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11 Great Spots To Take A Date To In Montreal If They LOVE Poutine

When a 'cheesy' idea is actually a good thing.
11 Great Spots To Take A Date To In Montreal If They LOVE Poutine

If there's one common link between all Montrealers, it's a love for poutine. No matter who you meet in this city, hands-down, they're going to have at least some affection for the iconic combo of fries, curds, and gravy. With that in mind, even if you ask out a stranger for a date, poutine makes for a high-success-rate-theme.

Being in Montreal, however, you could pretty much go anywhere for poutine, but not all restaurants are really suited for a night out with your SO. A poutine date spot should reflect the personality or interests of the person you're going out with, and not be just a Belle Province.

With that in mind, here are eleven different poutine spots that are ideal for date night, all of which vary depending on the type of couple you two happen to be.

Orange Julep

7700 Boulevard Décarie

You know how they have destination weddings? Well, think of Orange Julep as a destination poutine date. Sure, you could just get a similar poutine anywhere else, but it's the adventure of heading to the (somewhat) out of the way location that makes it all worth it. And if you've never been to Orange Julep, this is a must, because every self-respecting Montrealer has been at least once.


Patati Patata

4177 St-Laurent

Lets start this list off strong with the restaurant I firmly believe to serve the best poutine in the city. Yes, that's a bold claim, but the poutine at Patati Patata is truly sublime, boasting a nuanced flavour profile you won't find elsewhere. And even though the restaurant is quite small, the size affords an intimate setting combined with a pretty relaxed environment. Also, now that's it warm out, you can totally take your poutines to go and have a picnic date, too.


Hippi Poutine

3482 St-Denis

No matter what people say, poutine is a worldwide phenomenon nowadays, with countries around the world adopting the dish. Hippi Poutine brings such international flavours right to Montreal, with a menu that inspired by all sorts of cuisines. If your date is fairly worldly and enjoys trying new things, then the multinational poutines at Hippi Poutine will surely please their taste buds.


Blackstrap BBQ

4436 Wellington

Blackstrap is a done-deal for a date if you and your S/O happen to live in Verdun. But even if you don't, the smokehouse's Burnt Ends poutine is well worth the trip. Utterly amazing, the Burnt Ends is the perfect blend of crispy meat with gravy and BBQ sauce drenched fries. Meat-lover couples (who also love poutine, obvi) that need a new place to gorge, look no further.



6631 Saint Laurent

One of those rare bars that have truly everything, Vices&Versa stands out for their amazing beer selection and fantastic poutine. The two actually combine in their poutine dish, as their gravy is made with a special beer sauce, which can then be topped with chipolata (a French sausage, I had to Google it) or pulled-pork. Beer lovers in need of a date spot, look no further.



1206 Peel

I'll be frank here people, if you and your loved one find yourselves mildly, shall we say, inebriated by marijuana (hey, a date can happen anytime) and fiending some poutine, then Shawarmaz is the place. Why? Mainly for their shish taouk poutine, which is a stoner's dream come true. Think everything that makes Boustan amazing, but in poutine form. It's truly magical.

If you're not in the downtown area, then Dirty Dog's Le Mac & Cheese poutine is a fine substitute for all y'all stoner couples who love cuisine-combos.



25 Fairmount W

Brunch dates are totally a thing, even if they tend to just be a continuation of last night's fun. And even in the morning can a poutine be enjoyed, largely thanks to the array of breakfast-y poutines available in our city.

Fabergé's is my personal recommendation, as it boasts home fries, caramelized peppers and onions, Quebec cheese curds, and an egg cooked to your liking, all of which is slathered in Hollandaise sauce. If either of you are hungover, this poutine is the cure.



1641 Saint Denis

Having a boy/girlfriend can get pricey, for the both of you. Why not do yourselves a favour and enjoy a poutine date that won't cost you much more than five bucks? Cinko will provide you with just that, and with their sweet potato (which can be topped with chili) and "haricot tempura" poutines, you won't be getting your standard fare, either.


Au Pied du Cochon

536 Duluth

Alright, so admittedly, most of the places already mentioned aren't the best venues if you're actually trying to impress your date. Yes, you may know they love poutine, but you also want to class it up a bit and show them how much you care. Au Pied du Cochon is just the place to impress a poutine-lover, as it is equipped with a somewhat fancy decor and a beyond indulgent foie gras poutine. Your arteries may become clogged, but it'll be so worth it.



479 St-Alexis

Everyone knows that a trip to a restaurant in Old Montreal is a pretty easy way to impress a date, especially if it's one of your first.. Of course, you also want to seem chill while looking ritzy, so poutine should definitely still be on the menu wherever you go. And while most Old Montreal restos forsake the poutine, oft-frequented-by-celebrities (well, at least the X-men cast), wild game restaurant L'Orignal boasts a mighty fine poutine. Note, however, that the resto's poutine isn't on the standard menu, just ask your server if the kitchen can drum one up for you and your date (as they often do) and everything should be fine.


Chez Ma Tante

3180 Fleury E

Now, after all that ritzy stuff, lets take it back to the classics. Everyone knows that the perfect pair to a poutine is a few Montreal steamies, something your date will definitely be aware of if they have a soul. So why not cut out all the bullsh*t and and head to Chez Ma Tante. Arguably the best hot dogs in the city, with a poutine to match, your date won't be over the top or anything, but it'll satisfy every need you both have for some greasy, delicious eats.

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