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100 Year Model For Montreal's Saint-Catherine Street Should Look Like Place Des Arts

An idea from Projet Montréal's Richard Bergeron
100 Year Model For Montreal's Saint-Catherine Street Should Look Like Place Des Arts

Photo cred - The Montreal Buzz

One of the hottest topics being discussed in Montreal right now is the future of St. Catherine street. Deciding whether the street should be fully pedestrianized, or equipped with heated sidewalks, or cater more to the needs of drivers have all been disputed, with no clear forerunner. Richard Bergeron, head of Projet Montréal has a solution: make St. Cats like Place des Arts.

François Cardinal of La Presse was intrigued by Bergeron's idea, proposed last Thursday, and decided to follow up with the official opposition leader to fully explain his idea.

Specifically, Bergeron is looking towards the stretch of St. Catherine that lies within Quartier des spectacles, between Place des Arts and Complexe Desjardin. A semi-pedestrian walkway with cars still allowed on the road, Bergeron applauds the flexibility of the street, being able to meet specific roadway needs depending on the season.

During the summer months/festival season, Quartier des Spectacles becomes a full-on pedestrian zone, while cars are allowed to use the road during the less busy months of fall, winter, and spring. Bergeron believes the same can be done with the to-be-re-purposed section of St. Cats. He also notes the St. Cats could be closed off to cars for the Christmas season as well, from December to Januaru 10th.

The aesthetics of Quartier des Spectacles road/walkway were also applauded by Bergeron, as the materials used are a bit more upscale than standard pavement. The street also accommodates roadside furniture and terrasses, all of which could be implemented on St. Catherine.

Bergeron believes this model will make St. Catherine suitable "not for the next 25 years, but for the next 100 years," as St. Catherine will remain a flexible roadway able to meet changing needs. Given how functional, and visually pleasing, the stretch of St. Cats in QdesS is, we're inclined to agree.

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