11 All-Too-Real Struggles Every Introverted Girl Has Lived Through

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11 All-Too-Real Struggles Every Introverted Girl Has Lived Through

Although I secretly want to be an extrovert, I also love being an introvert. I love my own company, and I have only a few friends that I love so much that I would give my own life for them.

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I believe I've come to being at ease with being an introvert, mainly with the help of a few tips that I use to avoid situations that I don't feel comfortable in. But it also brings it loads of awkward and mildy stressing situations.

Being an introvert who looks like a straight up bitch

Meeting people for the first time is always stressing me out. I never dare to talk because I fear I will say something weird, which will make people think I'm not smart, and I also always look like I'm out of place. I also have a resting bitch face, so my face kind of sends the message that I hate everything. But in fact, I almost always like meeting these great people, it's simply that I'd rather be at home, drinking tea and petting my cats.

Being an introvert who has to drink 3 glasses of wine every time she meets new people (aka the best excuse to get drunk and lie to oneself about it)

So to solve the problem of looking unfriendly, I've found that the easiest solution is to drink large amounts of alcohol, transforming me into a party girl who talks to literally everybody, instead of the one who sits by herself and watches youtube videos of cats.

Being an introvert who speaks like she has a voice extinction

My voice is really soft when I'm around people I know well, so I'll let you imagine how people can't understand a single thing that I'm saying when I'm a large group of people. I always end up finding a friend who laughs at my bad jokes and keep that person around me.

Being an introvert who overthinks absolutely everything

I overthink every situation, every discussion, every handshake, every glare (or was it even a glare?) After meeting with acquaintances, I almost always end up getting insomnia, wondering if I should send them an apology for shaking their hand with a little too much enthusiasm.

Being an introvert who has to pretext being really sick to avoid situations

I cannot count all of the times I've invented a virus or bacteria to get out of going to a diner, reunion or meeting. Ever heard of the bantroliguilinea virus anyone ?

Being an introvert who hates spending money on events with humans

If it does not involve any books, feminism, vegan donuts or cats, don't even try to get me out of my bed. I have Netflix and hummus, so I'm sorry, but you can't top that.

Being an introvert who has to wear headphones to avoid situations

Because sometimes my RBF is not enough to scare strangers off, I also have to wear headphones when I'm in public spaces and want to be left alone. I would probably be ok if I did not have them, but I say "better be wearing my uncomfortable Iphone earbuds than being annoyed by creepy creeps".

Being an introvert who has a birthday


Being an introvert at Halloween parties

I don't do costumes and the simple reason is that when I was 13 I dressed up as Marylin Monroe, with a wig, high heels, a dress, make up, etc. and one student asked me if I was a girl or a boy. Even if that student was an a**hole for not minding his own business, I decided that I was not good at costumes and that I would be the Jim Halpert friend everyone has at every Halloweens.

Being an introvert who only has a handful of friends

When 3/5 of my friends were in Alberta, St-Hyacinthe and McMasterville last summer, I got really lonely. We're all busy queen bees so it was not that bad, but I still missed these weirdos who are basically most of my friends. Luckily, I also secretly consider that my cats are my BFFs ; they always wanna hang with me when I have food, so...

 Being an introvert who has to make her own appointments

The first time I had to take my own appointment for myself was already a few years ago. But since then, I've repeatedly asked either my mother, step mother or partner to make my calls for me. I always had a good reason; I was watching Girls writing an essay for school?

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