11 Adorable Montreal Ice Cream Spots You Need To Go Check Out With Your Friends

Friends, summer might be coming to a close pretty soon, but that doesn't mean you've got to stop enjoying ice cream. In fact, it pretty much just means you need to be stepping up your ice cream game, and discovering all the sweet treats you possibly can... while you still can.

And if you're confused as to which ice cream places to visit? Well, no worries. Montreal has a bunch of awesome places to nosh on this tasty treat, but a handful of them stand out as places you need to check out, ASAP.

1. For ice cream sandwiches, check out Dalla Rose

Enfin! (Ben, hier.) Framboises du Québec + biscuits aux chipits. Deeeelish.

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4609 Rue Notre-Dame O

One of the newer ice cream spots in Montreal, Dalla Rose's ice cream creations really cannot be described with words. They're honestly that good, friends.

Their ice cream sandwiches in particular are on a whole other level of awesome. Featuring two homemade, perfectly sweet cookies, and a scoop of your favourite fresh, sweet, cold treat in the middle, this is definitely one delight you absolutely need to try, ASAP.


2. For ice cream with the most unique flavours, check out Ca Lem

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6926 Rue Sherbrooke O

Watermelon? Taro and passionfruit? Coconut ash? Yes, friends, these are but a sample of the tasty ice cream flavours available at this cute NDG ice cream spot.

The sweet, cold treats here are not only original, but also happen to be incredibly tasty, featuring high-quality ingredients that come together for a flavour euphoria you won't soon forget. Get yourselves here, and bring all your friends, for maximum good vibes.


3. For an ice cream-mousse hybrid, check out Spoum

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6631 Rue Jeanne-Mance

Guys, have you ever craved something like ice cream, but a little different? A little lighter? Maybe with some more unique flavours?

Well, prepare to have your craving seriously satisfied. Spoum, in Montreal's Mile-Ex, combines mousse and ice cream for one indescribably amazing texture, and added in with their super unique flavours, you've got the recipe for a treat that'll treat you very, very well.


4. For ice cream that’s a Montreal classic, check out Kem CoBa

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60 Avenue Fairmount O

At this stage in the game, it's safe to say that pretty much everyone knows about Kem CoBa. It's an ice cream institution, and one taste of their frozen treats will tell you exactly why.

Everything here is on point. From their weekly flavoured soft-serve (lychee-raspberry and rosewater and blueberry and honey being two recent examples) to their homemade, yummy hard ice cream (shoutout to their salted butter), everything here is a trip for your tastebuds.


5. For seriously tasty homemade ice cream, check out Virevent

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1517 Rue Fleury E

This spot is located in Ahuntsic, and if you're not near this tip of the island, trust me when I tell you that you totally need to get here, just for a bite of the ice cream at Virevent.

The homemade soft serve is super thick and tasty, dipped into a variety of yummy chocolates (with flavours like maple and cappuccino) - but for how good that is, their homemade hard ice creams are totally out of this world. Shoutout to the pistachio and salted caramel flavours. They'll actually change your whole life.


6. For cold and creamy frozen custard, check out Meu Meu

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4458 Rue Saint-Denis

This artisanal St. Denis ice cream shop is both mind-blowing and low-key. Although it might be a little easy to stumble right by it if you don't know what you're looking for, trust me when I say you've got to keep your eyes peeled for this spot.

The ice cream wonders here are out of this world. They specialize in sorbets and frozen custard, a creamier, sweeter take on traditional ice cream. The flavours are all amazing, but my personal fave? Their cheesecake, for double the dessert delights.


7. For donut ice cream sandwiches, check out Leche Desserts

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640 Rue de Courcelle

Leche Desserts has been synonymous with "awesome artisanal donuts" in Montreal for a long while now.

Naturally, it only makes sense that when you combine one of their soft, fried puffs of happiness with some cool and sweet ice cream, you get a beautiful thing.


8. For sweet, creamy shaved ice cream, check out Creme Des Neiges

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79 Rue Sainte-Catherine E

The ice cream at Creme Des Neiges is a little different from what you might be used to, but honestly, that just makes it that much better. Creme Des Neiges serves up shaved ice cream, which is basically hardened ice cream that's shaved into sweet and soft ribbons.

The ribbons are placed into your cup and topped with your choice of toppings, like fruits and other awesome things, making for an ice cream experience you won't soon forget. Bonus points for offering up colour-changning spoons, a delight for your eyes as well as your mouth.


9. For a hidden, tasty ice cream treat, check out Twist & Creme

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11897 Bd Gouin O

We told you about this secret West Island spot before, but honestly, it deserves all the shout outs.

Offering up tasty classics, including sundaes, banana splits, and the oh-so satisfying ice cream/sprinkle combo, there's really no way you and your friends can go wrong grabbing a refreshing and sweet treat from this adorable spot.


10. For ice cream with a view, check out Le Quai Des Glaces

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2138 Boulevard Saint Joseph

Real talk, Les Quai Des Glaces has some seriously, seriously tasty ice cream. Pastry cones, bubble tea/slush hybrids, pistachio dipped ice cream... The delicious options are endless, and all of them seem to be better than the last. It's like some kind of taste paradise, TBH.

One of the best things about this Lachine bakery, though? The gorgeous views. Situated right near the water, Les Quai Des Glaces offers unparalleled good vibes, good views, good ice cream, and good times. Friends, enjoy.


11. For an ice cream with that classic dip, check out La Diperie

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68 Ave des Pins E

Honestly, what kind of a Montreal ice cream listicle is complete without mentioning La Diperie? This spot is pretty much famous in the city, and if you've ever been there, you don't need an explanation as to why their classic turquoise wall pops up all over everyone's newsfeed.

It's because, straight-up, the ice cream here is fantastic. Not only is the cold, creamy treat delicious, but it's then dunked in whichever tasty chocolate dip you want (including flavours like lavender and lime), and then sprinkled with a variety of tasty toppings (like frozen banana). Ice cream heaven, and a treat for everyone? You know it.


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