101 Montreal Bars To Drink At Before You Die

The ultimate drinking checklist.
101 Montreal Bars To Drink At Before You Die

Hey you. Ya, you. Ever looking for a night out on the town with your friends and just can't figure out where to go? Racking your brain as to what kind of bar will suit your needs and where to find it? No surprise there, Montreal is overwhelmed for options. If only there was some kind of unbiased list that put most (definitely not all) of Montreal's bars into one place for quick and easy reference. Oh wait, there is. And as always, in no particular order.

MTL Blog presents: 101 Bars To Drink At In Montreal Before You Die

1. La Distillerie

Type: Lively bar with mason jar cocktails

Address:Various locations

2. Furco

Type: Upscale bar

Address:425 Rue Mayor

3. Champagnerie

Type: Champagne lounge

Address:343 Rue Saint Paul Est

4. Ping Pong Club

Type: Social Club and Beer Garden

Address:5788 Boul St-Laurent

5. Chez Baptiste

Type: Neighbourhood bar

Address:1045 Avenue du Mont Royal Est

6. TRH Bar

Type: Skate bar

Address:3699 Boulevard St. Laurent

7. Le Cheval Blanc

Type: Brewpub

Address:809 Rue Ontario Est

8.Le Mal Nécessaire

Type: Cocktail bar, served in pineapples

Address:1106B St. Laurent

9. Philémon 

Type: Trendy bar

Address:111 Rue Saint Paul Ouest

10. Flyjin

Type: Trendy izakaya

Address:417 Rue St Pierre

11. Midway

Type: Modern tavern

Address:1219 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

12. Bistro à Jojo

Type: Blues bar

Address:1627 Rue Saint-Denis

13. NextDoor Pub

Type: English pub

Address:5175 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest

14. Mad Hatter

Type: Dive bar

Address:1208 Crescent

15. Chez Serge

Type: Sports bar with mechanical bull

Address:5301 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

16. Big In Japan - Bar

Type: Speakeasy

Address:4175 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

17. Pullman

Type: Upscale winebar

Address:3424 Avenue du Parc

18. Apt. 200

Type: Trendy concept bar

Address:3643 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

19. Burgundy Lion

Type: British pub

Address: 2496 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest

20. Santos

Type: Lounge, tapas

Address:191 Rue Saint Paul Ouest

Photo cred – Sylvain Granier at Apt. 200

21. L'Gros Luxe

Type: Trendy bar

Address: 807 Rue Saint-André

22. Le Lab

Type: Cocktail bar

Address:1351 Rachel Est

23. Sparrow

Type: Gastropub

Address:5322 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

24. Dominion Square Tavern

Type: Gastropub

Address:1243 Rue Metcalfe

25. Baldwin Barmacie

Type: Cocktail lounge

Address:115 Avenue Laurier Ouest

26. Bifteck

Type: Dive Bar

Address:3702 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

27. Le Saint-Sulpice

Type: Bar complex with beer garden

Address:1680 Rue Saint-Denis

28. Le Saint Bock

Type: Brewpub

Address:1749 Rue Saint-Denis

29. Yer'Mad

Type: Dive bar

Address:901 Boulevard de Maisonneuve Est

30. SuWu

Type: Trendy hip-hop bar

Address:3581 St Laurent Montreal, QC H2X2T6

31. Grumpy's

Type: Watering hole

Address: 1242 Rue Bishop

32. Irish Embassy

Type: Irish pub

Address:1234 Rue Bishop

33. Brutopia

Type: Brewpub

Address:1219 Rue Crescent

34. Benelux

Type: Modern brewpub

Address:245 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest

35. Mme Lee

Type: Lounge

Address:51 Rue Ontario Est

36. Majestique

Type: Oyster resto-bar

Address: 4105 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

37. Les Foufounes Électriques

Type: Rock bar/venue

Address:87 Rue Sainte-Catherine Est

38. Bílý Kůń

Type: Trendy bar

Address: 354 Avenue du Mont-Royal Est

39. Barraca

Type: Rum bar

Address:1134 Avenue du Mont Royal Est

40. Quai des Brumes

Type: Live music bar

Address:4481 Rue Saint-Denis

41. Plan B

Type: Cocktail lounge

Address:327 Avenue du Mont Royal Est

42. Dieu du Ciel!

Type: Brewpub

Address:29 Avenue Laurier Ouest

43. Upstairs

Type: Jazz club

Address:1254 Rue Mackay

44. Hurley's

Type: Irish pub

Address:1225 Rue Crescent

45. Le Sainte-Élizabeth

Type: Pub with beer garden

Address:1412 Rue Sainte Élisabeth

46. Jockey

Type: Flairbartending cocktail bar

Address:1309 Rue Saint Zotique Est

47. Nyks

Type: Pub

Address:1250 De Bleury

48. Joverse

Type: Trendy bar/lounge

Address:52 Rue Saint-Jacques

49. Champs

Type: Sports bar

Address:3956 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

50. Divan Orange

Type: Hipster bar/venue

Address:4234 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

51. Ye Old Orchard

Type: British pub

Address:Various locations

52. Bishop & Bagg

Type: British pub

Address:52 Rue Saint Viateur Ouest

53. L'Barouf

Type: Bar

Address:4171 Rue Saint-Denis

54. L'Abreuvoir

Type: Bar

Address:403 Rue Ontario Est

55. Notre Dame des Quilles

Type: Dive bar with vintage bowling

Address:32 Rue Beaubien Est

56. Terrasse Nelligan

Type: Rooftop Hotel bar

Address:106 rue St-Paul Ouest

57. Sir Joseph

Type: British pub

Address:4902 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

58. Casa Del Popolo

Type: Indie bar/venue

Address:4873 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

59. Typhoon Lounge

Type: Cocktail lounge

Address: 5752 Avenue de Monkland

60. Blue Dog Motel

Type: Bar and babershop

Address:3958 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

61. Randolph

Type: Board game bar

Address:2041 Rue Saint-Denis

62. Foonzo

Type: Cocktail bar with video/board games

Address:1245 Rue Drummond

63. Barfly

Type: Dive bar

Address:4062 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

64. La Drinkerie

Type: Vintage pub

Address:2661 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest

65. Blizzarts

Type: Hip Hop Lounge

Address: 3956 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

66. Helm

Type: Upscale brewpub

Address:273 Bernard Street Ouest

67. Huis Clos

Type: Cocktail bar

Address: 7659 Rue Saint-Denis

68. McKibbin's

Type: Irish pub

Address:Various locations

69. Candi Bar

Type: Vegan

Address:1148 Avenue du Mont Royal Est

70. Monsieur Smith

Type: Trendy Tavern

Address:4061 Rue Ontario Est

Photo cred - HELM

71. Clébard

Type: Upscale bar

Address:4557 Rue Saint-Denis

72. Moose Bawr

Type:Canadian pub

Address:1817 Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest

73. Honey Martin

Type: Irish pub

Address:5916 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest

74. Snack 'n Blues

Type: Blues dive bar with free snacks

Address:5260 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

75. McLean's

Type: English pub

Address:1210 Rue Peel

76. Nacho Libre

Type: Mexican themed dive bar with retro video games

Address:913 Rue Beaubien Est

77. B1 Bar

Type: Cocktail lounge

Address:2021 Rue Saint-Denis

78. Rachel Rachel

Type: Upscale brasserie

Address:500 Rue Rachel Est

79. Piranha Bar

Type: Dive bar

Address:680 Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest

80. Buvette Chez Simone

Type: Trendy wine bar

Address:4869 Avenue du Parc

81. Brutus

Type: Bacon-themed bar

Address:1290 Rue Beaubien Est

82. Salon Officiel

Type: Dance bar

Address:351 Rue Roy Est

83. Bar Inc.

Type: Lively watering hole

Address:250 Av Du Mont-Royal Est

84. House of Jazz

Type: Upscale jazz club

Address:2060 Rue Aylmer

85. Café Cleopatra

Type: Landmark strip club

Address:1230 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

86. Reservoir

Type: Brewpub

Address:9 Avenue Duluth Est

87. Les Soeurs Grises

Type: Upscale brewpub

Address:32 Rue McGill

88. L’Amére a Boire

Type: Brewpub

Address:2049 Rue Saint-Denis

89. Broue Pub Brouhaha

Type: Brewpub

Address:5860 Avenue de Lorimier

90. Waverly

Type: Trendy bar

Address:5550 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

91. Terrasses Bonsecours

Type: Trendy beer garden

Address:364 Rue de la Commune Ouest

92. Le Tréfle

Type: Irish pub with extensive beer selection

Address:3971 Rue Ontario Est

93. Datcha

Type: Russian-themed lounge

Address: 98 Avenue Laurier Ouest

94. Miss Villeray

Type: Vintage tavern

Address: 220 Rue Villeray

95. Newtown

Type: Upscale resto-bar

Address:1476 Rue Crescent

96. Méchant Boeuf

Type: Brasserie

Address: 124 Rue Saint Paul Ouest

97. Imadake

Type: Lively izakaya

Address: 4006 Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest

98. L’Assommoir

Type: Trendy cocktail bar

Address: 211 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest

99. Taverne Normandie

Type: Tavern

Address: 1295 Rue Amherst

100. Else's

Type: Neighbourhood watering hole

Address: 156 Rue Roy East

101. Le Pionnier

Type: Bar in Montreal's west island that has been a staple to many a person

Address:286 lakeshore rd

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