11 Best Vegan Clothing Stores In Montreal

They definitely don't sell fur here!
11 Best Vegan Clothing Stores In Montreal

For some vegans, it takes a lot more than just eliminating animal products from their diet. Veganism can span from dietary choices to clothing to cosmetics, you name it!

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As I'm sure you all know, the clothing industry doesn't have the best reputation for their treatment of animals. And I'm sure those of you who aren't vegan also care about this issue.

Just a heads up, most of these shops are online. But hey, it's not like you weren't going to order the stuff anyway.

So even if you aren't vegan, here's a list of stores in Montreal that separate cruelty from fashion:

1. Wully

I'm sure we've heard all about the terrible companies that make coats out of bird feathers and how badly they treat the animals. Wully does the exact opposite! With their completely vegan coats, they give you a cruelty-free way to keep warm in the winter. With an "animals saved" counter, they really show you how your purchases are making a difference.

Shop here.

2. Archibald & Alistair

This store has an actual location on Monk street and it offers more than just clothes. Archibald & Alistair doubles as a vegan cafe and art gallery. So, you can eat and shop at the same time!

3. Becca Love

If you're looking for genderless and cruelty-free clothing, you need to shop at this Montreal Etsy store. These stylish items are handmade and will be shipped right to your door.

Shop here.

4. Espe

This Canadian brand is vegan-friendly and is sold in tons of stores across the country. Espe is the perfect place to buy designer handbags, wallets, and accessories that don't make you compromise your values.

Shop here.

5. Herbivore Clothing Company

This company has got tons of super cute vegan merch if you're vegan and proud of it! Their cute slogans and bright colors are sure to catch your eye. They've got shirts, pants, pins, bracelets, hats, everything! On top of that, they've even got cookbooks.

Shop here.

6. Truth Belts

This company has huge goals, and they've been working on their revolution since 2001. They're known for making completely vegan belts but they also make other vegan accessories. Renia Pruchnicki started making these belts in her Toronto apartment, and now look how the company has grown.

Shop here.

7. Jeane & Jax

This PETA-approved brand is born in Montreal is based on style, affordability, and quality. Designer Silvia Gallo is responsible for this amazing vegan brand that uses high quality, cruelty-free materials.

Shop here.

8. Matt & Nat

Unlike the online stores, Matt and Natt has several locations in Montreal and even one in the South Shore's Dix30. This stylish store actually surprises people as being vegan, but hey that just means they're going something right. Of course, you can also shop online here.

9. Sacs Éthics

The title kind of gives away their product, but yes, they make ethical handbags. All bags are handmade by a Portuguese artisan from the cork in their region. They are completely vegan of course!

Shop here.

10. Importations LOU

Turns out you can be chic and ethical all at once! These bags are eco-friendly, vegan (of course), and of great quality. So come on, shop here and be fashionable and moral at the same time.

Shop here.

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11. Alltrueist

This Montreal-based accessories store has everything you could want from a designer boutique. And on top of that, it's also vegan and sustainable.

Shop here.


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