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11 Major Montreal Road Closures That Will Paralyze Montreal All Summer Long

The end is not near
11 Major Montreal Road Closures That Will Paralyze Montreal All Summer Long

It's funny (in a laughably miserable kind of way) that Montreal can at once be so beautiful and a living nightmare of detours and messy construction projects.

As the first day of summer dawns (!!!) we can look forward to months of festivals and cacophonous road work.

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Road closures will affect revelers and commuters alike. Any road closure leads to increased congestion everywhere. So when these ten roads are closed at the same time, we can expect more traffic, more accidents, and more crowded metro cars, not to mention extreme detours:

Rue Sainte-Catherine

Work has already begun to transform the commercial street into a pedestrian and festival-friendly zone. Closures will be intermittent for the next few years.

From: June
Until: your guess is as good as mine...and the city's

Rue St-Denis

Work over the last two years on the wide avenue was hellish. Similar work will begin this summer between Jean-Talon and Rue Jarry.

From: June
Until: December...2019

Mercier Bridge

The northbound portion of the bridge, from the South Shore to Montreal, will be closed until the end of summer. That's really bad news for commuters. The next closest bridge is the Champlain, 32 kilometers away.

From: June
Until: September

Turcot Exchange

Work will continue on the now-infamous project. Highway 15 northbound will remain at a single lane and the connection between Highway 20 and downtown will be closed.

From: 2010

Chemin de la Côte-Saint-Luc

The popular throroughfare will be reduced to one lane through the autumn.

From: July
Until: November

Champlain Bridge

Work continues around the aging bridge to make room for the new bridge of the same name just to the east. The bridge is already notoriously congested, intermittent delays to allow for equipment transfers will only exacerbate the problem. Hopefully, the new, wider bridge will make it all worth it.

From: 2017
Until: either December 2018 or April 2019, officials can't seem to decide

Rue Notre-Dame

The street will be severely narrowed between Rue Frontenac and Rue Bourbonniere.

From: May
Until: November

Bonaventure Expressway

The expressway will be severely narrowed to make room for maintenence work.

From: July
Until: November

Ave. Van Horne

Ave. Van Horne is a popular route for commuters cutting across the city. It will be completely closed for the summer.

From: June
Until: summer 2020

Île-aux-Toutres Bridge

Work continues to hamper commutes on the Île-aux-Toutres Bridge. According to the source, officials are planning to rebuild the bridge, but won't disclose exactly when or how that would take place.

From: the story of the beginning of construction comes to us from ancient tales
Until: the end of time

Décarie Expressway

Southbound between Highway 40 and Rue Sherbrooke, and the northbound Rue Sherbrooke on-ramp will be closed for much of the summer. The expressway will be narrowed to two lanes.

From: July
Until: November


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