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11 Cheap Spas Close To Montreal You Can Take Your Girlfriend To For Valentine's Day

Relaxing love.

It might sound a little too early to start planning the PERFECT Valentine’s Day Date but let’s be honest, IT’S NEVER TOO EARLY! In fact, if you are planning to make reservations at a spa, then you better start booking and calling some of the superb spas below. To help you guys out, I have composed a list of all the Spas she REALLY wants you to take her to for Valentine’s Day.

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Not only will you have a happy girlfriend but you will also be able to enjoy your date since you guys can relax and enjoy each other's company! So, make sparks fly and fall more in love on Valentine’s day this year with that extra special someone.

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1. Bring Your Valentine To Scandinave Spa Vieux-Montreal

via @redreem

71 Rue de la Commune Ouest

Located in the Old Port, this spa is known for its Scandinavian baths and fabulous massages! You and your girlfriend can enjoy Finnish saunas, Nordic showers and various massage hybrids in the spas award-winning, modern and elegant environment.


2. Bring Your Valentine To Rainspa

via @dreamsmktg

55 Rue Saint-Jacques

This Moroccan themed spa has incredibly amazing hammam! In addition, they have private hammam treatments, argan oil massages and black soap exfoliants. But wait, I'm not done just yet! They also have superb algae body wrap, facials, mani/pedis, self-tanning treatments, and much, much more, all to ensure a magical Valentine's day with your lovely girlfriend.


3. Bring Your Valentine To Skyspa

via @bigmoeinc

6000 Boulevard Rome, Brossard

Located right in the heart of Brossard’s Dix 30, Skyspa is the place to bring your girlfriend if you want to show her a truly impressive Valentine's day! It's like a little slice of heaven in the middle of a super busy area. Their thermal spas are located on the rooftop, so you get to overlook the city while enjoying each other's lovely company! They offer thermal baths, a steam room, and multiple saunas.


4. Bring Your Valentine To Bota Bota

via @mintandmatcha

Vieux-Port de Montréal

Now this is the Spa to be on Valentine's Day! Not only does Bota Bota have an incredible view of Montreal, but it is also very romantic! Plus, it has to be about Montreal’s most famous and incredibly well-loved spa so it only makes sense that you should come here on Valentine's day. Their staff is incredible and you can enjoy privacy and calm love with your girlfriend on Valentine's day!


4. Bring Your Valentine To Spa Ovarium

via @undefined

via @undefined

400 Rue Beaubien Est

If you and your girlfriend want to try something new while relaxing on Valentine's day, then I suggest heading to Spa Ovarium for sensory deprivation tanks! These sensory deprivation flotation pods will give to maximal relaxation and stress relief while enjoying your girlfriend's company! The inside of the pod is filled with water and salt, for maximum floatation potential, and from the minute you step inside, you’re pretty much closed off from the rest of the world.


6. Bring Your Valentine To Strom Spa

via @katlapuerta

1001 Boulevard de la Forêt

Located in Nun’s Island, simply a five-minute drive from Montreal, Strom Spa offers spectacular massages, facial and body treatments! They have multiple baths and saunas but their best feature, minus you and your girlfriend, is their spectacular calming view. This is 100% a perfect place to enjoy Valentine's day!


7. Bring Your Valentine To Spa Finlandais

via @vedamagazine

124 Boul Labelle

Even though this spa is located in Laval, it is relatively close nd perfect for Valentine's day! Finlandais has to be one of the most gorgeous spas on this list! Their outdoor baths are a little more secluded plus, the prices here are incredibly fair.


8. Bring Your Valentine To Spa Eastman Montreal

via @pascalewp

666 Rue Sherbrooke O

Enjoy the benefits of alternating hot and cold with infrared sauna followed by the Igloo shower with your girlfriend with Valentine's day! Not only will the view over Montreal steal her heart, but so will their amazing spa treatments from massages to facials!


9. Bring Your Valentine To Spa Cloud

via @spacloud

1744 Rue William

For a unique Valentine's day, Spa Cloud is the place to be! Their super unique and high key awesome experience of their Cryosauna (basically a sauna, except with super cold temperatures) will shock you and your girlfriend! It is good for pain relief, metabolism boosting, and love!


10. Bring Your Valentine To Spa Diva

via @lebloguedejulie

Les Cours Mont-Royal, 1455 Peel St

For a full spa experience with your girlfriend, I suggest checking out Spa Diva. Not only will your girlfriend feel like a princess, but you will feel like a prince! They have great Facial Care, Body Care, Massages, Skin Resurfacing, Nail Care, and even Waxing!


11. Bring Your Valentine To Spa St. James at the Ritz-Carlton Montreal

via @spastjames

1228 Rue Sherbrooke O

Why not treat your girlfriend to a full vacation experience! At Spa St. James, which is located in the Ritz-Carlton, you can rent a room for Valentine's day and take your girlfriend to the AMAZING spa! They even have a great couples retreat that will help you seal the deal on Valentine's day!


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