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11 Great Montreal "Brunch Date" Restaurants

Let brunch bring you together.
11 Great Montreal "Brunch Date" Restaurants

The brunch date is a tricky beast. Either it's a continuation of the night before (you dog, you) or you and your date want something with a little less pressure than dinner, because a morning meal doesn't really rope you into plans afterwards. On the other hand, brunch could prelude a day-long date if things go super well.

Needless to say, a brunch date can come in many form, so one Montreal eatery won't fit the needs for every type-and-style of date. Thankfully, the city provides tons of variety for all sorts brunch-daters, whether you two have known each other forever, just met, or have certain dietary restrictions.

Whether you're heading to brunch with your new guy/gal (or your mom or you bff. Again, brunch dates come in many forms) we've got a spot that is perfect. So plan out your brunch date with our eleven restaurants listed below, each one offering a unique experience of their own.

Le Passé Composé

950 Roy E

Why you should go here: Because you want to impress your date

I live right next to Le Passé Composé, and always walk by, slightly envious of the many brunch-goers waiting for a table at this charming Plateau eatery. Why do I never go? Mainly because Le Passé Composé is as classy (with lots of cutesy, too) as it gets when it comes to brunch, and I've simply never been in the right state of mind (read: hungover) to head to a restaurant of that caliber.

A brief look over the menu will demonstrate the sheer class that is Le Passé Composé. Homemade gnocci, pancetta chips, duck confit eggs Benedict, prosciutto grilled cheese, and so much more make up the ritzy yet delicious dishes available at Le Passé Composé. No doubt your date will be incredibly impressed (and won't stop Instagram'ing your meal), and so will you .



8 Rachel E

Why you should go here: Because you want to be the most adorable couple, ever.

Calling a restaurant cute kind of seems strange, but quite honestly, Engaufrez-vous is cute to the core. Everything from the decor right down to the dishes (which come with adorable accoutrements like jams and waffle cookies) are all sorts of cute, thus making your bunch date endearing in every way.

Right off of Saint Laurent on Rachel street, Engaufrez-vous, as you could guess, specializes in artisanal waffles and baked goods. Serving both sweet and salty styles of waffles, and a wide assortment of other delightful edibles, this charming brunch spot will lead you and your SO to taking the most adorable date pictures, ever. It's really that cute of a place.

Plus you can get Nutella on almost everything, which is a win unto itself.



5201 Saint Laurent

Why you should go here: Because you want to experience an English brunch.

Scones with clotted cream, kidneys with fried eggs, custard doughnuts, pig's trotter with baked beans, and smoked salmon scrambled eggs; all are examples of traditional English breakfasts that can be enjoyed at Lawrence. In a city like Montreal, an English brunch is definitely out of the norm, and the experience is definitely one your date will appreciate. Seriously, even if it's just for the scones alone.



5674 Monkland

Why you should go here: You want to indulge, while feeling classy.

Everyone knows that brunch is meant to be an indulgent meal, a carb-filled and greasy affair that will cure your hangover. But when you're on a brunch date, you can't really do that, as you need to at least pretend you're a functional-and-slightly-classy human being. Enter Prohibition, which lets you have both at the same time.

Putting a touch of elegance into a standard brunch menu, Prohibition boasts dishes like maple fried challah french toast with fried chicken, homemade buttermilk biscuits and pork sausage, and lemon ricotta pancakes. So while your date gets impressed by your refined palette, you get to enjoy all the classic brunch dishes your body is craving. It's a double-win.


Arts Café

201 Fairmont W

Why you should go here: You want to be hip AF

Maybe you and your SO are complete hipsters, or you happen to be going out with a hipster and you desperately need to make it seem like you have at least one hip bone in your body. Take them to Arts Café and you'll be set.

With a rustic and simple decor that exudes hip-ness, complete with overhanging light bulbs, Arts Café makes for a charming date spot for your counter-culture SO. The menu is also varied enough to meet the needs of anyone's taste buds and their coffee-game is on point too, making Arts Café an all-around solid brunch spot, even if you aren't that hip. And once the weather gets warmer, the terrasse will open, making Arts Café all the more appealing.


Aux Vivres

4631 Saint Laurent

Why you should go here: Because you want to go vegan.

Brunch isn't exactly conducive to vegetarians or vegans alike. What with bacon and sausage being brunch staples, and the fact that even breakfast potatoes can have hidden bits of meat, getting a meat-free morning meal can be complicated at most restaurants, or they'll only have one measly option.

That's not that case at Montreal's favourite vegan eatery, Aux Vivre, which boasts a seriously amazing brunch menu. Quite honestly, even as an avid meat-eater, I adore the brunch at Aux Vivre. You won't notice there's no meat present, and no doubt your vegetarian/vegan date will love you for taking them somewhere there the whole menu is available to them.


Notre bouef de grace

5732 Sherbrooke W

Why you should go here: Because you want something low-key in NDG.

A brunch date doesn't need to be a huge production. Sure, you want to go somewhere kind of nice for your morning-meal-date, but you don't want to spend tons of money or go anywhere too stuffy. If you're in NDG, then Notre bouef de grace makes for a great low-key brunch spot.

Comforting dishes like breakfast burritos, challah french toast, and even a breakfast poutine are all on Notre bouef de grace's weekend brunch menu, all of which are beyond delicious. And with the restaurant's laid-back vibe, you and your date can relax and enjoy your brunch without feeling like you're out of your element.


L'Atelier d'Argentine

355 Rue Marguerite D'Youville

Why you should go here: You want to get drunk.

No shame here, if you and your date want to get a little silly with some alcohol for your brunch date, all the power to you. This is almost crucial if you guys don't really know each other all that well and need the social lubricant provided by alcohol to get the conversation flowing. Besides, your meal will help sober you up anyways.

Getting a drink with brunch is pretty easy to do at many Montreal brunch restaurants, but few offer the all-you-can-drink deal provided by L'Atelier d'Argentine. Every Saturday and Sunday, you can pay a flat rate of $33 for unlimited Caesars or mimosas, which will no doubt spell a good (and maybe sloppy) time for you and your date.

L'Atelier d'Argentine's brunch dishes aren't anything to scoff at either, providing you with delicious eats to pair with your many drinks. Note that the aforementioned brunch-drink deal is only available at the Old Port location of L'Atelier d'Argentine listed above.



6389 Saint Laurent

Why you should go here: You want something entirely out of the ordinary.

Not only is Pastaga one of the most creative restaurants in Little Italy, known for putting some cool spins on culinary classics, it's also a an amazing brunch spot for all of the same reasons. Jerky salmon croquette, pulled port poutine, fried cauliflower with yoghurt and more are ready to wow your taste buds at Pastaga, and the meal won't hurt your wallet much either.

If you want to treat your date to something a bit out of the ordinary (and take them to a restaurant you might not be able to really afford for dinner) then Pastaga is where you'll be eating for brunch this weekend.


Muru Crepe

362 Notre Dame E

Why you should go here: Because you want something sweet for brunch.

Personally, when I want brunch, I want some savoury eats that will tide me over for the entire day. Others don't share that sentiment, instead desiring a sweet-and-sinful meal that will satiate their sugar-cravings. And no matter what type of sweet you or your date desire, Muru Crepe has you covered.

From cookies to scones to muffins to crepes (obviously), Muru Crepe will satisfy even someone with the most ravenous sweet-tooth. Freshly made in-house, every dessert-ish brunch option is utterly delicious, and looks as good as it tastes. A feast for the eyes and belly, your date who loves sweets will be more than pleased with a meal at Muru.


Le Vieux St-Laurent

3993 Saint Laurent

Why you should go here: You both give zero f*cks

When you've dated someone for a while, you get pretty comfortable with each other, to the point where you're really done trying to impress each other. Sure, you still go on dates, but there isn't much of that "lets make this the most special thing ever so we remember forever" vibe going on. Thus, when it comes to brunch, you're both pretty happy with something that's simple and inexpensive.

Enter Le Vieux St-Laurent, one of the greasiest spoons that can be found on Saint Laurent street. With paper placemats and a decor that stopped trying to impress people a long time ago, Le Vieux St-Laurent still gives you everything you want for brunch, namely a basic meal that'll satiate your hunger.

So if you and your date seriously give zero f*cks (and are maybe a tad hungover from last night) then Le Vieux St-Laurent is your new favourite brunch spot.


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