come out with a totally new wardrobe.

86. Eat a different dish for every single day of Montreal's Mac & Cheese festival.

87. And then do the exact same thing with the $1 Croissant festival.

88. Walk up to St. Joseph's Oratory, and admire the beauty of the garden hidden there.

90. Ride the Le Monstre at La Ronde (the only roller coaster I have yet to tackle).

91. Stroll through Montreal's Gay Village in the summer, and take the time to really admire the beautiful Aires Libres art installation.

92. Surf through the St-Lawrence, just like this guy.

93. Eat a freshly rolled stick of maple syrup, except right here in the city.

94. Observe animals in the wild, and finally get to see a live fox, at the Ecomuseum in the West Island

95. Take a tour of all the alleyways in Montreal's Mile End/Plateau.

96. Zipline through the Old Port, but only in the wintertime.

97. Eat a full-course meal at Toque!

98. Go on a haunted tour of Montreal and see for myself if the myth of Mary Gallagher is real.

99. Take a canoe ride across Beaver Lake.

100. And then get lost as fuck in the forest surrounding Mount-Royal.

Wait, never mind, I've done this one like three times already.

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