101 Things To Do In Montreal Before You Die

A checklist you will want to complete.
101 Things To Do In Montreal Before You Die

As we show you on a daily basis, Montreal is an incredible city. You could spend an entire lifetime here and never run out of awesome things to do. However, since you don't quite have an infinite amount of time to roam the city, we wanted to show you what should be at the top of your Montreal bucket list.

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1. Take a walk up & down Ste-Catherine street!

2. Join the debate on which Montreal smoked meat sandwich is the best.

3. Try to pick one of these AMAZING poutines to mow down on.

4. Attend a Canadiens hockey match at Le Centre Bell.

5. Get a four litre pitcher of beer from Cock and Bull.

6. Walk along the cobblestone allies in the Old Port.

7.  Spend a night drinking sangria and listening to jazz at The Upstairs.

8. Spend the day at La Ronde and try every ride at least once.

9.  Go to Ile Saint Helene and attend Piknic Electronik.

10. Rent a BIXI and explore the city.

11. Explore Montreal's Underground City.

12. Buy a small bottle of real Canadian maple syrup.

13. Spend $20 in one of Montreal's many friperies (aka"thrift stores")

14. Visit the Musee des Beaux Arts!

15. Visit the Biodome!

16. Visit the Cosmodome!

17. Visit the Botanical Gardens during the Gardens of Light Lantern Festival.

18. Attend the Just for Laughs Festival.

19. Attend the Montreal Jazz Festival

20. Take a ride along the St. Lawrence River in a Bateau Mouche.

21. Go to the Old Port to attend Cirques du Soleil.

22. Go to Cinema du Parc and mow down on some popcorn while watching a good flick.

23. Find the perfect tanning spot to catch some summer rays.

24. Watch a Shakespeare in the Park production.

25. Attend Montreal's International Fireworks Competition and prepare to have your mind blown.

26. Party at one of Montreal's after hours clubs until the wee hours of the morning.

27. Go to the McGill Music Library and listen to ALL the records.

28.Visit Rocket Richard's grave on Mont Royal.

29. Visit Cafe Cleopatra and really get the Montreal strip club experience.

30. Blow all your money at one of Montreal's many casinos.

31. Go to FROSH week and prepare to be hungover for days.

32. Experience the pampered life in Montreal at the incredible spa Bota Bota.

33. Get a tattoo from one of Montreal's many talented artists!

34. Go out to celebrate with your friends at one of Montreal's Shisha Bars.

35. Take a swim in Royal Vics' secret pool.

36. Drink the night away at Buonanotte on Saint-Laurent Street.

37. Take a bike to ride along Lachine Canal.

38. Take a date to visit the Mont Royal observatory deck.

39. Spend a Sunday getting high at TamTams!

40. Go clubbing on Crescent Street!

41. Go clubbing on Saint-Laurent Street!

42. Sing your heart out at Les Trois Minots.

43. Eat a poutine at La Belle Province while super drunk.

44. Try to survive a Montreal cab ride.

45.  Attend Montreal's Grand Prix weekend.

46. Visit the Olympic Stadium and get some food truck grub.

47. Get a drink at the famous Orange Julep.

48. Catch a play at Centaur Theater.

49. See the "Boule de Roses' on Saint Catherine's Street.

50. Grab a fresh bagel in the morning off the conveyor belt at St. Viateur Bagels.

51. Spend a Saturday and grab some fresh fruit, vegetables at Atwater Market,

52. Go to Cabaret Mado to see the best drag show in town.

53. Dress up for Halloween and scare the crap out of yourself at Peur Depot.

54. Schedule a trip to a play at Place des Arts for a cultural evening.

55. Go to Club Soda for a small intimate concert.

56. Stand outside Musique for an hour, purely to get your dance on.

57. Eat an authentic meal in the heart of Montreal's Chinatown.

58. Get a flaming drink at La Distillerie.

59. Take a horse drawn carriage buggy ride down the historical streets of the Old Port.

60. Throw a penny behind you at the Oratory's secret fountain.

61. Swim at the Clock Tower Beach

62. Climb stairs to the top of the ClockTower

63.  Spend a Sunday shopping around Jean Talon Market.

64. Kiss your significant other during summer on the rooftop of Tokyo Bar.

65. Eat a Queue de Castor.

66. Get a massage at Studio Bliss.

67. Actually give someone a cigarette when they ask for it.

68. Bask in the beauty of McGill campus.

69. Attend a convention of any kind at Palais des Congres.

70. Try out once for "Le Voix"!

71. Eat a lobster burger at Deville Dinerbar.

72. Skate indoors at Place Bonaventure.

73. Skate outdoors at Bonsecours basin skating rink.

74. J-walk across Sherbrooke street, and fear for your life.

75. Frolic in the pool showers at Parc Laurier.

76. Pretend it's your birthday at the Three Amigos and get a (1) free Sombrero and a margarita.

77. Play a game of laser tag at Ste-Catherine's Lazer Quest.

78. Dress up in drag and watch Rocky Horror Picture Show at The Imperial on Halloween.

79. Spend 20$ in quarters at Amusement 2000 Plus.

80. Go celebrity spotting!

81.  Go to Kitsune and chill on the long shareable tables with some friends or a book.

82. Test your luck on a horse at Montreal's Blue Bonnets.

83. Take a selfie in front of Montreal's many graffiti walls.

84. Explain to a friend what exactly a "dépanneur" is.

85. Join and march in a Montreal MANY street protests.

86. Hand out food on Christmas for the homeless at Dans la Rue.

87. Spend a couple of hours and try to find your way out of the Labyrinth.

88. Wake up Sunday morning and have a power breakfast at Chez Cora.

89. Experience all things brunch at L'Avenue.

90. Play Bingo & go Go-Carting at Action 500.

91. Have a strong Canadian beer at Dieu du Ciel.

92. Go terrase hopping on Saint Denis street.

93. Save up your money so you can stay at the Ritz Carlton.

94. Browse vintage shops on Saint-Laurent.

95. Go ice fishing during winter on top of the St.Lawrence River.

96. Take a moment to enjoy the hidden waterfall inside Bonsecours Market.

97. Go for a water ride in Lachine Rapids.

98. Check out Habitat 67 and the glorious box method apartments in the sky.

99. Take a moment to enjoy all that is at the Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal.

100. People watch on Saint Catherine street.

101. Lastly, drive or walk up to Mount Royal to watch the sunrise to experience the city at its finest.

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