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11 Easy Ways You Can Save Money On Your Groceries In Montreal

It's so simple.
11 Easy Ways You Can Save Money On Your Groceries In Montreal

How Any Montrealer Can Save Money On Their Groceries

When you first move out on your own, one the biggest surprised you get is your very first grocery bill.

And you're not even buying any actual food, you're just buying the basic elements of food. Ketchup, salt, sugar, olive oil, baking powder, flour, tin foil and all those things you took for granted when you lived at your parents.

One you're stocked with all those condiments and "food accessories" you have actualy food to worry about and groceries can get expensive really fast. Especially if you don't plan ahead.

Luckily there are some pretty easy ways to save money on your grocery bill in Montreal.

You just need to follow these simple steps.

1. Cheap Grocery Stores

If you're too lazy to use all of the following methods, here's one tip for you. Just shop at these cheap Montreal grocery stores instead of the normal chains. You'll be saving so much money you won't need to use any of the other tricks in this article and you'll still break even. No matter what your diet is, there's a cheap store for you:

Regular Grocery Stores - Vegan Grocery Stores - Ethnic Grocery Stores

2. Avoid Deps

Deps are so goddamn convenient, and they're everywhere! So it's so very tempting to run across the street and pick up a few items instead of having to go all the way to the grocery store. But many items at deps are on average $1.50 to $3.00 more than at grocery stores. So even a few items here and there will add up quickly.

3. Know When To Use Deps

Like I said, deps are death traps, but certain items can actually be cheaper than in grocery stores. Keep an eye out for the price of milk and beer especially because they are usually sold at the lowest legal price.

4. Make Your Food Last Longer

It's disgusting to see how much perfectly good food goes to waste simply because it went bad before you had time to use it. Luckily there are a ton of tricks and gadgets out there that help your food last longer. Stick one of these in your crisper drawer and you can increase the shelf life of your fruits and vegetable. Investing in a good food saver is also an option that will save you hundreds of dollars a year.

5. DOs And DONTs Of Storing Food

Again, this is all about making your food last longer.

  • Keep your fridge clean
  • Don't store fruits and vegetables near a gas stove
  • Make sure onions aren't touching each other
  • Don't over stock
  • Never put bananas in your fridge
  • Keep meat and produce separated

6. Student Discounts

Many grocery stores offer student discounts. For example, Provigo offers 10% off your bill on Mondays when you spend 50$ or more. Some smaller neighborhood stores also offer similar deals so make sure to ask.

7. Grow (And Re-Grow) Your Own Food

It may sound silly but growing your own food is really easy. Plus there's nothing like using food your grew yourself in an actual recipe. You can start off small with a few herbs and spices like, you can consult our list of Vegetables that regrow themselves (Infinite lettuce!) or you can always try to grow something a little bigger, like a tomato plant.

8. Sales

You know those piles of flyers that clutter you mailbox every week? Well it turns out they have some pretty useful information in there. And the best part is that they help you solve that dreaded: "What are we eating tonight" question. Simply pick up a flyer, see what's on sale and plan your meals around it. Grocery savings may be small but believe me, they add up very quickly, especially when you're shopping for more than one person.

9. Planning

You'd be amazed at how much money you can save by planning meals ahead of time. But the most efficient way of doing this is to plan meals that require some of the same ingredients. For example: If you make burgers on Monday, buy extra vegetable toppings you can use in salads throughout the week, the extra buns can be used for breakfast sandwiches on the weekend and the extra ground beef can be used for a pasta sauce the next day.

Photo cred - Phreckles Photography

10. Coupons

I know this sucks, but the money you can save simply from printing coupons is insane. Whatever your grocery list is, I can guarantee that there are coupons for at least 2 items on your list. Everything from food, to soap and detergents, to ziplock bags and paper towels. The saving are so awesome it's worth buying a printer if you don't already have one.

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