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11 Gorgeous Summer Terrasses You Can Take A Date To In Montreal

Drink, eat, and enjoy the views.

Friends, terrasse season is finally upon us. I don't know about you guys, but I'm super excited to finally be able to grab a meal and a drink while absorbing the beautiful ambiance that is Montreal in the summer.

Actually, scratch that - I'm super confident that pretty much everyone loves terrasses as much as I do. And, if you're thinking of taking a date to a terrasse, let me just tell you that it's a great idea. Montreal's got tons of awesome terrasses that are perfect for a first date; and here are but a few of the many that are sure to impress that special someone in your life.

1. Agrikol

A photo posted by Shawn Dearn (@shawndearn) on

1844 Rue Amherst

I honestly cannot say enough awesome things about Agrikol. Not only does this spot serve up some amazing Haitian food, and super tasty rum-based cocktails, but Agrikol also features an incredibly gorgeous interior and intimite-yet-welcoming atmosphere.

Of course, the vibe carries on to their incredibly trendy, beautiful terrasse. Super warm and chique, this spot feels kind of like you're chilling in your own backyard, if your backyard was full of beautiful decorations and good vibes that both you and your date will appreciate.


2. Pub Le Sainte-Élisabeth

A photo posted by Kyle (@kyleslie2) on

1412 Rue Sainte Élisabeth

No joke, Le Sainte-Élisabeth is amazing. From the outside, it might look like an average - yet awesome - pub, but once you get inside? Yeah. Good times ahead, friends. It's got an awesome selection of drinks, super friendly and welcoming staff, and an overall intimate and friendly feel.

Oh, and it just so happens to have one of the most gorgeous terrasses in Montreal. Relatively huge, with lights, and gorgeous green vegetation growing from a wall, this spot really feels like an enchanted forest. Which, you know, makes it the perfect spot to enchant that special someone.


3. Jatoba

A photo posted by J A T O B A (@jatobamontreal) on

1184 Place Phillips

True talk, Jatoba is bae. They've got tons of delicious Asian food for you to nosh on, an upscale vibe, and one seriously impressive, gorgeous interior - making it an ace spot to take your date.

Their terrasse, though, is pretty much out of this world. It's got a super classy (yet unpretentious) feel to it, much like the interior of the restaurant; and, also like the inside of Jatoba, it's decorated expertly. The space is gorgeous. The vibes are great. The only thing it's missing? You and your date.


4. Santropol

A photo posted by luana (@luanaaubert) on

3990 Rue Saint-Urbain

Honestly, Santropol is an amazing spot to go for a date. Other than being one of the best places you can pick for a delicious, organic sandwich - and one of the most awesome spots to take the healthy food lover in your life - it's also got one seriously beautiful terrasse.

A casual spot, and a favourite of Santropol diners, the terrasse features trees, lights, and a gorgeous pond, making for one super romantic ambiance... And your next fave date spot, to boot.


5. Grenade

A photo posted by jungojude (@jungojude) on

1603 Rue Ontario Es

If you and your date are fans of awesome alcohol, beautiful and adorable decor, and awesome crowds, then Grenadine is the place for you.

Okay, sure, I may have just literally described every person on the planet. But Grenadine is so awesome that it's sure to please literally everyone; they've got everything it takes to be one seriously awesome date spot. Like an intimate, beautiful terrasse; unique and tasty drinks; friendly staff; and a lively, welcoming vibe that just screams good time. So, go ahead, friend. Grab your date, grab a chair, and prepare for one seriously awesome time.


6. Bistro Des Moulins

A photo posted by Minibulles,?Montréal ( on

10897 Rue du Pont

Located in Ahuntsic, this bistro might be out of the way for some of us. But, trust me on this one: take your date out here for one of the most romantic scenes your eyes will ever behold. It'll be more than worth it.

This bistro is located right along the water, and right near rapids; a nature park; and a gorgeous forest. It serves up some seriously tasty French food, and after you guys are done eating and admiring the beautiful sights, you can totally venture into the nature park for a nice jog/sightseeing adventure. Protip, though? Call ahead. The bistro closes seasonally, and opens up sometime in the spring.


7. Terrasse Nelligan

A photo posted by k ♕ (@kellychiuuu) on

106 Rue Saint Paul O

Basically the quintessential Montreal terrasse, Terrasse Nelligan is well-known (and well-loved) by every single Montrealer who has had the chance to experience the gorgeous views, good vibes, and yummy food that Nelligan has to offer.

A hotel rooftop terrasse offering unparalleled views of super romantic Old Montreal - and the rest of the city - Terrasse Nelligan's got one of the best date atmospheres, hands down. The spot is gorgeous, intimate, and alive with the buzz of Nelligan's lively crowd. Bonus points for their super creative cocktails, like their Nelligan Cola, featuring Limoncello (!), tequila, vodka, and gin.


8. Benelux

A photo posted by María Rojas ( on

4026 Rue Wellington

This Verdun spot is super popular, and for one very good reason. Plain and simple? It's amazing, with fantastic food and drinks, and an amazingly welcoming and fun vibe unlike anything you've ever experienced before.

Their outdoor terrasse is pretty popular, as well - but to be honest with you guys, it's less of a terrasse and more of an oasis. Seriously. Benelux's terrasse is huge, with tables, trees, and basically everything you need to have an awesome terrasse time; and something about the place is just super peaceful and comfortable. All the awesome terrasse points for you, Benelux. Straight-up all of them.


9. Maison Boulud

A photo posted by It's Sheila. (@omgitssheilaaa) on

1228 Rue Sherbrooke O

Is Maison Boulud straight-up one of the most impressive spots in Montreal to take a date? Well, friends, I think you already know the answer to that. This spot, located inside Montreal's Ritz-Carleton, is known for their friendly and upscale ambiance and seriously quality, delicious food.

Put that together with their beyond beautiful outdoor terrasse, featuring a pond, stone walkways, a gazebo, and more incredibly impressive attributes, and you've got one seriously stellar date location, friends. Protip? Come here on a brunch date, and prepare for your brunch game to be forever changed.


10. Barraca

A photo posted by MPSigouin ? (@mpsigouin) on

1134 Avenue du Mont-Royal E

Do you and bae love rum? Yes? Perfect. Then you guys will absolutely adore Barraca, a Montreal spot specializing in tapas and - you guessed it - rum. They've got a huge selection of rums and rum-based drinks; plus, their awesome food and vibrant, lively atmosphere make this spot ideal for any date you might have.

Oh, and their glorious terasse? yeah, that might be a pretty significant factor, too. Their terrasse isn't the biggest - which is actually awesome, because it makes for a more intimate space for you and your date to get to know each other - but it's seriously gorgeous, and it's got a super lively feel, that's sure to make your date night automatically feel about infinitely more fun.


11. Chez

A photo posted by Local Wanderer ✌?️ (@localwanderer) on

1801 Rue Ontario E

If you've been in Montreal for an extended length of time, the chances are super high that you've passed in front of this building at least once. If you haven't gone in yet, though, I'm here to tell you to do it. Honestly, the food here is awesome, and the atmosphere's super warm and friendly, with a dash of high class mixed in for good measure.

And if you're down for an unforgettably unique terrasse experience, then this is exactly where you'll want to go. The terrasse here is seriously gorgeous, managing to hit the futuristic-yet-classy-AF balance that's so difficult to achieve. So, if you're down to impress your date with your Montreal terrasse pick, then you know exactly where to go.


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