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Alright, raise your hand if you know where Fleury Street is. Is your hand raised? Well, it totally should be.

Spanning through Ahuntsic, and parts of St. Michel and Montreal-North, Fleury is an incredibly trendy, up-and-coming strip that I think deserves a little bit more recognition. Okay, I'm slightly biased; I've lived near Fleury my whole life, and recently moved much closer to it.

Which, of course, means that I know everything there is to know about this Ahuntsic artery. Including all the best places to go and nosh on some seriously amazing food.

1. Le Chien Rose

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234 Rue Fleury O

I seriously cannot express to you guys how in love I am with this spot. Other than having one incredibly fun and unique-looking terrasse, some awesome vibes and a warm and friendly atmosphere, Le Chien Rose offers up some of the most legit food I've ever tasted.

Specializing in fresh and tasty tapas, and an ever-rotating menu, there is literally no way you can be bored at this bring your own wine spot. The menus theme changes about once a month, with some notable past themes being "Mille Et Une Nuites", "Festival Western", "Aloha", and this month's "Bayou" theme.


2. Le Petit Flore

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1145 Rue Fleury E

Alright, who here's down for a little slice of France? Everyone? Perfect, because at Le Petit Flore, that's exactly what you're going to get.

The atmosphere here is incredibly welcoming and friendly, making it feel as though you've been eating here for literally forever. And although the vibe is awesome, that's not even the best part: the food here is on a whole other level of awesome. Featuring classic French cuisine - like salmon tartare, croque monsieurs, and smoked salmon penne - Le Petite Flore should seriously be next on your list of spots to check out.


3. Tablier Rouge

A photo posted by Tablier Rouge Butcher Burger (@tablierrougemtl) on

1031 Rue Fleury E

I've written about this Fleury burger spot in the past, and honestly, it deserves all the shout-outs. This burger joint/butcher uses incredibly fresh and high-quality ingredients to create some of the tastiest hamburgers - and other dishes you've ever tried, hands down.

A sample of the super delicious delights on their menu? The "Le Mariné Maison" burger, featuring homemade pesto, capicollo, and eggplants; and the delectable "Le Sophistiqué", with onions, swiss cheese, and fruit chutney. Delicious? You know it.


4. Le Millen

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1185 Rue Fleury E

A relatively new bring your own wine restaurant in Ahuntsic, Le Millen's already been making a huge splash, mainly due to the fact that their food is legit out of this world amazing.

Their menu includes classic French dishes (with modern twists) that are incredibly tasty, and made with only the highest quality of ingredients - like, for example, their "Le Millen" style beef tartare, with julienne fries, their crusted veal with lard foam, and their cep mushroom arancini dish with spinach and white butter emulsion.


5. La Poule Fleury

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1374 Rue Fleury E

Where my traditional breakfast food lovers at? Honestly, if you're a fan at all of breakfast food, then La Poule Fleury is going to very quickly become your brand new bae.

First of all, if breakfast is your jam, then rest assured that you're not going to find very many places quite like La Poule Fleury. They've got tons of breakfast options for you to choose from, and use only the freshest and highest quality of ingredients, which means that their dishes? Yeah. So, totally tasty, and so unlike anything you've ever breakfast feasted on before. People who love to indulge in the most important meal of the day, this one's for you.

6. L’Estaminet

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1340 Rue Fleury E

This Ahuntsic institution has been in the neighbourhood for roughly three decades, and when a spot has that much staying power, you know it must be amazing. But don't think that the only testament to this spot's pure, sheer awesomeness is the fact that it's been open for an incredibly long time. The food here? Literally (yes, literally) mind-blowing, friends.

I can go on and on forever about how fresh this food is; about how each flavour makes your taste buds basically come alive; but honestly, you just have to try it for yourself. It's beyond words at this point. But, protip? If you go on a day where they're serving up salmon tartare, don't hesitate to get that. Expertly marinated and prepared, L'Estaminet's salmon tartare is a legit experience.


7. Walter Bistro

A photo posted by La Promenade Fleury (@promenade_fleury) on

1575 Rue Fleury E

One of the newer restaurants on the Fleury strip, Walter Bistro is already known for having some seriously game-changing cocktails. Honestly, I'd can't even tell you how many times I've indulged in one of their beverages since it's opened up (too many times to count, though, TBH).

Their drinks aren't the only awesome thing at Walter Bistro, though. They've got a full menu - which includes sharing plates - featuring fishes blike fried bocconcini, house-smoked smoked salmon, arugula and fig salad, and much, much more.


8. Zagrum

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1825 Rue Fleury E

Breakfast on point, life on point. And the breakfasts at Zagrum? Super, super on point. Not even going to lie to you guys, I can't even tell you how many breakfasts I've eaten here. But no matter how many times I go, I never get sick of this place. It's legit that amazing.

Their menu consists of dishes made from quality ingredients, like bone-in ham, fresh fruit, and homemade cretons. The menu itself is super innovative, offering breakfast dishes like a crepe "maki roll" with cream cheese, hollandaise sauce, and smoked salmon, and multi-grain French toast with honey syrup. Also, bonus points for their extensive gluten-free menu, meaning that even those of us who can't tolerate gluten can freely enjoy a meal at Zagrum.


9. La Citronelle

A photo posted by Eli Bosse (@lelie_fit) on

1386 Rue Fleury E

Awesome Vietnamese food? Check. Inexpensive prices? Check. Calm and welcoming vibe? Check.

This Fleury restaurant serves up super fresh and tasty Vietnamese/Asian fusion dishes - like General Tao chicken, grilled beef and chicken, wonton soup, and fried ice cream - all for incredibly inexpensive prices. Although you might think that you've had these dishes in the past, honestly, you've never tried them like this; every single bite is incredibly flavourful and, honestly, life-affirming. Yes. It's that amazing here.

10. Chez Ma Tante

A photo posted by Émilie Bélanger (@emiebel) on

3180 Rue Fleury E

At this stage in the game, you guys know how much I totally adore Chez Ma Tante. I truly, strongly believe that everyone in the entire world should get a steamie - and/or poutine - here at least once in their lives (but honestly, you'll definitely be coming back here for seconds/thirds/twentieths).

Serving up strictly steamies, fries, and poutines, Chez Ma Tante has built up a cult following thanks to their incredibly tasty, simple dishes. Just trust me on this one, guys, the next time you're on Fleury street, do yourself a favour and pop in to this spot.

11. Le St-Urbain

A photo posted by Adam Ganten (@aganten) on

96 Rue Fleury O

Down to impress your date? Then you've got to take them to Le St-Urbain.

Not only is the vibe super intimate and friendly, making it the perfect spot to get to know bae better, but the food here is actually amazing. They've got things like risotto with ricotta salata, oysters, grilled salmon, scallops, and much, much more, all making for a dining experience on Fleury you won't soon forget.


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