11 "Healthy Foods" You Eat Everyday That Are Actually Making You Fat

You literally are what you eat.
11 "Healthy Foods" You Eat Everyday That Are Actually Making You Fat

Firstly 'Healthy' is a very controversial and debate triggering word as new conceptions and views on food and diets change almost on a daily bases.

Even though as new foods are discovered and different food types and combinations are better understood, there is one thing for certain that some foods and food groups are misconceived, marketed and understood by the consuming public.

Below are a list of foods that you may of been eating for years under the impression that they are healthy but in fact they are far from it and should be cut from your diet as soon as possible.

1. Dried banana chips

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Even though bananas are made by mother earth and you would think this is just them dried well you would be wrong! They have actually been fried which strips them of their nutrients. By frying them it adds fat and calories, just an ounce of banana chips contains around 150 calories, where a medium banana contains only 105.

2. Bottled Fruit Juice

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The majority of bottled fruit juices on the market contain way too much added sugar or fructose to be considered healthy. And of course, especially those not in the fridge and freezer contain preservatives to help them last longer. Really solid fruit is a much better option because the fiber in the fruit slows down the absorption of the sugar and alternatively smoothies as a refreshing choice, but be sure to make them yourself so you know whats truly in it.

3. Store vegetable chips

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Be very careful to read the ingredients, as very often they are still made of potatoes but with vegetable flavoring or puree and are still fried. Alternatively make them yourself by slicing vegetables and putting them in the oven to bake or read very very closely that packaging.

4. Microwave popcorn

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How many of you consider popcorn as a healthy low calorie snack as a solution to all your diet cravings, well god forbid please at least stop buying the microwave packets! The bags are made from toxic material that when heated in the microwave are absorbed into your popcorn and as you eat it absorbed into your body.

5. Rice cakes

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Rice cakes are usually made from brown rice, low in calories and fat-free, but not very rich in nutrients. Some contain additives or added flavorings and sugar, so check the food label to be sure what you're purchasing. There are even recent reports that claim that certain additives in rice cakes cause cancer.

6. Gluten-free cereals

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Even though yes gluten free these cereals are generally packed full of high amounts of sugar, corn syrup and alternative forms of starch which are not good for you.

7. Low fat flavored Yogurt

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Yes they may be low in fat but most of the time very high in sugar or artificial sweetener in order to improve the taste as they are devoid of natural fats. They are even packed full of artificial flavors and coloring which are chemically generated.

8. Whey protein

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Whey is the liquid left behind when milk is turned to cheese. It is highly processed and acidic and therefore linked to cancer and inflammation. One thing is for sure, it should be completely avoided by those with lactose intolerance's. They often also contain artificial sweeteners, sugars, artificial flavors and colors, and synthetic nutrients that are not easily absorbed by the body, so be careful to read the packaging and go for a more natural source of protein. Also don't be draw in by the percentage of protein in a powder because the body absorbs natural protein at a lot greatly level than whey. Therefore even if the whey powder has a higher protein percentage remember not all of it will be absorbed and processed.

9. Brown bread

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The general public believe brown bread to be healthy than white however, brown bread could just have additives to color it such as caramel. Also be aware that some seeded bread may not also be wholemeal.

10. Vitamin water

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Vitamin water owned by the Coca-Cola company contains added vitamins and minerals, and is marketed as healthy. However, what is left out of the marketing claims, is that Vitaminwater is loaded with added sugar. Sugar-sweetened beverages have been directly linked to weight gain and key role in the epidemics of obesity and chronic diseases. Did you know that a bottle contains 32.5 grams of sugar and that is the same as a full sized Snickers bar.

11. Granola bars

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Even though the base ingredients can be healthy, such as oats and nuts, they are high in sugar and often extremely processed. Containing a teaspoon of sugar, often layers of chocolate and unpronounceable ingredients, so again be wary and read that packaging.

In conclusion my advice to all you health gurus out there is, when shopping and eating out, go for non processed foods, close to nature, and as little as possible interfered by the human race. Keeping it as pure and raw as possible, and of course read that label.

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