Thousands Of Canadians Are Now Being Sued For Downloading Movies

All this time you assumed it was safe.
Thousands Of Canadians Are Now Being Sued For Downloading Movies

We've all done it before. Although we all know it's illegal, downloading movies just doesn't seem like a crazy offense, right? It's just a movie!

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Many of us try to avoid buying something we want to watch, turning instead to pirating websites that may offer a flick worse in quality but can still save you some cash.

You've probably seen the warnings before of it being a crime, but who actually gets caught for these types of things?

Well, it turns out over the past year and a half at least 1,000 Canadians have been sued for copyright infringement due to downloading movies.

Even more surprising, some of the movie rights holders have actually won their cases!

It's not a cheap fine either, damages for downloading a movie illegally can have you dishing out money a hundred times higher than it would've costed you to just rent the movie on iTunes.

Canada's federal court has ordered at least a dozen people to pay up to $5,000 in damages to movie rights holders such as Headhunter LLC and LHF Productions LLC.

It's hard to believe the country is finally putting their foot down on those who illegally watch a of couple flicks, considering millions of people traffic the pirating websites available on a daily basis. 

It just goes to show that those piracy warning are more than mere bluster. The next time you considering viewing a pirated film, you better think of the consequences.

You never know who might be monitoring your activity.

Seriously, your best bet is to invest in a Netflix account. The last thing anyone expects is to receive a massive lawsuit for streaming a movie like Shrek, so you're really better safe than sorry.


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