11 Clear Signs You Went To University In Montreal

Photo Cred - Ed Bilodeau

Going to university in Montreal can be a pretty crazy experience. This city is extremely unique in it's way of life and it can be kind of hard to explain to anyone that hasn't experienced it first-hand.

For those of us that have given this city some of the best years of our lives, here are 11 clear signs you went to university in Montreal.

1. You’ve skipped class because it was way too icy

2. You’ve drank the weird dep alcohol

3. You went to Tokyo an embarrassing amount of times

4. You visited your friend’s Ontario school only to be shocked at what weak partiers they are

5. You’ve never actually been to most of Montreal’s landmarks

6. You’ve used a 4 à 7 and dollar beers as a reward for studying

7. You’ve sampled every variety of St. Laurent drunk food

8. You’ve become immune to protesters

Photo Cred - Adam Scotti

  9. You’ve played beer pong at BDP

10. You've had samosas for lunch 4 days of the week

11. You only left your house in February for midterms, and nothing else