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11 Great Spots To Take A Date To In Montreal If They Love Sangria

Fresh, fruity, and fun.
11 Great Spots To Take A Date To In Montreal If They Love Sangria

Sangria is a traditional Spanish and Portuguese fruity mixed drink that when made correctly, packs a serious punch. All puns intended. 

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The main ingredient is wine - red or white - and it's watered down with some fruit juice and spiked with brandy or another hard liquor for the extra kick. 

Sangria and summer go together like PB&J. Nothing creates a summer bond or sparks a summer romance like sharing a good conversation over a pitcher of Sangria. So - here are all the Montreal spots that are best known for their awesome pitchers and light summer vibes.

11. Terrasse Nelligan

Where: 106 Saint-Paul St W // Old Port

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Why you should go: This stunning outdoor terrasse is not only famous in Montreal for its incredible views on the downtown skyline but also it's fruity and zesty Sangria. Sit, drink, and stay a while, enjoy the view!


10. Club Espagnol

Where: 4388 St Laurent Blvd // Plateau

Why you should go: This Montreal institution is known for two things: it's backyard terrasse and Sangria. It's a Spanish restaurant, so you know the Sangria has to be good.


9. Terrasse Place D'Armes

Where: 8e étage, 55 Rue Saint-Jacques // Old Port

Why you should go: This beautiful rooftop terrasse overlooks some of the most beautiful streets and building of the Old Port. Enjoy the view while sipping on their famous cocktails and Sangria.


8. Grenade

Where: 106 Saint-Paul St W // Old Port

Why you should go: Bar Grenade really has it all, great food, ambiance, decor, terrasse, and drinks. The Sangria is perfectly fruity and the food to accompany it will be just as satisfying.


7. SAT Food Lab

Where: 1201 St Laurent Blvd // Downtown

Why you should go: This is Montreal's best-kept secret, that honestly is not such a huge secret anymore. Food Lab has been happening seasonally at the SAT for a few years now and has successfully established itself a great reputation in the city. The terrasse is a wonderful spot to stop by for a drink after work, it's so good you'll probably end up staying for dinner, too.


6. Terrasse Bonsecours

Where: 364 de la Commune St E // Old Port

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Why you should go: A summer in Montreal is not truly complete without a trip to Terrasse Bonsecours. Located in the beautiful iconic Old Port landmark Marche Bonsecours, this terrasse is known for its stunning waterfront views and lively party vibes that go late into the balmy summer night.


5. L’Abreuvoir

Where: 403 Ontario St E // Downtown

Why you should go: This Montreal bar and party-spot have everything you want, nice crowd, cheap drink specials, good music, and a cozy backyard terrasse that will make all the other Montreal Terrasses squeal with jealousy. You gotta try it at least once this summer.


4. Saint-Sulpice

Where:1680 St Denis St // Downtown

Why you should go: This terrasse has built quite a reputation over the years. It's that kind of "catch-all" spot that can be awesome for a first date as much as a rowdy get-together with the guys. It's all age friendly too, so bring your fam. They are famous for their drink specials and beautiful and massive backyard terrasse in the summer.


3. Jardin Nelson

Where: 407 Place Jacques Cartier // Old Port

Why you should go: This is the spot you bring your family from out of town when they want to experience the most charming and touristy side of Montreal. This incredibly French spot packs all the charm of the Old Port and ties it up with a pretty little bow.


2. Pub Saint-Ciboire

Where: 1693 St Denis St // Downtown

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Why you should go: Let me be clear. If you're looking for a high-level and refined cup of Sangria, this is NOT the spot. But, it does pack all the charm and bustle of a Montreal Terrasse in the summer. This pub serves classic sangria in plastic Boreal cups, the price is good and the sangria works, that's about all we care about.


1. El Zaz Bar

Where: 4297 St Denis St // Downtown

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Why you should go: Be entertained while sipping on Sangria, well that sounds just perfect. This "cabaret + terrasse" bar is the spot to go if you're looking for a little more than just a place to drink. Perfect for a summer date.


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