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11 Great Montreal Spots To Take A Date If They Love Lobster

There's a simple rule among humanity, and it is "if you like seafood, then you love lobster." Okay, I actually have no idea if anyone has ever said that, but the statement rings true, because lobster remains the most adored type of seafood.

And if your SO happens to be a huge fan of lobster, then they'll instantly love you should you ever take them to any of the restaurants listed below. Chosen for their excellency with lobster, each restaurant is able to craft a lobster dish that is either entirely unique, or simple-but-utterly-sublime.

So grab some relationship points with your lobster-loving SO (or a new love in your life) with the eleven restaurants below.

Restaurant Toqué!

900 Place Jean Paul Riopelle

Easily one of the fanciest eateries in Montreal, the chefs at Restaurant Toqué! are masters of lobster. Two dishes await you at Toqué! if you desire lobster, the first-course lobster with asparagus and seaweed meat jus and the second-course lobster cavateli with morel mushrooms. Colour yourself lucky if there's a special lobster dish on the menu, like the lobster ramen pictured above, made specially this past year for Montréal en Lumière. Be wary if planning a date at Toqué!, though, because this place can be pricey, even for lobster.


Garde Manger

408 Saint Francois Xavier

If you want to have a lobster-tastic date the perfectly combines comfort with luxury, then look no further than Garde Manger's lobster poutine. The Chuck Hughes-owned restaurant's signature dish, and the one that won Hughes an Iron Chef competition, the lobster poutine is the stuff of dreams, with huge chunks of lobster perfectly paired with gooey cheese curds, crispy fries, and a sublime gravy.


La Boite Aux Huitres

Marché Jean-Talon

Taking a date to Jean-Talon Market is a classic for Montreal foodies, and while you may be there to assemble an award-winning meal for your SO, don't forget to snack a bit while you're there. And to prepare your lobster-loving date for delicious things to come, head over to La Boite Aux Huitres.

Don't be fooled by the name, because while this food stand may be all about oysters, La Boite also makes a mean lobster roll. Filled with onions, celery, lettuce and plenty of mayo, the lobster rolls are the perfect way to satiate any hunger pangs you may experience after seeing all the food at the farmer's market.


Lucille's Oyster Dive

5626 Monkland

If you've ever been, or simply heard of Lucille's Oyster Dive, then you already know the Monkland Village resto-bar boasts what may be the city's most famous lobster rolls. And it's a well-deserved reputation, as the rolls are perfectly toasted with a decadent filling that is plenty chunky with lobster meat. Equally laid-back and ritzy, Lucille's is a prime date spot if you want lobster fare that is more focused on tasting delicious than being elaborate or fancy.



1101 Bleury

Classic comfort food dishes get lobster-fied at Notkins, making this seafood restaurant perfect for a couple who want to indulge together. And since Notkins has two creatively delicious lobster dishes on the menu, you'll both be able to share in the decadence.

First on your to-order list is the Lobster Burger, topped with arugula, aged cheddar, a piri-piri aioli and served with fries. Then get your body ready for the lobster mac 'n cheese, with shitake mushrooms and arugula inside to lighten up the dish a (tiny) bit.


La Maison VIP

1077 Clark

Heading into Chinatown for a date is always a magical experience for the ambiance alone, but everyone knows it's all about the food. And while Chinatown is home to many amazing eateries, if you're looking for lobster, look no further than La Maison VIP.

The restaurant's specialty is the ginger lobster, and there's a reason people rave about the dish. Unlike what you'll eat at most other Montreal eateries, La Maison VIP will have you eating up your lobster like never before.


Saint Sushi

424 Duluth E

Easily my favourite sushi spot in all of Montreal, no one would really call Saint Sushi "traditional," but it's the restaurant's unique spin on classic Japanese rolls and dishes that make it so great. For lobster-lovers, Saint Sushi's "Christmas trees" are the best way to start your meal. Delicious lobster meat piled (very) high atop a crisp rice cracker, the Christmas trees are utterly unique and entirely tasty. Of course, actual rolls also feature lobster, to which I recommend the "Maki Beatles," where minced lobster is encased in a cool cucumber wrapper.


Liverpool House

2501 Notre Dame W

Even if you've never been to Liverpool House, you've no doubt heard the legends of their infamous lobster spaghetti. A must-order if you're taking your date to a somewhat-expensive-but-totally-worth-it dinner, Liverpool House's lobster spaghetti doesn't just have chunk of lobster meat mixed in with a pasta sauce atop noodle. No, no, this dish literally features actual lobster in-the-shell, and combined with the thick spaghetti noodles and next-level sauce, you have a meal that is utterly perfect for a lobster lover.


Jardin Nelson

407 Place Jacque-Cartier

Perfect for a pair who want some entertainment with dinner (along with lobster of course), Jardin Nelson in the Old Port always has some live tunes to serenade you while you eat, along with a legit lobster sandwich. Kind of like a lobster roll, just in-between naan bread, the sandwich is stuffed with a filling of lobster mixed with mayo, celery, chives, and onions. The perfect dish for a lunch date, you and your SO can then take to the nearby waterfront and stroll along the Saint Lawrence in the summer sun.



2 de la Commune ouest (quai des Éclusiers)

Or, if you want something a little less sit-down-y (and more affordable) for a date in the Old Port, look no further than Muvbox. A lobster shack inside of a repurposed shipping container, Muvbox serves a mean lobster roll, with their chunky filling served inside a classic East Coast lobster roll bread. Now open for the summer season (and serving margaritas!), Muvbox will certainly meet you and your date's lobster needs while you enjoy the summer energy of the Old Port.


Rib N Reef

8105 Decarie

Just because your date is in love with lobster that doesn't mean you are. Maybe you're a die-hard meat eater who is way more into the turf than the surf. Enter Rib N Reef, where you can get an amazing steak along with a great lobster. Have your date start their meal off with the homemade lobster bisque, then have them move into a fresh Maritime lobster as you chow down on a sirloin steak. By the end of the meal, you'll both be pleasantly satisfied.


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