11 Famous Comedians Coming To Montreal For Just For Laughs This Summer

Your chance to see big stars in the city.
11 Famous Comedians Coming To Montreal For Just For Laughs This Summer

The largest comedy festival in the funniest city in the world, Just For Laughs, is kicking off once again this year by bringing in all kinds of big names from around the world. There is going to be a plethora of shows worth catching at this year’s festival, but if you can only catch a few of them, this list should narrow it down for you!

Russell Peters

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July 30th at 9:45pm at Place des Arts- Salle Wilfrid Pelletier

This Indian-Canadian comedian is not afraid to really dig into our societal stereotypes. With his hilarious social commentary and accents, no culture is safe from his ridicule. Be sure to check out his Netflix special Notorious, where he really gets into it. You can grab tickets to see his gala at JFL here.

Hannibal Buress

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July 30th at 7pm at Olympia

Hannibal Buress’ comedy is truly one of a kind. He’s one of the few that can really pull off deadpan delivery. Be sure to check out Hannibal Takes Edinburgh on Netflix, where he performed for 28 days straight at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Or, if you wanna check out the real thing, get tickets here.

David Cross

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July 27th at 9:45pm at Place des Arts- Salle Wilfrid Pelletier

Our favourite analyst/therapist is coming to Montreal to grace us with his quirky presence. Since reprising his role on Arrested Development, David Cross has also relaunched his show with Bob Odenkirk on Netflix called With Bob and David. Get your tickets to see David and his hilarious gala lineup here.

Ralphie May

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July 20th-30th at Metropolis

Ralphie May is a tried and true comedian, with a hefty history of specials to back up his title. You can check out his latest special, Unruly, on Netflix. This year at Just For Laughs, he’ll be joining The Nasty Show, so crude humour and dick jokes for everyone!

Iliza Shlesinger

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July 28th at 7pm, July 30th at 9pm at Place des Arts 5ieme Salle

Her Netflix special Freezing Hot is a testament to this rising star's comedic ability. As the winner of the Last Comic Standing competition, she’s definitely a comedian worth checking out this year. And she’s got two different performances you can catch!

Maria Bamford

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July 28th at 9pm, 29th at 9:30pm at Place des Arts 5ieme Salle

After killing it with the reboot of Arrested Development, Maria Bamford got her own show on Netflix. Lady Dynamite is a hilarious look at what is apparently the comedian’s day-to-day life. To get up-close-and-personal with her, check out one of the two shows she’s doing this year at Just For Laughs.

Eugene Mirman

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July 27th at 10, 28th at 11:30 at Theatre La Chapelle

Appearing on shows like Bob’s Burgers and Flight of the Conchords, his unique brand of comedy and iconic voice are certainly worth catching. To get a sneak peak of his standup special, Vegan On His Way To The Complain Store is now available on Netflix. Get tickets to check him out in Montreal here.

Nick Thune

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July 25th - 30th at 7:30pm at Café Cleopatra

After watching his special Folk Hero, it comes as no surprise that Nick Thune is performing at one of Montreal’s renowned “adult entertainment” venues. The debauched comic is doing an impressive five day run at this year’s festival, so you’ve got plenty of time to catch his show.

Scott Aukerman

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July 29th at 12:30pm at Hyatt Grand Salon

Scott’s Aukerman's podcast-turned-tv-show will be doing a completely improvised taping at this year’s festival, COMEDY BANG! BANG! LIVE!, complete with special guests from Lauren Lapkus and Paul F. Tompkins. If you’re a fan of the bizarre brand of comedy, this is certainly something you’ll wanna catch. Check it out here.

Jimmy Carr

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July 25th at 9pm at GESU

July 26-27 at 9:30pm at GESU

July 28th at 9:30pm at Monument National

July 30th at 7pm at GESU - SOLD OUT

Everyone’s favourite British panel-show host is coming to Montreal this year to perform five shows. His crude, straight-forward, dark humour is sure to have you hilariously offended. For a crash course on what to expect, check out his Netflix special Funny Business. All the way from across the pond, this show is selling fast is certainly not one to miss.

Aziz Ansari & The cast of "Master of None"

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July 30th at 4pm at Hyatt Grand Salon Opera

Aziz has been a big name in the industry for a while, garnering a lot of attention with his standup. After nailing the role of Tom on Parks and Recreation, he finally got his own Netflix show, Master of None. It’s like a sit-com, but the humour comes from actual adult problems and it’s not afraid to get real. It’s definitely worth checking out Aziz and the rest of the cast panel this year.

Be sure to check out the Just For Laughs website to see what other events you won’t want to miss.