101 Poutines To Eat In Montreal Before You Die

The true Montrealer bucket list.
101 Poutines To Eat In Montreal Before You Die

Ah, poutine. It's the epitome of Quebec cuisine, and quite arguably should be made the official food of Canada. In Montreal alone there are literally hundreds of different poutines to choose from. Some good, some bad, and some that are just so incredibly delicious that you can't help but devour them instantaneously.

What we have here for you is a list of 101 of those poutines that you absolutely must try before you die. Feel free to turn this into a check list of sorts, but if/when your arteries start to get a little too full from the cheesy goodness, just remember that it's the poutine's way of telling you that it loves you too. Now get out there and start eating.

1. Poutineville: The Montrealer Poutine

1365 Ontario E

smoked meat, mushrooms, swiss cheese, poutine sauce, au gratin and a batter fried pickle

2. Lucky’s Truck: Le Fameuse

8855 Parc

duck confit, cramelized onions with balsamic vinegar, fois gras and red wine sauce, and fresh Bowin cheese

3. Chez Claudette: Fermière Poutine

351 Laurier E

sausage, bacon, onion, and mushroom

4. Comptoir 21: Poutine

21 Saint Viateur

cheese curds and vegetarian poutine sauce

5. Frite Alors: Pulled Pork Poutine

5235 Parc + 1562 Laurier E +3497 Saint Laurent + more

gravy, cheese curds, and pulled pork

6. L’Gros Luxe: Fish N’ Chips Poutine

3807 Saint André

beer battered cod, fries, cheese curds, and gravy

7. Dame Tartine: Poutine Dame Tartine

1653 Ontario E

seasoned potatoes, meat or grilled vegetables, Hollandaise sauce, mozzarella cheese, and poached egg

8. Montreal Pool Room: Poutine

1200 Saint Laurent

cheese curds and gravy

9. Lola Rosa Parc: Petite Poutine Lola

4581 Parc

mix of sweet potato and Yukon gold potato fries, homemade gravy, and cheese curds

10. Frite Alors: La Vladimir

5235 Parc + 1562 Laurier E +3497 Saint Laurent + more

original poutine sauce and cheese curds

Photo Cred - Fernanda Mendes

11. Dirty Dogs

25 Avenue du Mont-Royal Est

bacon, cheese, and gravy

12. Au Pied de Cochon: Poutine au Fois Gras

536 Duluth E

gravy, cheese, and fois gras

13. Das Food Truck: Schnitzel Poutine

check website for locations

chicken schnitzel, gravy and cheese curds

14. Blackstrap BBQ: Burnt Ends Poutine

4436 Wellington

BBQ Beef brisket, gravy, cheese curds

15. La Banquise: Classique

994 Rachel E

Gravy and cheese curds

16. La Banquise: T-Rex Poutine

994 Rachel E

ground beef, pepperoni, bacon and hot-dog sausage

17. Universel: Breakfast Poutine

2055 Peel

home potatoes, cheese curds, Hollandaise sauce, bacon, sausage, and topped with an egg

18. Fabergé: Breakfast Poutine

25 Fairmont E

home fries, caramelized peppers and onions, QC cheese curds covered in hollandaise sauce, topped with an egg

19. Poutineville: The Godfather

1365 Ontario E

Italian sausage, roasted red peppers, marinated eggplant, cheese curds, mozzarella and meat sauce, au gratin

20. Altos: Hot Dog Poutine

3462 Parc

gravy, cheese curds, and hot dog

21. Dic Ann’s: Poutine

6224 Saint Jacques

gravy and cheese curds

22. Restaurant Cho: All Dressed Poutine

4450 Notre Dame O

hand cut fries, fresh kimchi, braised beef, chopped green onions, spicy aioli and shredded cheese

23. Dunn’s Famous: Poutine

1249 Metcalfe

Quebecoise poutine with smoked meat

24. M:Brgr: Classique

2025 Drummond

gravy, cheese curds and pulled pork

25. Reuben’s Deli & Steaks: Chop Chop poutine

1116 Saint Catherine O

french fries, cheese curds, “chop-chop” smoked meat brisket and homemade gravy

26. Copper Branch: Vegan Poutine

1245 Bishop

oven baked fries, portobello mushroom, organic miso sauce, organic carrot juice, daiya mozzarella

27. Orange Julep: Regular Poutine

7700 Décarie

cheese curds and gravy

28. La Roulotte À Patates: Poutine

10 Paiement

cheese curds and gravy

29. Montreal Poutine: Onion and Mushroom Poutine

161 Saint Paul E

onion rings, fried mushroom, cheese curds and gravy

30. Brutus Bar: Comapoutine

1290 Beaubien E

bacon sausage, hashballs, cheddar, south-west sauce, and two poached eggs

31. Patati Patata: Poutine

4177 Saint Laurent

cheese curds and gravy

32. Poutine Lafleur: Poutine Au Poulet

3665 Wellington

house chicken, french fries, gravy, and cheese curds

33. Planete Poutine: Duck Confit

5020 Cotes-des-Neiges

duck, original sauce and cheese

34. Chez Claudette: Chili Poutine

351 Laurier E

steak hache, red peppers, and spicy sauce

35. Paulo et Suzanne: La Philly Bomb

5501 Gouin

Philly steak, italian sausage, red peppers, green peppers, oignons, pepper sauce

36. Decarie Hot Dog: Regular Poutine

953 Décaire

gravy and cheese curds

37. Restaurant Chez La Mere: Bacon Poutine

4028 Masson

Cheese curds, bacon and gravy

38. Jarry Smoked Meat: Poutine “Jarry” Viande Fumée

6549 Jarry E

smoked meat, gravy and cheese curds

39. A.A: Classic Poutine

3700 Notre Dame O

gravy and cheese curds

40. La Banquise: La Reggae

994 Rachel E

ground beef, gucamole, diced tomatoes, hot peppers

41. Paul Patates: Poutine

760 Charlevoix

gravy and cheese curds

42. Lallouz: Mediterranean Poutine

1327 Saint Catherine E

hand mixed in Zaatar, gravy, and homemade merguez sausage

43. Lafayette Hot Dog: Smoked Meat Poutine

1870 Saint Catherine E

smoked meat, gravy and cheese curds

44. La Belle Province: Regular Poutine

3608 Saint Laurent

cheese curds and gravy

45. Le Boucan: Pulled Pork Poutine

1886 Notre Dame O

pulled pork, gravy and cheese curds

46. Wings N Things: Curly Fry Poutine

5663 Royalmount

curly fries, cheese curds, and gravy

47. Deville Dinerbar: Disco Poutine

1425 Stanley

Matchstick fries, veal demi-glaze sauce, and melted cheese blend

48. Burgundy Lion: English Poutine with Roast Beef

2496 Notre Dame O

roast beef, gravy and cheese curds

49. Burger De Ville: Old-Fashioned Poutine

5282 Saint Laurent

curd cheese-demi glace

50. Schwartz's: Smoked Meat Poutine

3895 Saint Laurent

fries, cheese curds, famous smoked meat, and gravy

51. Greasy Spoon: Smoked Meat Poutine

160 Laurier O

smoked meat, gravy and cheese curds

52. Pub Quartier Latin: Boeuf AAA

318 Ontario E

sauce demi glace vin rouge, parmesan, and truffles

53. Pizza Pinoli: Bacon Poutine

5524 Monklad

Bacon, gravy and cheese curds

54. Bofinger: Texas Poutine

5667 Sherbrooke O

Beef brisket and texas sauce

55. Casse Croute Normand: BBQ Chicken Poutine

5826 Verdun

BBQ chicken, gravy and cheese curds

56. Pizza Pendeli: Poutine

1541 Van Horne

cheese curds and gravy

57. Ye Olde Orchard: Curry Poutine

20 Prince Arthur O +1189 Montagne

french fries, curry sauce, and cheese

58. Restaurant Pierrette Patates: Ground Beef BBQ Poutine

3900 Verdun

BBQ ground beef, onions, gravy and cheese curds

59. Parkway Resto Pub: Poutine

8247 Métropolitain E

cheese curds and gravy

60. Poutine Central: Butter Chicken Poutine

3971 Hochelaga

butter chicken, indian spices, and onion

Photo Cred - Fave Tastes

61. Bingo Hochelaga: Poutine

5500 Hochelaga

cheese curds and gravy

62. 2M Pizza: Poutine

419 Bourke

cheese curds and gravy

63. La Betise: Filet Mignon Poutine

6015 Saint Hubert

cheese curds, filet mignon, mushrooms, onions, with a demo-glaze sauce

64. Tequila Bar: Mexican Poutine

972 Décarie

cheese curds, chipotle gravy, beef, chicken, chorizo or veggies and cilantro

65. Pitarifique: Veggie Poutine

4160 Saint Laurent

green peppers, olives, onions, gravy and cheese curds

66. Romados: Chicken Poutine

115 Rachel E

Chicken, gravy and cheese curds

67. Côte St Luc BBQ: Poutine

5403 Côte-St-Luc

cheese curds and gravy

68. SUWU: Poutine

3581 Saint Laurent

cheese curds and gravy

69. La Betise: General Tao Poutine

6015 Saint Hubert

fries, cheese curds, breaded chicken and general Tao sauce

70. Le Garde-Manger: Lobster Poutine

408 François Xavier

chunks of lobster, gravy and cheese

71. Piri Piri: Poutine Piri Piri

415 Mont Royal E

sauce, cheese curds and chorizo

72. La Ligne Rouge: Poutine

414 Jean Talon E

cheese curds and gravy

73. Broue Pub Brouhaha: The Poutiflette

5860 Lorimier

lardons, caramelized onions, leek, cream based gravy and rich quebec cheese

74. Le Sieur d’Iberville: Poutine Rotisserie Lyonnaise

2490 Mont Royal E

baby potatoes, chicken leg, onions, smoked cheddar, and cheese curds

75. Mange-Moi: Poutine Boeuf Gourmand

35 Mont Royal E

cheese curds, gravy, and shaved beef

76. Mâche: Hommage à Quebec

1655 Saint Denis

hot dog sausages, Mâche spicy sauce, and extra cheese at the bottom

77. Masson Hot Dog: Classic Poutine

2666 Masson

cheese curds and gravy

78. Le Fameux Viande Fumee Et Charcuterie: Smoked Meat Poutine

4500 Saint Denis

smoked meat, gravy and cheese curds

79. Ma’amm Bolduc: Pepper Sauce Poutine

4351 Lorimier

fries, cheese curds and pepper sauce

80. Costco: Poutine

300 Bridge

battered fries, gravy, and cheese curds

81. Steerburger Tous Les Jours: Poutine

1689 Mont Royal E

cheese curds and gravy

82. McLean’s Pub: Poutine

1210 Peel

gravy and cheese curds

83. Restaurant Mont Royal Hot Dog: Poutine

1001 Mont Royal E

cheese curds and gravy

84. Patate Rouge: Italian Poutine

755 Crémazie E

grilled italian sausage, cheese curds, and gravy

85. Greenspot: Reine Gadboi

3041 Notre Dame O

onion rings, chopped up pogo sticks, cheese curds, gravy

86. McKibbins: McKibbins Original Poutine

1426 Bishop + 3515 Saint Laurent

hand made chips, curry sauce, mozzarella, cheddar cheese, fire grilled chicken

87. Mechant Boeuf: Poutine Charlevoix

124 Saint Paul O

gravy, cheese curds, and braised pork

88. Le Ballpark: Meatball Poutine

6660 Clark

cheese curds, gravy, and tiny meatballs

89. Cafe Beaufort: Boulettes Poutine

414 Saint-Zotique E

meatballs, cheddar cheese, and veal base gravy

90. Burger Bar Crescent: Hangover Poutine

1465 Crescent

balsamic glazed sauteed wild mushrooms, fried egg, truffle oil, bacon bits, gravy, and cheese curds

91. Dilallo Burger: Poutine

2523 Notre Dame O

cheese curds and gravy

92. Frite Alors: L'eau à la Bush

5235 Parc + 1562 Laurier E +3497 Saint Laurent + more

steak, onions, and mushrooms

93. Pizzeria Angela: Italian Poutine

1662 Maisonneuve O

meat sauce, and baked with mozzarella cheese

94. La Belle & La Boeuf: Poutine Gabriel

1620 Saint Catherine O

bacon, red peppers, mushrooms and sauteed onions

95. Cinko: Sweet Potato Poutine and Beef

1641 Saint Denis

sweet potato fries, braised beef, and cheese curds

96. Chef Guru: Curry Poutine

4120 Saint Laurent

french fries, curry sauce, cheese

97.  Taverne Gaspar: Braised Beef Poutine

89 Commune E

cheese curds, cipollini gravy, and braised beef

98. Chez Claudette: Américaine Poutine

351 Laurier E

New York steak, peppers, and mushroom

99. Chez Claudette: Pizza Poutine

351 Laurier E

pepperoni, peppers, onions, and mushrooms

100. La Banquise: La Savoyarde

994 Rachel E

bacon, onions, swiss cheese and sour cream

101. Poutineville: The Zeus

1365 Ontario E

gyro, red onions, tomatoes, fets cheese, curd cheese and wine sauce

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