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11 Great Spots To Take A Date To In Montreal If They Love Coffee

Get romantic with a latte.
11 Great Spots To Take A Date To In Montreal If They Love Coffee

No date idea is more classic than grabbing a cup of coffee. Not quite as formal as dinner and less suggestive than grabbing beers, the coffee date is the perfectly relaxed outing that allows you to get to know another person without committing all that much time.

Essentially, the coffee date is the "will I go out again with this person?" test, and as such, the spot you pick to grab a cup of Joe with your potentially new SO is just as important as how charming you are.

Sure, you could just go to the cafe right around the corner, but why not put some thought into your choice and pick a place that reflects the interests and personality of your date?

You definitely know something about them that could provide some sort of inspiration, and fortunately, we've done the work for you by assembling eleven great spots to take a date if they love coffee, each one offering something entirely unique that will no doubt improve your romantic outing. Check them out below.

Le Depanneur Cafe

206 Bernard

With a hipster "it's like we're inside an apartment" decor and delicious food, Le Depanneur Cafe has a homegrown ambiance that will ensure your date is entirely relaxed, without any of that "oh my god what am I going to say next" anxiety. Always hosting open-mic performances throughout the day, you'll probably get a little bit of live music during your date at Le Dep, which definitely helps in the conversation department, by both offering you a break from talking and the chance to discuss the last act. Plus, come summertime, Le Dep Cafe has a sweet terrasse you can sip coffee and chat on, letting you catch some rays on your coffee date.



200 Notre Dame W

Housed within a beautiful, almost regal space, Tommy is a cafe that will no-doubt impress your date by the atmosphere alone. But if you really want to go the extra mile, head to Tommy on the weekend and enjoy their scrumptious brunch, with several different set menus available depending on how much you want to spend. And there are cocktails, you know, just in case you need something more than coffee to get the conversation flowing.


Pikolo Espresso Bar

3418 B du Parc

If you know you're date loves coffee, as in they're mildly obsessed with all-things espresso and have a wide breadth of knowledge on beans, roasting methods, and brewing styles, then take them to Pikolo. Devoted to great coffee, Pikolo knows everything about the brews they serve, all of which is pretty damn fantastic. The space itself is nothing to ignore either, even though it's a tad bit small. In truth, if you're date is a real coffee fiend, they probably already love Pikolo, but suggesting the espresso bar as a date spot will no doubt immediately win you points.


Café Névé

151 Rachel E + 781 Mont-Royal E

There are tons of good reasons to suggest Café Névé as the spot to have your coffee date. For one, there are two locations in the Plateau (not counting the ones Downtown and in the Mile End as they're in Frank and Oak stores and don't have tons of space to sit and chat), which allows for some convenience depending on where you live. Second, the vibe is incredibly chill, and the coffee is great.

But really, the main reason you should go over to Café Névé is the cookies. Seriously, as something of a baking fanatic, I am always blown away by the freshly baked cookies at Café Névé. Their chocolate chip is beyond describing, as is their Reese's style cookie, and every other type. Order one or two to split with your date as you sip on your coffee, and just try to even converse as you bask in the sublime deliciousness of Névé's cookies.


Chez Boris

5151 du Parc

Speaking of amazing cafes with a sweet-edge that make it a great date idea, Chez Boris graces this list for its utterly delicious Russian-style donuts. Not only are their regular mini-donuts incredibly delicious (and freshly made right in front of you), but Chez Boris also boasts special donut flavours (like the recent Chai-Chocolate) and even breakfast sandwiches where the buns are donuts. Paired with Chez Boris's premium quality coffee and wide selection of teas, and you have a recipe for success if your date likes the sweeter things in life.


Lapin Pressé

1309 Laurier E

Coffee is pretty much an instant unifier between two people, as almost everyone on the planet has a caffeine addiction, hence why it's such a great date-idea. Few other drinks or foods can do the same, but grilled cheese definitely can, because who doesn't love the classic childhood snack? The answer is no one, and at Lapin Pressé, you can enjoy a great cup of Joe and an amazing grilled cheese, as the cafe specializes in both. Sure, coffee and grilled cheese may not sound like the most intuitive of combos, but no doubt your date will enjoy being able to have both with you.


Café Club Social

180 Saint-Viateur

Some may claim Café Olimpico to be the best place to grab a coffee on St-Viateur street, and they may be right, but when it comes to a coffee date, you need to go with Café Club Social. Why? Well, not only is their brew just as good, but Café Club Social is generally far less busy, and boasts a spacious outdoor terrasse that is made for having a conversation with a significant other.


La Distributrice

408 Mont-Royal E

Not every coffee date needs to be the sit-down affair where you and your beau face each other and are forced to talk for an hour or so. You can easily just get a coffee to go and walk about the city, which is arguably a better idea, as walking tends to breed conversation. And if a more active coffee date is your style, then La Distributrice on Mont-Royal is the perfect place to grab a brew and go. Literally a hole in the wall, La Distributrice may be the smallest coffee shop in the city, but don't let that make you think it doesn't have great coffee. All about convenience, La Distributrice will let you and your date stroll along Mont-Royal, quickly grab a coffee, and never skip a beat.


Café Sfouf

1250 Ontario E

For those wondering, Café Sfouf gets their name from “sfouf,” a Middle Eastern cake made with semolina and turmeric. And the café reps the cake real hard, offering you a piece with every drink you enjoy. Paired with one of their delectable lattes and their warm atmosphere, you’re set for a great date, plus you'll save some cash without having to buy a dessert, too.


MELK Bar à Café

5612 Monkland + 1206 Stanley

If you’re on Monkland/NDG, and you ask anyone where to grab a great coffee, there’s almost a 100% chance they’re going to say MELK. Monkland Village’s premiere cafe deserves its reputation, as the cafe always ensures to meet your caffeine-needs with perfectly balanced lattes and delicious baked goods. The trendy vibe is certain to please your date, too. And if you're more in the downtown area, don't forget MELK also has a location on Stanley street.


Café Chat l'heureux

172 Duluth

Even if you aren't the biggest fan of felines, chances are your date is, because if the internet has taught us anything it's that people love cats. And that's where Café Chat l'heureux comes in, because as you probably already know, it's one of Montreal's two cafes all about cats. No doubt your date will appreciate the gesture of appeasing their feline-obsession, especially if you're not a fan of cats. If you are, though, it's a double-win, because you'll have adorable cats to break the ice and keep the mood nice and light.


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