11 Bike Paths That Will Make You Fall In Love With Montreal

See the city like you never thought you could.
11 Bike Paths That Will Make You Fall In Love With Montreal

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Fun fact: in Montreal alone, there are about 350 kilometres of biking paths for you guys to explore. So it's really no wonder why Montrealers are to bikes like poutine is to cheese curds. (That was a terrible reference, but... you get it).

With cycling so ingrained into our collective Montreal culture, it's only normal that at this point it might seem like we've all seen and done every path the city has to offer. But trust, that's straight-up not true. 

And even if it is, that doesn't mean you can't rediscover an old path in a whole new way - especially when you have the right tools to explore them! Like the brand new Samsung Galaxy A8, which features an amazing front camera so you can take a crisp selfie as you're cycling away; or the Samsung S3 smartwatch, which connects seamlessly to the Galaxy A8 and allows you to listen to music, make calls AND track your location using GPS all without having to touch your phone - and all a part of Samsung Canada's integrated product line! 

Montreal has so many different cycling routes that it almost feels like you could take a different one every single day and still remain surprised by the unique perspectives they offer of the city. One thing's for sure, though: taking a ride through these paths will definitely make you see Montreal in a way that you never could before! 

Les Berges De Verdun

Okay, question time: when you think of biking along the water, what instantly comes to your mind? Is it Verdun? I didn't think so. But guess what? Verdun (AKA quite possibly Montreal's most underrated borough) has some of the most beautiful waterside views that the city has to offer.

Les Berges De Verdun is basically a super long bike path just along the Saint Lawrence River. It goes all the way up to the Lachine Rapids (and beyond), so if you're the type of cyclist who laughs in the face of adventure... well, good news, this path might just be for you! (Oh, and protip? You might want to make sure your devices are all water-resistant; rapids are splashy AF!).

Rene-Levesque Park

Situated at the very tip of the Lachine Canal, you can get to Park Rene-Levesque via the Canal's Bike Path and then cycle through the whole park.

And trust, you're going to want to. Park Rene-Levesque isn't just beautiful because it's surrounded by water - there's also a whole lot of beautiful green space and wildlife for you to discover. It honestly almost feels too surreal to be a part of Montreal.

Park Rene Levesque is also home to Sculpture Park, which features tons of public art installations/sculptures for you to admire!

Les Iles De Boucherville

Îles-de-Boucherville National Park is technically off-Island, but this Quebec National Park and gem of the Greater Montreal Area is honestly worth the stopover.

You can get there on bike - the only catch is you're going to have to hop on a ferry to reach the island. Although, let's be real, that sounds like less of a catch and more of an awesome time! Plus, once you get there, you'll be rewarded with forest views, wildlife and crystal clear waters to explore and cycle through. TBH, this place doesn't even look like it's in Quebec - let alone that it's in our own backyard!

Pont De La Concorde

Ever heard of the Pont De La Concorde? No? Alright, stop what you're doing and get yourself there right now. Pont De La Concorde is one of the bridges that connects Montreal with Parc Jean-Drapeau.

And although it's pretty big, it kind of feels like it was made especially for cyclists. The cycling lane is sufficiently wide, and that's great and all, but this park also happens to offer unparalleled views of downtown Montreal. So take a bike ride, track your speed and then check your overall fitness performance on your Samsung A8 after chasing those views.

Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve

Okay, you can cycle around a race track. I don't even feel like I need to add anything else because, let's be real here, how cool is that!?

Other than the wow factor being a pretty solid slam dunk here, cycling around the Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve is also pretty awesome for practical reasons. Streaming your favourite music and zooming around the tracks is a pretty great way to stay in shape!

Park Ile De La Visitation

If you want to discover the north end of Montreal via bike, then this is the spot for you. Situated along Gouin Boulevard, this park starts off in Montreal's Ahuntsic, pit stops into its own, tiny island (Ile De La Visitation), and then finishes up in Laval.

Of course, throughout the whole bike ride to Laval, you're pretty much surrounded by breathtaking greenspace and waterside views the whole entire time. Kind of makes you appreciate the fact that there's so much beauty hidden in one city. Also kind of makes you appreciate the fact that phones that take photos even better than some professional cameras currently exist.

Lachine Canal

Ah, the Lachine Canal. Truthfully, it just wouldn't be a list about bike paths in Montreal if the Lachine Canal wasn't here somewhere.

And for good reason. Anyone who's biked across the Canal knows that this expansive waterside bike path spans all the way through Lachine, St. Henri, Griffintown and the Old Port - which means that you can visit all of Montreal's most beautiful areas in one trip. And if you're feeling a little hungry? No worries. You can stop off at the Atwater Market for a little nosh. There's no better path to take to discover exactly why Montreal is one of the best cities in the world, TBH!

Habitat 67

One of Montreal's most interesting buildings also happens to make one of the most interesting bike paths in the whole city.

Sure, it's situated right in front of the water - but Habitat 67's mindbending architecture might have you a little bit more captivated than the water will. Maybe. Either way, go ahead and take a selfie in front of it. It's a testament to Montreal's amazing architecture scene. And also, it'll look cool AF on Instagram.


Ah, Mount-Royal. The thing about Mount-Royal is that it pretty much has it all: hiking paths, walking paths, biking paths, forests, a lake, beautiful views, parks, beautiful houses... the list goes on and on. And if you want to truly fall in love with our city, then there's no better place to go.

Mount-Royal has a few different lookouts for you to cycle to, but heading up to the summit is exactly the perfect way to fall in love with Montreal. From up above, you'll see the city like you never have before!

La Fontaine Park

Montreal gets compared to New York City a lot. And if we're like a Canadian NYC, then Park La Fontaine, situated in the Plateau, is basically our Central Park.

Because it's located in the Plateau, this park is incredibly easy to get to by bike. And sure, the cycle to the park is probably going to be pretty great and all... but nothing compares to the magic that you'll find inside Park La Fontaine.

Cycling through the park during the summer will make you see Montreal in a whole new way. The park is shrouded in green the entire summer through, making it a beautiful spot to escape and recharge from the hustle and bustle of urban life. La Fontaine Park also has a beautiful, huge fountain (hence the name) right in the centre, for max good vibes!

Jacques Cartier Bridge

If you're tackling Montreal's Pont De La Concorde for its dreamy city views, then you're going to absolutely have to take on this behemoth.

Pont Jacques-Cartier connects Montreal with the South Shore (bet you didn't know you could cross the Island on bike!), and it's a pretty busy bridge. But it's got its own bike path away from vehicle traffic, which makes it safe. Does that make this imposing structure any less scary? Probably not.

But the feeling of doing something you thought you couldn't is more than worth the fear. So go ahead. Push your limits. Cross the bridge. Bike to your heart's content. Feel the wind on your face.

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You might just get rewarded with one of the most beautiful views of Montreal that the city has to offer and a newfound love for it. Not to mention, one seriously great feeling!

No doubt, Montreal's bike paths let you see the city in a way that you never thought you could. Gliding along the Saint Lawrence river? Soaring across the Jacques Cartier bridge? You can't do that in any other city!

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So live your best life, friend. Samsung's totally got your back.

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