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11 Tim Hortons “Menu Hacks” You Can Get Now In Canada

Your favourite Canadian spot just got even better.
11 Tim Hortons “Menu Hacks” You Can Get Now In Canada

Tim Horton's has a wide range of menu items, but sometimes even their huge selection is not enough to satisfy you cravings.

Luckily, there are a ton of secret menu items you can order, just in case they don't offer what you're looking for.

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Tim Horton's employees are famous of accommodating unusual requests. As long as they're not too busy and you're willing to pay a little extra, they are usually willing to help you out.

And if they won't you can always buy the items and combine them yourself.

Hashbrowns On Everything

Tim Hortons hashbrowns are great. So great that people starting putting them directly inside the sandwich. these days Timmies has several sandwiches that include a hashbrown, but feel free to ask them to throw into any other sandwich or wrap.

Flavor Shots

Timmies has 5 different flavor shots available. Hazelnut, Raspberry, Mint Chocolate, Vanilla and Espresso. These are normally reserved for coffees, but did you know that you can add a flavor shot to pretty much any drink? Raspberry shot in an iced cap anyone?

Cheese Everywhere

There aren't enough items with cheese on the Timmies menu, that's why some customers have started adding cheese everywhere. On popular request is sprinkle cheese on a chili bowl. Another more daring option that people are asking for, is to put cream cheese on top of the whipped cream in your drink. I don't recommend it.

Donuts Instead Of Bread

Bread is boring and predictable, so why not use a donut as the main component of your sandwich? It's pretty much like a bagel, but with sprinkles. Timmies will gladly slice your donut in half and stuff it full eggs, cheese and bacon, you just have to ask nicely.

Potato Wedges

Now that Timmies has wedges in addition to the hashbrown, you can always ask them to swap one for the other. (though you might have to pay a little extra) .

The Mac & Cheese Wedge Poutine

This one is a little out there, so you may want to order these item to go and assemble it yourself at home (people might look at you weird). You buy an order of potato wedges and either a chili bowl or a mac and cheese bowl and you dump the bowl on top the wedges, it's messy, it looks horrific, but it tastes like magic.


Is your grilled cheese or cream cheese bagel boring? Ask hem to throw in some tomatoes or cucumbers to instantly step it up.

Grilled Cheese

Sure, you can have one of Timmies' many sandwiches, or can start with a grilled cheese as a blank canvas and add only the items you want. (bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon)

Half & Half Drinks

These are very popular, especially the coffee/mocha combo. But now that holiday drinks are out, you have a million new possibilities. Anyone up for a salty caramel/white hot chocolate?

Chocolate Whipped Cream

Yup, they have it. And you'll never opt for regular whipped cream again.

Warm Donuts

So simple yet so brilliant, also works great for the croissants and pastries.

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