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11 Enchanting Secret Canadian Destinations You Should Visit Once In Your Life

Magical spots in your own backyard.

Alright, guys, here's a little confession about me: I do not want to travel out of the country. I mean, I am down to travel to other countries and experience other cultures - but before I do, I want to knock all the gorgeous Canadian sights off my bucketlist.

Honestly, with so many beautiful things to see, right in our own country, I might be here a while. Which is totally cool, TBH: Canada has got some seriously fantastic things to experience. And while a lot of them might be widely known (Niagara Falls, anyone?), there are some breathtaking spots that don't get all the attention they deserve.

1. Manitoulin Island, ON

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If you're down to take in some seriously majestic sights, splash and frolic through a waterfall, check out some gorgeous lighthouses, and just basically bask in the best vibes life has to offer, then do I have some good news for you.

Despite being somewhat overlooked as an insanely popular spot, Ontario's Manitoulin Island offers all of this and much, much more. So, strap on your bathing suit, and pay Manitoulin Island a little visit ASAP.

2. Fogo Island, NL

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Straight-up, look at how gorgeous this spot is. I feel like I could talk about it forever, but it seriously wouldn't compare to actually going there and living the beauty IRL.

But a beautiful view isn't the only thing that's going for this gorgeous Newfoundland and Labrador island. Fogo Island's also got a bunch of lighthouses, museums, and other super cool things to check out - including the gorgeous and secluded white Squish Studio that overlooks the water.

3. Badlands, AB

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Alberta's Badlands might not be first on some people's list of Canadian spots to go and explore - but trust me, it should be.

Not only are the Badlands a legit marvel of nature, but it hosts some pretty cool stuff. For example, you can go fishing, paddling, visit a pioneer village, check out the beautiful Torchu Arboretum and Gardens, and do much, much more. Or you can take a tour and absorb the natural beauty of the Badlands; honestly, the options here are endless.

4. Haida Gwaii, BC

A photo posted by Brandon Hartwig (@freeluftsliv) on

An archipelago located in British Columbia, Haida Gwaii - which population mainly consists of the Haida peoples - is one seriously beautiful spot to go and visit.

Honestly, the forests and parks here are so beautiful they kind of look like they jumped straight out of a fantasy novel. Other than being home to many of Haida people, a lot of the island is protected under federal law, so if you're going to visit, be sure to do so respectfully.

5. Spotted Lake, BC

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Most people will see a lake, ocean, and/or river at least once during their life. But not that many people will get to see a spotted lake, like the one located in British Columbia.

Given a super cool spotty appearance due to naturally occurring minerals, BC's Spotted Lake, situated in Similkameen Valley, is honestly the most unique thing you'll ever get to see in Canada. So, get yourself to BC ASAP, friends, and check out this super cool hidden spot.

6. Sirmilik National Park, NU

A photo posted by Colin Sutherland (@canadanomad) on

Located in Nunavut, Sirmilik National Park is one of the best destinations to get to for those of us who adore nature, hands down.

Why is that? Well, I'm glad you asked. Featuring beyond gorgeous glaciers and icebergs, this spot looks like something legit out of a magazine; and with super fun activities, like snowmobiling, sea-kayaking, and whale/sea watching, there is literally no way you can't have fun here.

7. Avalon Peninsula, NL

A photo posted by Newfoundland Labrador Tourism (@newfoundlandlabrador) on

TBH, the Avalon Peninsula reminds me of something you'd see in Europe. Except it's not in Europe; it's right here, in Newfoundland.

Other than being incredibly beautiful, the Avalon Peninsula has a super rich history. Plus, it's been known to house quite a few fossils, so that special history love in your life? Yeah, you might want to take them here at least once.

8. Nahanni National Park, NT

A photo posted by Darren Roberts (@darren_roberts_) on

Guys, prepare to be seriously impressed by this beyond breathtaking spot.

For those of us who are down for a little adventure, the Northwest Territories' Nahanni National Park is legit the perfect spot. Blending the mindblowing natural beauty of canyons, whitewater rivers, and more, with super fun activities - like hiking, paddling, day flights, and more - Nahanni National Park should absolutely be next on your list of great Canadian places to visit.

9. Mulgrave-Et-Derry, QC

A photo posted by EmRoBeau (@equilaterallady) on

Often, when people think of unique places to go to in Quebec, you might come up with the beautiful Anticosti Island, or the breathtaking Iles-de-la-Madeleine. While these are all magnificent spots to check out, a lesser known and equally amazing spot to visit is Quebec's Mulgrave-et-Derry.

Not only does this town boast all the charm of your usual Quebec town, but it's also home to the Wallingford-Back Mine, which is a gorgeous, mostly secret location, perfect for scuba diving, hiking, zip lining, and swimming in the summer, as well as ice skating and snowshoeing in the winter.

10. Mount Thor, NU

A photo posted by Alluring Earth ( on

Did you know that Canada is home to this magnificent mountain, which houses the world's biggest vertical drop? That's right, guys; if you thought thrilling, record-breaking mountains weren't found in Canada, then you were wrong.

Although not everyone's going to attempt to climb Nunavut's Mount Thor, that doesn't mean you can't bask in its magnificence. Plus, the mountain is located on Baffin Island, which means you can explore this picturesque slice of Nunavut - and its hiking trails, arctic cruises, and other super fun activities - while you're at it.

11. Bruce Peninsula, ON

A photo posted by Elizabeth (@elizabethjjh) on

This Ontario spot looks like it could actually be located in the Caribbean, but in reality, it's about eight hours away from Montreal - right here in Canada.

Although I've already shown the Bruce Peninsula National Park, in Tobermory, Ontario, a little bit of love, this spot deserves a tad bit more recognition. Not only for its unbelievable beauty, but also for the fact that it's home to one of the most gorgeous hiking trails, as well as a pristine grotto, and the host to tons of other super fun outdoor activities.

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