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11 Montreal Bars You Should 100% Bring A First Date To During The Holidays

Make your holi-baes something special.

Is there anything more nerve wracking than a first date? I don't think so, to be completely honest with you guys. There are so many factors going in to making a first date awesome, it's just really anxiety-inducing.

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But, thankfully, if you're going on a first date during the holidays, you've got one less thing to worry about. Why? Because I'm here to save the day with a list of some pretty chill places to take your first date during the holiday season.

1. L'Gros Luxe

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via @lgrosluxe

Multiple locations - 100% VÉGÉ - MILE END - VIEUX-LONGUEUIL - SUD-OUEST - DELUXE

I honestly believe it's impossible not to love L'Gros Luxe (Especially when they are part of Grilled Cheese Month). Not only is their food and decor so, so, so on fleek, but their drinks are out of this world. Warm up to your new sweetie by sharing a Caesar... trust me, it's WORTH it. Plus, each time you buy a mac and cheese for the holidays, L'Gros Luxe is donating $1 to one of their 4 partner organizations.

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2. Miracle Montreal

A photo posted by Sandrine Champigny (@sandrinechampigny) on

323 Ontario Est

Legit, you guys, there is no better first date place during the holidays than an actual Christmas themed bar. Expect Christmas drinks, Christmas music, and an amazing opportunity to get to know your potential new bae.


3. Bar Palco

A photo posted by Émilie Charron (@emiliecharron) on

4019 Rue Wellington

This cozy Verdun haunt has everything a good neighbourhood bar should: a cozy and welcoming decor, good music, good vibes, and pretty much the best cocktails around. AKA, the perfect ambiance to get to know someone.


4. Mal Nécessaire

You don't truly know someone until you get ridiculously drunk with them and talk about everything @lemalnecessaire ?? #MtlFoodDivas #Mtlmoments #MontrealLife #Eater #EatPlayLive

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1106 B Boulevard Saint-Laurent

If you and your date are down to get turnt AF, then have I got some awesome news for you. This Chinatown bar (that's legit like a little slice of Hawaii) is known to get a little rowdy towards the end of the night... so go ahead and grab a drink in a literal pineapple, and prepare to have the most fun first date ever.


5. Pullman

A photo posted by ecoutemacherie (@ecoutemacherie) on

3424 Av du Parc

There is no classier first date than a wine bar first date, friends. Unless you're going on a first date to this uber classy Montreal wine bar... during the holidays. Class all the way, guys. Class all the way.


6. Philemon Bar

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111 Rue Saint-Paul O

Situated in Old Montreal, Philemon Bar is pretty much in the most romantic area in the whole city, TBH. It helps that this bar has pretty much one of the most romantic ambiances in the whole city, too, which makes it that much easier for you and your date to get to know each other.


7. Bord'Elle

A photo posted by | Montreal based ( on

390 Rue Saint-Jacques

My new absolute favourite spot in the whole city also happens to be an awesome place to take a first date, especially around the holiday season. It's got a really cool 1920s Gatsby vibe going on, which makes it an awesome spot to feel vintage AF during a first date.


8. Pink Flamingo

A photo posted by Pink Flamingo (@pinkflamingomtl) on

438 Place Jacques Cartier

Good food, good drinks, and a seriously welcoming-yet-party atmosphere? Yassss. Perfect for the couple who are just getting to know each other's wild side... or those of us who love eating good food and drinking good drinks on the first date.


9. Le Bureau

A photo posted by JESS C (@jess.chae) on

1642 Rue Notre-Dame O

This Griffintown bar specializes in tapas and seriously tasty cocktails. Which makes it the perfect first date restaurant: what could possibly be better than drinking awesome cocktails while sharing some seriously tasty food?


10. Bird Bar

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1800 Rue Notre-Dame O

Located in Griffintown, Bird Bar is the perfect spot to indulge in some fried chicken and champagne. Granted, it's not strictly a bar - more of a resto/bar - but the decor, super trendy vibe, and amazingly huge bar (with awesome cocktails) make it a perfect place to get to know your new bae.


11. Dominion Square Tavern

A photo posted by Kate Fenske (@katefenske) on

1243 Rue Metcalfe

Casual vibes, good drinks, and a laid-back atmosphere make this spot a prime location for a first date.


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