11 Adorable Quebec "Covered Bridges" You Should Go See Before They're Gone

The fact that they still exist today is incredible.
11 Adorable Quebec "Covered Bridges" You Should Go See Before They're Gone

Covered bridges are simply adorable.

They may be old, impractical, made of wood, and they look like they could collapse at any moment. And yet then scenery just wouldn't be the same without them.

The whole purpose of covering the bridge was to protect the structure of the bridge. (Plus in Canada it kept them clear of snow.) This is why so many covered bridges lasted so long. The non-covered bridges on the other hand, would typically last only 10 to 15 years.

But thanks to their roofs, these old bridges have stood tall for nearly a century.

Here are the cutest bridges in Quebec

Champagne Covered Bridge

Build In: 1941

Location: Val-d'Or

Pont de l'Arche de Noé

Build In: 1937

Location: Rochebaucourt

Pont de l'Île

Build In: 1946

Location: Clerval

Pont de l'Orignal

Build In: 1942

Location: Rochebaucourt

Bridge Falls Neigette

Build In: 1933

Location: Saint-Anaclet-de-Lessard

Pont Landry

Build In: 1938

Location: Latulipe-et-Gaboury

Pont Leclerc

Build In: 1927

Location: La Sarre

Pont Levasseur

Build In: 1928

Location: Authier-Nord

Pont Molesworth

Build In: 1930

Location: Macamic

Pont de l'Anse-Saint-Jean

Build In: 1931

Location: Amqui

Pont du College

Build In: 1919

Location: Saint-Onesime d'Ixworth

Pont Jean-Chassé

Build In: 1945

Location: Saint-René-de-Matane

Pont de Saint-Placide-de-Charlevoix

Build In: 1926

Location: Baie-Saint-Paul

Descormiers Bridge 

Build In: 1904

Location: Saint-Rémi-de-Tingwick

Pont-Etienne Poirier

Build In: 1905

Location: Saint-Célestin

Lambert Bridge

Build In: 1948

Location: Sainte-Sophie-d'Halifax

Pont Milby

Build In: 1873

Location: Waterville

Pont Drouin

Build In: 1886

Location: Compton

John Cook Bridge

Build In: 1868

Location: Cookshire-Eaton

Narrows Bridge

Build In: 1881

Location: Stanstead

Pont Taschereau

Build In: 1939

Location: James Bay

*Cover photo not in Quebec

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