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11 Cheap Things You Can Get At IKEA That Will 100% Transform Your Apartment

Live your best apartment life.

Straight-up, IKEA is bae. Seriously, there's no better place to get inexpensive, beautiful things for your home. But sometimes, it's a little hard to navigate through the gorgeous halls of Ikea without getting a little overwhelmed or sidetracked.

Well, friends, no more. Although pretty much everything at Ikea is a great deal, there are certain pieces that will kind of tie your whole room together,  and that won't break the bank to boot! Confused as to what I'm talking about? Well, don't be.

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1. Lack TV Bench

True story: This thing pretty much saved my small apartment life. The Lack TV bench is a lot smaller and thinner than most TV stands, which makes it the perfect solution for anyone whose dining room is also their living room, and also their kitchen (me, TBH).

The best part? Although its non-bulky design makes it seem as though it can't hold much, I was able to fit a 39" TV on it with zero struggles; and, at $20, it's pretty much the biggest bargain I've ever seen.

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2. Ikea PS 2014 Pendant Lamp

Alright, fans of things that are incredibly awesome, this one's for you. Ikea's Ikea PS 2014 Pendant Lamp is a seriously amazing lighting solution that, at first glance, looks pretty much like a regular white lamp. But - and here comes the cool part - it can be opened to transform into a whole new geometrical shape, upping the cool factor of your apartment by about 97%. This lamp comes in two sizes, the smaller of which will only cost you about $70.

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3. Draggan Cart

What if I told you that, for about $25, you could organize all of your excess stuff on a gorgeous, functional piece of furniture? Would you believe me? Well, friends, you should. Ikea's Draggan Cart is pretty much the perfect solution for anyone who likes being organized (so everyone, basically?), but doesn't have a huge amount of space for tons of furniture. The best part is that the Draggan Cart comes with wheels, so you can whip it out whenever and wherever you need it. Awesome? You know it.

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4. Gersby Bookcase

Hey, do you guys remember when the Billy Bookcase was a huge hit? I think I know at least 30 people with that exact same bookcase. Well, the era of the Billy is over. The Gersby Bookcase is here now, and it's beautiful. This bookcase is not only lighter and less bulky than its counterpart, but, at $30, it's significantly less expensive, too.

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5. Lillangen End Unit

Alright, these things are amazing. Although they're technically for bathroom storage, I've been using these end units as compartmentalized shelves for all my books and DVDS, and they've been working out perfectly.They cost about $20 each, which is pretty much the bargain of the century when you think about how much more organized all your things will be. (Trust me on this one, friends).

Best part? You don't even have to hang them on the wall if you don't want to. If you can find a place for them, they look just as good chilling somewhere as they do hung up.

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6. Lindved Side Table

Seriously, how gorgeous is this? This light, chic, unimposing side table is pretty much the perfect addition to any living room setup, and will definitely make the ideal backdrop to any accent pieces. The Lindved Side Table will set you back only about $20, a bargain for all the beautiful functionality you'll be getting in return.

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7. Micke Desk

Need a workspace? Will fitting a desk into your place be a bit of a tight squeeze? No problem, friend. Ikea's Micke Desk is big enough to fit everything you need, but small and thin enough to fit pretty much anywhere. Even if you're not in need of someplace to put your laptop, the Micke makes for a pretty chill makeup vanity, too.

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8. Solsta Sofa Bed

Alright, I'm going to be real with you guys. The sofa struggle is very, very real. Not only are couches expensive, but you've got to find the right colour, shape, size, and comfort level, which makes for one pretty legit headache, TBH.

But thankfully Ikea saves the day again, this time with their Solsta Sofa Bed. Running for about $250, this comfy sofa-bed is the perfect addition to any living room - and especially one where space might be an issue.

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9. Tarendo Dining Table

Searching for something practical and beautiful to eat on? Well, stop the search. You've found your new (furniture) bae. Ikea's Tarendo Dining Table is not only gorgeous and functional, seating about six people, but it's also super affordable, running for roughly $40.

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10. Knapper Mirror

In need of a space-saving piece in your bedroom? Then do I have some good news for you. Ikea's Knapper mirror is not only seriously stylish, but it's got the added (and awesome) benefit of storage capabilities. You can hang your clothes on it; you can hang your necklaces on it; basically, you can use this mirror to its full capacity, all for the super reasonable price of $50.

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11. Malm Nightstand

Ah, the Malm. There's a reason why Ikea's Malm series is arguably one of their most popular. Not only are the pieces from this line super practical, clean, and straight-up gorgeous to look at, but they're also very affordable - especially when compared to similar pieces on the market.

Their Malm nightstand will set you back about $70, but if you're down to pay a bit more, their 6-Drawer Chest goes for $150 and includes a mirrored compartment (so you get a vanity and chest of drawers, all for the price of one).

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